Allergy Relief Aid 5.11G (Type A/B/C/D Hybrid)


This program is not designed or intended to be or act as any kind of medical diagnosis, treatment or cure for any disease or condition.  It is not designed or intended to replace proper medical or psychological attention, diagnosis, treatment and/or care from an appropriate and properly licensed medical or psychological professional. It is not designed or intended to replace any drug or be used to or relied upon to save lives. 

End Disclaimer

About This Experience

About Allergy Relief Aid (ALRA)

Allergy Relief Aid is aimed at working with non-life threatening allergies and allergic reactions.  At no time should you ever attempt to use this program as a life saving option for dealing with any life threatening allergy. For life threatening allergies and allergic reactions and responses, you should always rely on your licensed medical professional and carefully follow their guidance exactly.

Allergy Relief Aid is a subliminal audio experience designed to accomplish two main goals, and some sub-goals as well.

The Specific Goals Of The Program

  1. Turn off the symptoms of allergies.
  2. Shut down the allergies itself.

The first goal of the program is to relieve the symptoms of an allergic reaction.  These may include itchiness, watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, sneezing, irritation and other such symptoms that are often the result of common allergic reactions. This process is accessible through in-the-moment use of the program, as needed to deal with the symptoms being experienced (specific details in the instructions below).

The second goal of the program is to try to permanently end the allergy itself by attempting to shut down and remove it's root cause.  It is unlikely that this will be possible for all allergies and their root causes, but it should work for at least some types and root causes of allergies. How to use this experience for achieving this goal is detailed in the instructions below.

How well this program will actually achieve these goals will depend on various factors and variables which will naturally differ from person to person, so your experience may vary from what others experience by using this experience, and no specific result can be guaranteed.

The Grounding Shield

This experience includes the Grounding Shield, which is designed to turn your natural personal energy field into a special type of shield which filters out negative influences and drains them into the ground for recycling into a non-negative form of energy.  This includes all types of negative influences, from casual negativity directed at you to direct and intentional attacks, and efforts to manipulate your thinking, feelings and decisions.

You May Be Surprised!

You may be surprised at the results you get from using this program.  Many people have mild allergic reactions to various substances which they don't even realize they're having.  Using this program, even if you don't think you're experiencing an allergic response, may produce results that surprise you and reveal that, in fact, you were indeed responding to an allergen with a mild allergic response that you had simply become used to, and presumed was normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for this program to start producing noticeable results?

A: For in-the-moment use, it can start producing noticeable results in between 3 and 60 minutes, usually between 3 and 20.  For long term use, it should start producing noticeable results the first day, but must be used for the full run-through to have a chance to be permanent.

Q: How long does it need to produce significant results with regard to removing an allergy?

A: That is impossible for me to answer because there are too many variables in play.  I suggest using it for at least 2 full cycles before you attempt to test how it is affecting an allergy you can avoid.  It will not be a binary result; you will probably see results gradually increase over time.

Q: Is this program intended for in-the-moment use, or long term use?

A: It can be used either way.  If you want to just deal with allergy symptoms, it can be used as "in the moment" exposure.  If you want to try to clear out and end the allergy that causes the symptoms and reactions in the first place, then you'll need to use it as longer term programming.

Q: Can I use this subliminal with other subliminals, or other forms of mind programming?

A: No.  This program is designed to access and use all of your available resources at the subconscious level, and will not play nice with other things.  Best case scenario, it will destroy the influence of the other things while having its effectiveness degraded; worst case scenario, you will destroy all of the benefits from everything you're trying to use while overloading your subconscious mind and causing undesirable effects such as confusion, exhaustion, difficulty focusing and possibly even irritability and headaches. 

Q: Does this program do anything for life threatening allergies?

A: There is no safe way for us to test this program against life threatening allergies or life threatening allergic responses.  It is neither designed, nor intended, for use regarding life threatening allergies or allergic responses.  We cannot know how it does or does not affect those, and you should never attempt to rely on this experience to be a life saving measure in response to such allergies or the allergic reactions they cause.  Make sure that you consult your medical professional for dealing with life threatening allergies, and follow their advice exactly.

Q: What age does this program work for?

A: This program has no age limiter.  However, you should never expose anyone under 18 to it without direct medical supervision.  Under no circumstances should you attempt to allow anyone under the age of 7 to use or be exposed to this program.  Be aware that it is designed for use by adults, although it may be useful and helpful for children as well.

Q: Who is this experience designed for?

A: This experience is designed for adults who need help dealing with non-life threatening allergies and allergic responses and symptoms.  Anyone who has such an allergy can use this experience to try to deal with, and potentially eliminate, that allergy and the symptoms that go along with it.

Q: Can I stop using this program whenever I want?

A: If you are using it as "in the moment" programming, yes.  If you are attempting to use it to remove the root cause of the allergy, you should continue using it for the instructed amount of time unless there is a good reason to do otherwise.

Q: Can I use this experience instead of going to a doctor?

