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Indigo Mind Labs brings you individually hand crafted subliminals and brainwave entrainment products that are always built to our motto: Safe, Useful, Effective. Our subliminals are made using a wide variety of cutting edge (and often unique) scripting and build techniques and technologies, most of which we invented in our endless quest to be, and offer, the best of the best.

Our subliminal creator, Shannon, has very high standards for what is good enough to put his name on, so each program Shannon creates gets unlimited personal attention to detail. His goal is to produce the absolute best, safest, most useful, most effective and most powerful subliminals money can buy. We believe that he has succeeded. But don't take our word for it - try them and see for yourself!

You've tried the rest. Now it's time to see for yourself why so many people have concluded that our subliminals are the best money can buy.

Please be aware that we offer digital downloads only. No physical products.

Two great options!

Now you have two great options for getting our subliminals that are 5th Generation and above:

Option 1: You can buy them outright at full price, pay once and download the subliminal audio to your choice of devices for use whenever and wherever you like.

Purchasing allows you to use the subliminal whenever and wherever you like, even if the device does not have a web browser or access to the Internet, but it requires a lot of storage space to keep the files and is more expensive.


Option 2: You can subscribe to the 5G and higher titles you want to use for a low monthly fee and stream them to any device that has Internet access and a web browser instead!

Subscribing is more affordable and does not use much storage space on your device, but it does require Internet access to stream your program. We have even designed the browser based player with subliminals in mind, getting rid of the headaches that come from poorly designed audio players!

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