Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid v6, 5.11G (Type A/B/C/D Hybrid)


This program is not designed or intended to be or act as any kind of medical diagnosis, treatment or cure for any disease or condition.  It is not designed or intended to replace proper medical or psychological attention, diagnosis, treatment and/or care from an appropriate and properly licensed medical or psychological professional. It is not designed or intended to replace any drug or be used to or relied upon to save lives. 

This program is designed to be, and only be, an AID to help and direct you to heal yourself and relieve your own emotional pain, to whatever extent that is possible and safe to do.  The program itself does not heal you; it is just a set of instructions made subliminal.  It will direct you to heal yourself if that is possible and safe to do, and to whatever degree is possible and safe to do.  It is not designed or intended to replace proper medical and/or psychological diagnosis, supervision and care, nor any prescribed medications.  No claims, expressed or implied, are made otherwise.

End Disclaimer

About This Experience

What's New In Version 6?

Four things differentiate Version 6 of EHPRA from Version 5:

  1. The Skeleton Script has been upgraded from 5.75.7G to 5.11.3G, which makes it vastly more powerful and more effective.
  2. The Key Script has been upgraded to 5.11G scripting standards, which makes it vastly more powerful and effective.
  3. The Key Script has been deeply optimized, which makes it much more efficient, effective, smoother and easier to run.
  4. The impact level is many, many times higher than what it was in Version 5.  This makes it vastly more powerful, more transparent, more effective, smoother and easier to run, regardless of how challenging the issue at hand is to deal with and overcome.

About Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid (EHPRA)

Different people naturally need different things from a subliminal experience designed to do what EHPRA is designed to do.  Different personalities, ages, experiences, diets, levels of health and more make that inevitable.  EHPRA is designed to take all of those things into account and adapt your responses to your own unique individual needs, and it tracks and adapts to them in real time, as the changes are being made.  

Version 6 is useful for:

  • Processing, healing and clearing the emotional baggage that everyone ends up with over time just because they have to deal with life.
  • Helping you handle, process and get through the loss of a loved one, whether that be via break-up, divorce, involuntary separation or death.
  • Helping you process, heal, clear, let go of and move on from all types of traumas.
  • Helping you heal, process, clear, let go of and move on from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) arising from any cause.
  • And much more. 

The Specific Goals Of The Program

  1. Emotional pain relief
  2. Emotional healing & clearing
  3. Mental healing & clearing
  4. Trauma healing, clearing, processing and release
  5. Guilt/shame/fear release
  6. Mental/emotional maturity improvement
  7. Self forgiveness
  8. Forgiveness of others (for the benefit of the self, not to allow another to do you wrong again)
  9. Letting go of the past
  10. Self validation
  11. Healing and regenerating yourself mentally and emotionally
  12. Healing from emotional damage as a result of sexual dysfunction, trauma and abuse
  13. Training yourself to heal and regenerate automatically
  14. Self compassion and self consideration in all the ways that maximize your self-healing, self regeneration and emotional pain relief
  15. Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear 5G (full script), fully upgraded to 5.11G
  16. Training yourself to overcome guilt, shame and fear
  17. Outgrowing guilt, shame and fear
  18. Learn whatever is necessary to outgrow guilt, shame and fear
  19. Projection of part of the awareness into the future in which the goals have been safely and successfully achieved, and then pulling the "now" self to that future through the connection
  20. Optimus Engine Version 6.2 directed at achieving all the goals of the program safely and successfully
  21. Focus on overcoming guilt, shame and fear
  22. Disconnect from guilt, shame and fear, and allow yourself to work with them safely and as objectively as possible
  23. Make the process of overcoming guilt, shame and fear as comfortable as possible
  24. Appreciate yourself in all the right ways to allow for maximum success in self regeneration and healing
  25. Let go of and stop needing/seeking the approval of and permission of others for your self-healing and regenerating
  26. Give yourself approval and permission to live the life that allows you to heal and regenerate, stay healed and regenerated, and allows you to be genuinely happy, and to genuinely heal and regenerate
  27. Overcome The Victim Mentality (full script, fully upgraded)
  28. Deservedness for healing and regenerating and being healed and regenerated
  29. End and prevent self pity and any desire to engage in it
  30. End and prevent any desire to have pity from others
  31. End and prevent self sabotage in self healing and regeneration
  32. Physical, mental and emotional relaxation to maximize and benefit healing and regeneration
  33. Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude (full program script, fully upgraded)
  34. Neutralize internal negativity and make yourself immune to internal and external negativity
  35. Allow for happiness, self healing and regenerating through genuine gratitude and appreciation
  36. Make yourself worthy of your own self love, and allow you to be loving towards yourself
  37. Fill yourself with unconditional, non-specific loving, healing and regenerating energy, and use it to help you heal and regenerate
  38. Like yourself, and if necessary, make yourself deserving of self liking and self love, and adjust yourself to be someone you can like and love.
  39. Generate and maintain hope.
  40. Generate and allow all necessary self confidence for healing and regenerating.
  41. Transform anger into a positive that assists in healing and regenerating not only the self, but the causes for the anger.
  42. Self esteem/respect/self worth and validity enhancement.
  43. Let go of and heal and regenerate anything that might hold you back from healing and regenerating, and move on into a state of healing and regenerating.
  44. Mental, physical and emotional stress relief.
  45. Overcome the urge to change subs to avoid dealing with things the program is helping you with.
  46. Take full responsibility for your beliefs, thoughts, actions, choices and outcomes, and the results you get from using this program.
  47. Learn what is necessary to let go of the past, so that you can let go of the past.
  48. Repair yourself mentally, emotionally and sexually.
  49. Self enabling and allowing for self healing and regeneration.
  50. Forgive those who it would benefit you and your healing to forgive - including yourself.
  51. Achieving balance mentally, physically and emotionally.
  52. Upgrade all script goals and scripting to the latest techniques and technologies.
  53. Improve on the script designed to make the healing and clearing process more easy and comfortable.
  54. Scripting to specifically make your own short and long term happiness a goal, instead of just allowing for it as a possibility.
  55. Grounding Shield Shield is ON, and gets a very heavy focus -- so much so that this version could reasonably be called the "healing egg". This shield creates a special sort of cocoon out of your personal energy in which you can safely heal, clear and rejuvenate emotionally, mentally, etc. It automatically drains negativity, negative influence and energy attacks into the ground in real time, where they are naturally recycled into other forms of energy.
  56. The complete Magnus Engine v3.0, which makes the program much more effective.
  57. Mental and emotional stress relief.
  58. Anxiety Relief.
  59. Kill Self Pity. Self pity is a great excuse to wallow instead of heal. Get rid of it.
  60. Gratitude and appreciation enhancement aimed at emotional healing.
  61. It is now designed to trigger trauma healing, clearing, processing, release, pain relief etc.
  62. Chemical state shifting override is now turned OFF.
  63. Universal Detox. This works to de-toxify your body, but also your beliefs, and your resulting choices and actions. The result is that you get a powerful detoxification effect of your body, mind and emotions.
  64. And more.

