This is where you will find the meanings of the many terms and acronyms we use here and on the forum.  It will be added to regularly.  Roughly alphabetical.

AF: The Alpha Female Subliminal Training Set program.
Affirmations: A statement or series of statements that are meant to act as a new belief for the user, which are repeated until the belief dominates.  An example might me, "I am now feeling better and better about myself." Affirmations can be spoken or used as scripting for subliminals.  Affirmations are sensitive to the personality of the user, the number of times they are repeated, whether they are experienced consciously or subconsciously and the specific working of the affirmation.  As a result, they are generally of poor effectiveness when used by person consciously, and if worded incorrectly will be poor effectiveness regardless of how they are used.  Properly worded affirmations can be used successfully in a subliminal script, but are by far not the best way to script a subliminal.

Afformations are a question presented to the conscious and or subconscious mind to affect a change in beliefs and to achieve an outcome, which assumes the truth of a premise that is not yet true, but which is desired.  An example might be, "Why am I so incredibly rich?" The premise of this question is, "I am incredibly rich." If this is presented to the conscious mind, it will recognize that the premise is currently false and simply respond with, "I'm not rich,", thus negating the potential positive impact.  The subconscious, however may accept the premise as true, and the idea is that by causing it to accept the premise as true, it will cause the premise to become true outwardly.  The value and effectiveness of afformations is disputed.

