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Indigo Mind Labs is a company focused on providing empowering Experiences. Using a special type of safe neuro-active audio, you are empowered to shape your life and your future as you see fit just by choosing an Experience, setting the volume and pressing play. Our audio is carefully and specially designed to purposefully result in profound positive adjustments in your subconscious mind (the part of you that dreams) and to help you significantly improve your life in a variety of ways.

We offer a safe, effective and useful way to permanently and profoundly improve your life. You can reduce and remove fear and guilt, process information better and learn faster, become more confident, lose weight, manage pain, heal faster, adjust your hormones and much more. Since 1992, our programs creator has been developing and perfecting the technologies we use, giving you the most advanced, most impactful, and safest experience possible with the latest generations of programs, guaranteed.   Please note that as a result of this process, programs are arranged in generations, with older generations naturally being earlier works and less advanced and capable than newer generations.  For the best experience, we recommend that you use programs from the latest technology generation.

Choose an Experience from our collection, download it, set your volume as instructed and then press play.  

What is this?

In a word, freedom. How's that for corny? But seriously, we create highly specialized audio files (which we refer to as "Experiences") that are designed to trigger profound positive responses and adjustments in your subconscious just by being listened to. The end result? The ability to consciously and successfully direct your subconscious self.  This allows you to achieve your conscious goals with much greater ease, and achieve conscious goals you would simply not be able to achieve otherwise. Our Experiences are designed to have long lasting results with the goal of helping you significantly improve yourself and your life. So how do you want to improve your life today?

How does it work?

Our audio Experiences contain special spoken audio instructions and other types of sounds. The specialized sounds are engineered to safely trigger  controlled, specific, positive responses within your subconscious mind. The audio is adjusted to be almost completely undetectable by the conscious mind, but easily detected and understood by the subconscious. It is designed to consistently result in safe, predictable, positive changes in the way your subconscious mind thinks, how it responds and what it does, all without ever taking away any of your free will at any level of your awareness.

This approach allows us design some pretty awesome, life changing audio Experiences for you to use and enjoy. While we don't share how this is done -- it's a carefully guarded, hard won secret -- it is based in decades of research and development that have led us to how to interact with the subconscious mind. The goal is to create Experiences that allow you to pick your goal and just press play.

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely. Our Experiences are designed from the ground up with safety in mind, and are completely safe when they are used according to the instructions. We use a number of special safeties within the spoken instructions to prevent unsafe results. Our goal is to create Experiences that help, encourage, and enable people to live more constructive, productive, successful and enjoyable lives. Our Experiences help you to remove limiting beliefs, failure based thinking, and other types of unhelpful and unnecessary restrictions that people commonly place upon themselves. Our creed is Safe, Effective, Useful.  We put safety first, always.

When can I expect results?

It depends on the person and the type of Experience. Generally speaking, if you are using an Experience from the the latest generation of our audio technology, then you will typically start noticing the Experience influencing you within the first hour, to the first week. It will additional take time for the effects to ramp up and become more obvious. People process information a bit differently from one person to the next. If the Experience's goal is to remove fear and limiting beliefs, someone who experiences more fear and who has had more traumas could take longer to process the change, vs someone who is younger, or who has been through less in life. Our experiences that are meant to make physical changes within your body will always take longer to see changes. Furthermore, older generations of technology will naturally be less advanced and powerful than newer generations of technology. Experiences that are intended change your physical body naturally take longer to work depending on a number of factors because physical flesh is a dense medium and relatively slow to change. Experiences that are intended to change beliefs or perception may produce results you can consciously discern within as little as a few minutes.  Time to fully achieve the goal of the Experience depends on the goal and supporting sub-goals, but it can range from minutes (for things like pain relief) to months (for things like growing taller).

Are your Experiences for everyone?

Not all Experiences are created equal!  Some are for people over 18 only; some are for children only. Some are created specifically for men, or only for women.  Others are designed to achieve goals that not everyone will be interested in. We have a large library of Experiences, so we hope you'll find that most people will find something they are interested in.

What do the different generations mean?

Our audio engineer started creating our Experiences in 1992 ago (holy moly!) and was never quite satisfied, so he has always tried to continually improve them.  As he completes different experiments, research and development projects, he re-designs how they are scripted and created.  The result is that we have many different generations of our Experiences available. We don't offer generations 1 or 2 anymore because they're so outdated, even though at the time they were created, they were groundbreaking. It's like buying an old car, or old computer. Old cars and computers still work, but perhaps not as well as new ones, and with less advanced technology. Third and fourth generation experiences will may eventually be removed from our shop also. Each generation represents a major milestone in advancing our design, technology and build techniques, and therefore each consecutive generation is much more complex and time consuming to make, but produces better results even faster!

5th generation experiences came out in 2011, and are still available in our shop. 6th generation had such lofy goals that it's taken more than a decade (you read that right!) to develop.  As a result, it was decided to release programs in 5.x generation format to keep things fresh and take advantage of the significant advancements that had been made on the way. 5.5 generation Experiences arrived in 2016. Around 2019 came 5.75 generation Experiences. From there we have introduced 5.8G Experiences in late 2021 and as of May of 2022, we have reached generation 5.9. Don't be fooled, though -- that last digit is no joke! Each of these "point" advancements would normally be a full version number increase.  But as we said, 6G design requirements were set extremely high; developing and implementing these requirements has been an absurdly monumental task, which will most likely take a total of 12 years to complete.  We expect it to be finished in 2023.  So we used "point" advancements because we had no idea that it would be this long, or this challenging, to achieve the 6G design goals.  But there's nothing minor about them at all!

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