Chronic Useless Pain Relief Aid (5G - Type B Optimus Engine) (FREE)

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The Chronic Useless Pain Relief Aid program is based on the Optimus Engine, and built in 5G with HyperSpeed and Self Optimizing Scripting technologies. This program is known to work for pain relief on a number of sources of pain, including fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, headaches and the pain of healing from a major injury.

For most people, maximum relief (typically ranging from 70 to 100% pain relief for most people and types of pain) is achieved after 1-2 hours of use.  Major chronic useless pain usually responds best to 6 to 8 hours of use a day, every day or every other day.  Some people find 2 hours on, 1 hour off to be a useful cycle of use. 


This is a 5th Generation format subliminal and it therefore must not be used with any other subliminal.  Use only this subliminal while this program is in use.

Use the program for as many hours a day as possible, and while sleeping.  Play it on loop mode through headphones whenever possible while awake, otherwise use speakers.  Use speakers while sleeping.  It is suggested that you use this program at least 8 hours a day for at least 90 days straight for best results.

This program will be most effective over stereo speakers or headphones, but may also work played on a cell phone mono speaker as well.

Please keep detailed notes on when you start using the program and what effects it has, as well as how long those effects took to achieve and how long they last.