AM: The Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set program.
AOL: The Aura of Love subliminal program.
ARA: The Anxiety Relief Aid subliminal program.
AS: The Appetite Suppressant subliminal program.
ASC: The Absolute Self Confidence subliminal program.
 ASRB: Audio to Silence Balancer Ratio.  This is a regular insertion of a specific amount of silence into the audio of a program to balance it for maximum execution with minimum energy usage. It is found in 5.5G subliminals and 5.75 through 5.75.6G subliminals.  5.75.7G and higher subliminals currently do not use this, as a scripting solution has been found to replace it. 
ASRB2: Audio to Silence Balancer Ratio #2. This is the ratio of days of use to days of rest in which you use a subliminal in order to balance the demands the program makes on your brain for energy to execute it.  This is necessary with 5.75.0G subliminals and higher because they require so much energy to run that exhaustion results without it. 
APE:  The Attract Positive Energy subliminal program.
AYP: Any of the 4G Attract Your Perfect manifestation subliminals, being referred to as a group.
Backmasking: A method by which one can confuse the conscious mind and bypass it by reversing whatever speech is being used.  Also known as "Reversed Speech"..  This method is controversial as to whether or not it works, and how well. 
BAMM: The Become a Multi-Millionaire subliminal program set.
BASE: The Become A Successful Entrepreneur subliminal program.
BE: The Breast Enlargement subliminal program.
BIABW: The Become Irresistibly Attractive To Beautiful Women subliminal program.
BYBH: The Balance Your Brain Hemispheres subliminal program.
CHA: The Cancer Healing Aid subliminal program.
CSA: The Core States of Awareness brainwave entrainment set.
CUPR: The Chronic Useless Pain Relief subliminal program.
DFS: Dual Format Subliminals. Titles which are built as both Masked format and Ultrasonic format using the same script.
DMSI: The Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility subliminal program.
DNWS: The Disconnect From Negative Work Stress subliminal program.
DRA: The Depression Relief Aid subliminal.
DRS: The Directional Reflection Shield subliminal program.
DZA: The Develop a Zen Attitude subliminal program.
EHPRA: The Emotional Healing & Pain Relief program.
EIP: The Everything Is Possible subliminal program.
EM: The Exercise Motivation subliminal program.
ESE: The Extreme Self Esteem subliminal program.
EYI: The Enhance Your Intuition subliminal program.
FYPJ: The Find Your Perfect Job subliminal.
Format: The way a specific script is built into a subliminal audio program.  There are three formats: Masked, Ultrasonic and Hybrid.  Masked format is made by using a technique called "volume differencing" to hide the subliminal audio in the masking audio by reducing the volume of the subliminal audio until the conscious mind cannot make sense of it.  Ultrasonic format is made by using a technique called "pitch differencing", which takes the audio to be made subliminal and adjusts its pitch until it is too high for the conscious mind to make sense of, but the subconscious can still comprehend it.  Hybrid format is the careful and precise combining of Masked and Ultrasonic formats to create a significantly more powerful dual input channel approach.  Each format will have its strengths and weaknesses according to who uses it and how it is used, which is why we offer all three.
FTSS: The Forex Trading Support & Success subliminal.
GPR: The General Pain Relief subliminal program.
GT: The Grow Taller subliminal program.
HME: The Housework Motivation & Enjoyment subliminal program.
IYE: The Improve Your Eyesight subliminal program.
LFC: The Laser Focus & Concentration subliminal program.
LGPR: The Let Go of Past Relationships subliminal program.
LTU: The Life Tune-Up subliminal program.
LM: The Luck Magnifier subliminal.
LYBP: The Lower Your Blood Pressure subliminal program.
Masked: A subliminal format that makes the subliminal audio subliminal by "hiding" it in a louder sound, which is known as the "masking sound".
MFW: The Maximum Fertility For Women subliminal.
MHS: The Maximum Healing Speed subliminal program.
MLS: The Maximum Learning Speed subliminal program.
MIR: The Maximum Immune Response subliminal program.
ME: The Male Enhancement subliminal program.
MSS: The Maximum Sales Success subliminal program.
MYP: Any of the 5G Manifest Your Perfect subliminals being referred to as a group.
NSLW: The Natural Song & Lyric Writing subliminal program.
NSM: The Natural Seduction For Men subliminal program.
OE: Optimus Engine.  This is a piece of self optimizing polymorphic script that causes your subconscious to find the best way to achieve a given goal. May also refer to the Orgasm Enhancer subliminal program.
OED: The Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction subliminal program.
OF: The Overcoming Fear subliminal program.
OGSF: The Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Fear subliminal program.
OPA: The Overcome Pornography Addiction subliminal program.
OVM: The Overcome The Victim Mentality subliminal program.
Paraliminal: A method of bypassing the conscious mind to inject instructions directly into the subconscious which is neither subliminal or supraliminal.  It is heard by the conscious mind, but cannot be consciously understood because it overloads the conscious mind.  Examples of this would be normal audio that has been set up for stereo confusion, backmasking, and massive multiplexing.
PSE: The Poetry of the Silent Eros subliminal program.
PTPA: The Positive thinking, Positive Attitude subliminal program.
RNW: The Remove Negativity Within subliminal program.
SDAF: The Stop Drinking Alcohol Forever subliminal program.
SDM: The Sex Drive Maximizer subliminal program.
SE: The Self Esteem subliminal program.
SIA: The Sleep Induction Aid subliminal program.
SM: The Sex Magnet subliminal program. Also may refer to the Stop Masturbating subliminal program.
SR: The Stress Relief subliminal program.
SS: The Stop Stuttering subliminal program.
SSF: The Stop Smoking Forever subliminal program.
STC: The Seek The Challenge subliminal program.
Stereo Confusion: A method of making paralimnals that allows you to hear normal speech and be overwhelmed by it at a conscious level, which causes the conscious mind to ignore it, allowing it to directly reach the subconscious even though it may be as few as two voices.
Subliminal: Anything experienced by any of your senses that is "below the threshold of conscious detection".  In this case, it refers to audio programs consisting of a set of spoken instructions, affirmations and or afformations, and sometimes a masking audio.
Supraliminal: An approach to bypassing the conscious mind to access and influence the subconscious mind by passing information "above the threshold" of conscious detection.  This is a method commonly used in the form of ultrasonic audio programs, but it is almost universally known as "subliminal" (below the threshold) instead, simply because that is the term everyone uses.
TAS: The Transformational Absorption Shield subliminal program.
TLAM: The Think Like A Millionaire subliminal program.
TM: The Testosterone Maximizer subliminal program.
Turmoil: The state of conscious and or subconscious disruption caused by attempting to mix and use two or more subliminals of 5th Generation and higher at the same time.  May include headaches, confusion, cloudy-headedness, inability to focus, exhaustion, irritability and anger, among other things. 
TUW: The Ultimate Weapon subliminal program.
UD: The Universal Detox subliminal program.
Ultrasonic: Sound which is above the range of normal human hearing.  There is a small window of the low ultrasonic which can be used to make a sound perceptible to the subconscious while the conscious cannot tell what it is.  This area is used to subliminalize the script audio of an ultrasonic subliminal to make it subliminal. Technically, that creates a "supraliminal" (above the threshold) instead of a "subliminal" (below the threshold), but most people know it as a "subliminal".
UMOP: The Ultra Motivation/Overcoming Procrastination subliminal program.
UMS: The Ultimate Monetary Success subliminal program.
US: The Ultra Success subliminal program.
USLM: The Ultra Success/Luck Magnifier subliminal program.
WL: The Weight Loss subliminal program.
WM: The Woman Magnet subliminal program. May also refer to the Winner's Mindset subliminal program.
X124: The X124 subliminal aphrodisiac program.
X24: The X24 subliminal aphrodisiac program.
X32: The X32 subliminal aphrodisiac program.