Please be aware that this program is also designed to help with mental and emotional sexual issues and trauma. It should therefore be very helpful to people who have had sexually traumatic experiences.

The Grounding Shield

This experience includes the Grounding Shield, which is designed to turn your natural personal energy field into a special type of shield which filters out negative influences and drains them into the ground for recycling into a non-negative form of energy.  This includes all types of negative influences, from casual negativity directed at you to direct and intentional attacks, and efforts to manipulate your thinking, feelings and decisions.

Having such a shield is important while on the path to achieving healing because there are those who may try to stand in your way while you achieve your goals.  It is common for those who are too afraid to try to succeed to direct a lot of negative energy at those who are on their journey to success in an effort to tear them down, slow them down and prevent them from succeeding.  

With the Grounding Shield, you'll be protected and supported on your healing journey.

Life Transforming

Using this program is an incredibly powerful way to transform and improve yourself and your life in deep, profound ways.  This may or may not be immediately apparent while you are undergoing the process of emotional healing and clearing, but it will become very obvious over time.  Especially if you keep a journal of your dreams and experiences while using it.

What will become apparent quickly is that it is doing something.  Exactly what may not be obvious to you at a conscious level right away, or perhaps ever.  But you will probably notice that changes are taking place within you emotionally, in the ways you think and through your dreams.

Everyone has emotional baggage, traumas and damage that they experience over time in their lives, and even if you think you're perfectly fine, I guarantee you, running through this experience will change your life for the better.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this program free to veterans and first responders, like Version 5 was?

A: No. This program is paid only for everyone.  However, you can still request access to Version 5 for free if you are a veteran or first responder.

Q: Can I use this subliminal with other subliminals, or other forms of mind programming?

A: No.  This program is designed to access and use all of your available resources at the subconscious level, and will not play nice with other things.  Best case scenario, it will destroy the influence of the other things while having its effectiveness degraded; worst case scenario, you will destroy all of the benefits from everything you're trying to use while overloading your subconscious mind and causing undesirable effects such as confusion, exhaustion, difficulty focusing and possibly even irritability and headaches. 

Q: Does this program do anything for depression?

A: What this program gets you to do at the subconscious level can potentially help with some types of depression.  However, there are many types of depression and causes for it, and this program is not designed specifically to deal with or handle depression.  So if you are experiencing depression, this program may help, or it may not, depending on the cause of your depression.  Therefore, please do not rely on this experience to deal with depression; seek proper medical and or psychological diagnosis and help instead.

Q: Does this program have the Fear Removal Module?

A: There are two fear removal modules active in Version 5, and there is one active in Version 6.  Version 6 has such a high degree of impact configured that both are not necessary.

Q: Is this program useful for anxiety?

A: Depending on certain variables, it can be.  However, to definitively answer this requires me to have knowledge of your situation and the cause(s) of the anxiety, which I cannot know.  If you want to deal with anxiety specifically, you may be better served by Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Fear.  If you need to deal with anxiety among other things that go beyond guilt, shame and fear, then this program is probably a better choice.

