Cancer Healing Aid Ver. 4.0 (5G - Type B/C/D Hybrid) (FREE)

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Note: This program is absolutely free of charge. We have no idea why it says this program is only4 payments of $50 each for the pay in installments option.  This appears to be a Shopify bug.

As a cancer survivor myself, I have first hand experience not only with cancer, but with the successful use of mind programming to help overcome it.  The first version of this program was something I created for myself to use in 1997, when I was dealing with cancer.  In 2008, I released Version 3.0 of the program I used, refined it, improved on it quite significantly, and made it available for all to see and use.  Now, in 2012, version 4.0 is released.  My hope is that it benefits everyone who uses it in some way.  It's my way of giving back, and offering you the helping hand I wish I had had offered to me, as a way of giving back in thanks for being alive today. 

Type B programs work to change the way you think.  Type C programs work to produce a physical change to your body - in this case, trying to destroy cancer. Type D programs are working to manifest something.  Here, it is using the power of your mind to try to manifest a cancer-free body.

This program is intended to be used as a cancer healing aid along side an approved cancer fighting regimen of some sort. It is specifically disclaimed to be anything but an aid for healing from cancer, and should not be used as a replacement for proper medical treatment.  Its design should at the very least make treatment more bearable, and in best case scenarios it should help your body fight the cancer.


This program is built as a 5th Generation subliminal with Hyper Speed technology and using Self Optimizing Scripting Technology in the metascript.  This build format is extremely intense and powerful.  It should be used with headphones for maximum impact and effect.

The recommended usage pattern is as follows:

4+ hours a day using stereo headphones while awake; 8 hours over stereo speakers while sleeping.  Make sure you have at least 4 hours off per day to rest your mind and assimilate.

If you are being treated with radiation or chemotherapy, use the program 3 days on, 1 day off, for as long as required.  If not, use the program every day.  Six months of use is recommended.




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Cancer Healing Aid Version-4

Cancer Healing Aid Version-4 Masked (Ocean Surf).mp3
Cancer Healing Aid Version-4 Masked (Trickling Stream).mp3
Cancer Healing Aid Version-4 Ultrasonic (Silent).mp3