Absolute Self Confidence Version 5.0 (5G - Type B) (FREE)

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Self confidence is one of those things that are critically important in many ways, but most people dont realize how deeply it impacts their lives when they dont have it.

A lack of self confidence restricts you in many ways, ways that may not even be obvious if you have gotten used to this situation. It has a major impact on how much you trust your own ideas and how you make decisions. It has a big effect on how you interact with other people, your body language, how they respond to you and how they perceive you. It is important for being emotionally healthy and succeeding in many areas of life, such as attracting a mate, getting a better job, and more.

I created Version 1.0 of this program back in early 2005 to prove to myself that ultrasonic subliminals really work. The effects on me after about two weeks of use all night every night were quite simply amazing. Friends of mine began responding in amazement at what I was suddenly comfortable doing. I was astounded, too, and it was a lot of fun, and very freeing, to be able to do those things.  My interpersonal interactions, and success in dealing with other people shot through the roof. I went to the beach one day, and within 30 minutes, had found myself a bikini model for the advertising campaign I was working on, which was not like me at all at the time.

Every woman I have dated since, and asked what was the thing that first attracted them to me, has always answered the same thing: "Your confidence." Enough said. This program should be mandatory for everyone.  Thats part of why I am making it available for free - that, and Id like to offer everyone a chance to see for themselves that subliminals really do work, while making a positive impact on the world around me.

This version is built in 5th Generation technology.

“Here’s my testimonial for Absolute Self Confidence 5G…it works damn well. I have been on it for over 32 days now and I feel like I’m back with a vengeance. Confidence is an understatement.”

“My name is Alec and I’m new to subliminals. I did do the free self confidence one though. It was absolutely amazing. My social life has honestly never been better, there has been soo many changes. I’ve been so happy with it, I am so impressed by the results.”

“I also feel like I can handle situations a lot more easily at work. I’ve always been able to calmly handle any situation in life and that was true in my personal life and earlier in my professional life.”

“The 5G is pretty bad ass, I have to say.”

“2 days off of ASC 5G and I feel like a badass. How’s that for a testimonial Shannon.”

“Everything is gorgeous…there is so much to laugh about. My confidence is through the roof..but I feel more humble then ever.”

… I have been to places while traveling where i tend to get nervous in past but i was so relaxed this time. i was behaving like the commanding person of the group even i was the youngest in our group …

Since late 2015, I have been running Absolute Self-Confidence and lurking on this forum, reading about others’ subliminal experiences while patiently observing the effects on myself. As of now I have finished 90 days of ASC, and can now write concrete observations on my progress during this time:
– I am now more confident, and I believe in myself more.
– I have definitely become more decisive, and more sure of decisions I have made.
– My body language have noticeably improved. I stand taller and walk in wider strides.
– I swear more around people (not a very good thing). I do not know if it is ASC but the timing is quite coincidental. Either way, I ought to correct that.
– I have always been extraverted and sociable, but ASC kicked that up a notch. I have reduced anxieties and worries about how people perceive me and such things, which is liberating.
– It became a bit easier for me to strike up conversations and simply talking to people for the sake of socialising. On more than a few occasions this has helped me tremendously, compared to if I took no action.
– I also don’t shy away if someone is taking pictures (Snapchat) of me anymore.
– My overall mood is better. I have always been upbeat and optimistic around people, but I only recently see how it is such a contrast with the person I am when alone. I become more self-critical and tend to feel down. I am almost permanently positive now, which is refreshing.
– For the first few weeks the changes are more obvious. I became more aggressive, and I noticed that I was very eager to jump into arguments on forums. This became more balanced over time. The third month is the best.
– Towards the end of my run especially, there were some odd instances of people I know being much friendlier to me than they were before.

Ok so I finished ACS 5G about a month ago but never gave my testimonial. Wow, this was my first experience with both Shannon’s subs and 5G technology. There is no doubt this sub was effective. It made my confidence at an all time high. Every time I walked past a mirror I stopped and stared in amazement. I was not doing any affirmations while doing this sub but kept finding myself saying I’m so confident or I feel confided randomly. Girls practically looked like they wanted to rape me at times. A tribute to the power of the subconscious my Facebook page has never had so many likes, comments and messages as it did while I was running this sub. Also, it was removing the barriers in my mind of what I thought was possible for myself, this was absolutely amazing.

“I felt confident and I didn’t have to try, I just was. It blew my mind. It’s like a eureka moment where things come together and you think to yourself “why didn’t I just do this before?”.