Q: Who is this experience designed for?

A: EHPRA v6 is designed for everyone 18 and older.  Whether you're feeling fine and think there's nothing wrong, or you're dealing with a major trauma, this program can help you process, heal and move on from everything from minor insults you experienced when you were young, to any level of trauma or PTSD.  However, if you are dealing with and trying to heal major traumas and or PTSD, please use this program as an enhancement to proper medical and/or psychological therapy, not a replacement for it.

Q: Is there a minimum age for using this program?

A: This program is age limited to 18 and older.  However, there is the possibility that it may still affect people under 18.  Therefore, DO NOT expose anyone under 18 to this program!  It is designed for adults to use, and even adults may require guidance or therapy to guide them through what this program does.  People under 18 will not have the experience or development necessary to handle this program safely.

Q: Can I stop using this program whenever I want?

A: No. The way this program works, you will need to use it according to the instructions.  It is called Emotional Healing and Pain Relief Aid for good reason: what it gets you to do at the subconscious level (facing, processing, healing issues) is often significantly uncomfortable, which is why there is a tendency to avoid processing, healing and clearing it in the first place.  So once you get started using this program, you will be dealing with processing things subconsciously that require emotional pain relief to handle.  This program provides that pain relief, but if you stop using it, you'll quickly discover how uncomfortable the processing can be.  Therefore, if you're going to use it, please commit to using it for at least one full run-through.  (Also, if you try to stop and experience emotional pain por discomfort, it means you're not ready to stop yet because you're still working on and working through something.)

Q: Can I use this experience instead of going to a doctor / therapist / psychiatrist / psychologist?

A: Absolutely not!  This experience is designed and intended to be an AID to healing yourself emotionally.  It is not intended to replace therapy, or proper medical and or psychological diagnosis and care, or replace any drug.  You are encouraged to use it as a way of enhancing those things, with the knowledge of your doctor, psychological professional and/or therapist.  But I am not a licensed doctor or psychologist or psychiatrist or therapist.  You must seek out appropriate care from those sources if you need psychological care.

Q: Can I use this program as long as I want or loop it?

A: Absolutely not!  Do not use this program for longer per day than is directed in the instructions.  This program is so powerful that more than the instructed time of usage per day will not improve results.  Instead, you will overload yourself, and results will degrade and be worse.  Use this program exactly as instructed at all times.  If this changes, I will update this answer.  For now, follow the instructions regardless of anything else.

Q: What about AutoConfig?

A: You should not try to rely on AutoConfig with this program at all until you have been through at least 4 (four) cycles of days on/days off.  After that, only rely on AutoConfig if you are absolutely sure of what it is telling you.  This will prevent the chance for self deception to undermine what the program is doing, even though it is only a slim chance.

Q: How long is 1 loop of this audio?

A: The audio is 60 minutes long per track. 


Use this program for 15 (fifteen) minutes per day on, for 5 (five) days on and 5 (five) days off per cycle.  A full run-through is 7 (seven) consecutive months of these cycles without interruption.  Use this program in blocks of 7 (seven) months at a time, and as many run-throughs as you like after the first.


To achieve the best results from this program, use the ultrasonic format on a cell phone through the cell phone speakers, keep it within arm's reach while you listen, and use it at the best volume. 

The best volume will be as follows:

For users of Android phones with 15 total possible clicks of volume, play it at a volume of 11 (eleven) out of 15 clicks.

For iPhone users, who have a total of 16 possible clicks of volume to work with, use it at a volume of 12 (twelve) out of 16 clicks.

For Google phone users who have a total of 30 possible clicks of volume to work with, use it at a volume of 22 (twenty-two) out of 30 clicks.

For those who have any other kind of phone, or a phone with any other number of clicks of volume, play it as close to 73% of maximum volume as you can get it.

To be eligible for a refund, you must use this program for at least one full run-through according to the instructions without having any discernible effect from using it.

SHA256 hash values:

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

e2a68f12cace1dfb6f8c372b108a457cd8a0e1f22bd35bcfdc3f80f0014c9e34 EHPRA_v6_5p11G_HDA_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

7566260b2ec3239449e559c7e94876dc54c2de406796f2fc3e44d757bbb8fe16 EHPRA_v6_5p11G_HDA_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

d87bffc63d783fd58caff78a4afa60a3ae994e5b60ec4cbb5c22edcf2fd5c92a EHPRA_v6_5p11G_HDA_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).flac

5ff70c7de7951924ff954348925494054b6fd6f36a14a8ab741a1376e1c78a1b EHPRA_v6_5p11G_HDA_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).flac

f6d13bf121d30ef7d0781e6ec0e69f46ff32dc92c7035998ac2225757de39f88 EHPRA_v6_5p11G_HDA_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).flac

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$sha256sum *.txt

fb68b7789123dc55c3f87b44795ee61d87eb7a6a3380f939c96baef5c481e584 EHPRAv6_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$