A: This experience is designed and intended to be an AID to dealing with allergies and allergy symptoms.  It is not intended to replace proper medical diagnosis and care, or replace any drug.  You are encouraged to use it as a way of enhancing those things, with the knowledge of your doctor or medical professional.  I am not a licensed doctor.  You must seek out appropriate care from those sources if you need medical care.

Q: Are there any specific allergens this program does or does not affect?

A: This program should be useful in dealing with many different types of allergies.  Just don't try to use it to deal with life threatening allergies.

Q: To what degree will this program shut down my allergy or allergy symptoms?

A: The design is aimed at 100% shut down.  The actual end result will probably differ from person to person depending on a variety of factors. Therefore, I cannot know exactly what your experience will be, and it thus becomes impossible to accurately answer this question.  You will have to try it for yourself to find out how and how well it works for your unique circumstances.

Q: Can this experience relieve inflammation?

A: It is not specifically designed to deal with inflammation.  Instead, it is designed to be useful for affecting any and all symptoms resulting from non-life threatening allergies and their symptoms.  Therefore, it should be useful for reducing or eliminating inflammation resulting from non-life threatening allergies, but this may be influenced by various factors that we cannot take into account during the design phase of creating this program.  It may also be that certain factors regarding inflammation, or certain types of or causes of inflammation, may not respond well to the way this experience achieves its goals.  Therefore, allow the experience to show you how and how much it affects the type and level of inflammation you are dealing with as your answer to this question.

Q: Can this experience actually end an allergy completely?

A: It is designed to do that when used properly as long term programming.  The reality is that removing an allergy completely may depend on various factors outside of the control of your subconscious mind.  Therefore it is potentially possible, but not guaranteed.

Q: Can I use this program with prescription or non-prescription medications?

A: Yes.  This program is designed to work seamlessly and harmlessly with whatever medications you may be taking otherwise.  If you are taking over-the-counter allergy pills or treatments, however, you may wish to see if this program can match or exceed them in effectiveness by itself. Never attempt to use this experience to replace prescription allergy medications unless your doctor or medical professional tells you that doing so is a safe and acceptable course of action.  Never ever, under any circumstances should you try to use this program as a life saving treatment or to replace anything that is necessary to deal with a life threatening allergy or allergic reaction!

Q: Does this program have any side effects or drug interactions?

A: It is designed in such a way that it should have no side effects and no drug interactions.  There is no way that it can have any drug interactions with any drug or medication you are already taking.

Q: Can I use this program as long as I want or loop it?

A: Absolutely not!  Do not use this program for longer per day than is directed in the instructions.  This program is so powerful that more than the instructed time of usage per day will not improve results.  Instead, you will overload yourself, and results will degrade and be undesirable.  Use this program exactly as instructed at all times.  If this changes, I will update this answer.  For now, follow the instructions regardless of anything else.

Q: Is it safe to drive while I am listening to this program?

A: This program should have no effects at all on your state of consciousness or your ability to focus, pay attention or safely operate any machinery at all, including cars, watercraft and aircraft.  However, just to be safe, please observe carefully how you respond to this program before attempting to use or operate machinery that requires conscious awareness, focus and concentration to be safe.

Q: How long is 1 loop of this audio?

A: The audio is 60 minutes long per track. 


It is important that you always use this experience from a cell phone through the cell phone speakers if it is at all possible to do so, and keep the cell phone within arm's reach while using this program; this is necessary for achieving specific accurate control of the volume.

For In-The-Moment Usage Against Allergy Symptoms:

Start using this program at the first sign of allergy symptoms you wish to control or shut down. Use it for 60 minutes (1 loop).

For Long term Programming To Try To End An Allergy Completely:

Use this program for 90 minutes per day on (1.5 loops), for 5 days on and 4 days off per cycle.  A full run-through is 4 consecutive months of these cycles without interruption.  Use this program in blocks of 4 months at a time, and as many run-throughs as you like after the first.


To achieve the best results from this program, use the ultrasonic format on a cell phone through the cell phone speakers, keep it within arm's reach while you listen, and use it at the best volume. 

The best volume will be as follows:

For users of Android phones with 15 total possible clicks of volume, play it at a volume of 8 out of 15 clicks.

For iPhone users, who have a total of 16 possible clicks of volume to work with, use it at a volume of 9 out of 16 clicks.

For Google phone users who have a total of 30 possible clicks of volume to work with, use it at a volume of 16 out of 30 clicks.

For those who have any other kind of phone, or a phone with any other number of clicks of volume, play it as close to 53% of maximum volume as you can get it.

Refund Requirements

To be eligible for a refund, you must use this program for at least one full run-through according to the instructions without having any discernible effect from using it.

[shannon@LW520PCL Compressed]$ sha256sum *

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[shannon@LW520PCL Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

2b0c3167d8a3d5ae89d9f91c3da564c74467746406558fa232647d892968857e Allergy_Relief_Aid_2_1_5p11G_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

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