Special Meditations, Ver. 2.0 - 17 Volume Set (Brainwave Entrainment Audio Only)


This program is not designed or intended to be or act as any kind of diagnosis, treatment or cure for any disease or condition.  They are not designed or intended to replace proper medical attention, diagnosis, treatment and/or care from an appropriate and properly licensed medical professional.  They are not designed or intended to replace any drug or be used to or relied upon to save lives. If you have epilepsy or any related neurological disorder, please avoid using or being exposed to these audios, as they are based on rhythmic sounds and therefore may induce seizures in epileptics and people with related neurological disorders.

End Disclaimer

Special Meditations Version 2 is an extensive collection of exploratory brainwave entrainment audio programs which work in similar ways to binaural beats, but use a superior technology to achieve better results than binaural beats can offer.  These programs are designed to allow virtually anyone to not only meditate with ease, but to explore their own brain/mind awareness potentials and experiment as well if they like.

The human brain can function at frequencies of less than 1 cycle per second to 100 or more cycles per second.  These frequencies are divided up into five bands which represent different levels of awareness.  The five bands are as follows:

  1. Delta: Generally considered to be 0.1 to 4.0 Hz, this is where you are typically completely unconscious (unless you're very experienced with deep meditation).  Here, your brain shuts down most activity and your body does major repair and growth work. This range will require significant practice to remain aware of what is happening for most people.
  2. Theta: Generally considered to be within the range of 4.01 to 7.0 Hz.  Theta is where you experience REM sleep (dreams), and where you have very easy access to the subconscious mind.  This is also where most people end up when doing deep meditation, or during deep hypnosis.  This is also where the Threshold of Consciousness falls for most people.  Some frequencies in this range will be below, and some will be above.  While within the range of those below, you will not remain conscious without practice.
  3. Alpha: Generally considered to be between 7.01 and 12.0 Hz.  Alpha is associated with relaxed consciousness, daydreaming, and generally being relaxed.  This is the state one experiences during light meditation, and this state is very good for learning faster and more easily.  This is where access to the subconscious mind begins to open up, and is also associated with light hypnosis states.  Memory tends to improve and creativity flows here.
  4. Beta: Generally considered to be within the range of 12.01 to 40 Hz.  In Beta, we experience our usual "awake" state of normal everyday consciousness.  This is where the "higher functions" of the brain are active, such as logic and reasoning.  Adults spend most of their time in Beta.  
  5. Gamma: Generally considered to be between 40.01 and 100 Hz.  Gamma is where the brain is when it is engaged in high focus and high function states, such as solving complex challenges, puzzles, mathematics and so forth.  Heightened perception and peak mental processing state in which various parts of the brain work well together.  This is a common frequency to see in people who meditate regularly over long periods of time.

Introducing The Meditations:

There are 17 audios in this set.  Each uses a unique frequency, by itself, mixed into pink noise.  The programs are designed so that you can clearly hear the actual frequency you're being exposed to, and the pink noise.  This allows you to get the best results because being able to consciously hear the frequencies tends to make users more comfortable, and the pink noise is designed to cause your brain to focus as much as possible on the frequency, instead of any distractions.

The meditations, and their specific frequencies, are as follows:

  1. 1.618 Hz. Low Delta. This frequency corresponds to Phi, which is a special ratio that occurs repeatedly in nature.  It is 1.618:1, and it is everywhere, including in your body.  For example, the ratio of the length of your arms and legs to the joints of your arms and legs is approximately 1.618:1.  It's in your hands, feet, fingers, toes, face, body.  This ratio shows up in flowers, pine cones, ferns, leaves, shells and other places also.  The closer to matching this ratio a person is in their proportions, the more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing they will be to the eye.
  2. 2.618 Hz. Delta. This is Phi squared, the number you get when you multiply Phi by itself.
  3. 3.141 Hz. Delta. This is Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a perfect circle (the distance around it) to its diameter (the furthest distance between any two points on that circle).
  4. 4.230 Hz: Low Theta. This is the number that results from cubing Phi, which is to say, Phi times Phi times Phi.  Depending on how experienced you are with meditation, this frequency may require practice to remain aware of what is happening while it is the dominant frequency of your brain.
  5. 4.500 Hz: Low Theta.  This frequency is known as the "Shamanic Trance" frequency.  Indigenous peoples tend to gravitate to this frequency during ceremonies, often involving drums and chanting, where they are trying to have special experiences that lead them to better wisdom and understanding, contact with the spirit world or special, secret knowledge.
  6. 5.083 Hz. Theta. The number that results when you multiply Pi times Phi.
  7. 6.300 Hz. Theta. This is the average frequency found dominant in the brain while a person is inebriated by alcohol.
  8. 7.830 Hz. Low Alpha. This is the first Schumann Resonance peak, which is the frequency at which the atmosphere of the Earth itself resonates.  Some people believe that it is useful for attuning one's awareness with that of the Earth.
  9. 9.860 Hz. Alpha. Pi multiplied by itself gives you this number.
  10. 13.500 Hz. Low Beta. The Sensori-Motor Rhythm (SMR) Midpoint (debated by some sources, who give different ranges of low and high for SMR).  The sensori-motor rhythm is the band of frequencies at the high end of Alpha and lower end of the Beta range where one is awake, relaxed, eyes open and the cortical sensory region of the brain is said to be "idling".  Some people believe this frequency range is helpful for insomnia, anxiety, depression, attention, focus and other things as well.
  11. 14.300 Hz. Beta. The 2nd Schumann Resonance peak. Some call this the 2nd harmonic of the Earth Resonance, and believe it is useful for attuning one's awareness to that of the Earth.
  12. 20.800 Hz. Beta. The 3rd Schumann Resonance peak. Some call this the 3rd harmonic of the Earth Resonance, and believe it is useful for attuning one's awareness to that of the Earth.
  13. 27.300 Hz. Beta. The 4th Schumann Resonance peak. Some call this the 4th harmonic of the Earth Resonance, and believe it is useful for attuning one's awareness to that of the Earth.
  14. 31.000 Hz. High Beta. This is the number that results when you multiply Pi times Pi times Pi.
  15. 40.000 Hz. Very High Beta. There are some who believe that with regular use, this frequency has some correlation to certain aspects of brain health.
  16. 44.000 Hz. Low Gamma.  This frequency is associated by some with high levels of focus, attention, awareness and function of the brain for higher level problem solving, including solving complex math and other types of challenges and puzzles.  Potentially useful for helping to do better on logic focused tests.
  17. 77.700 Hz. High Gamma. Theoretically, the closest the human brain can get to operating at a frequency of 777 Hz.  Some regard 777 as a special number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do these audios have any subliminal, NLP, hypnosis or other type of mind programming content?

A: No.  These programs consist only of the pink noise overlay and the rhythmic audio.  There is no mind programming content of any kind.

Q: Why do you include the pink noise?

A: The pink noise is intended to affect how your brain operates in a specific manner.  Because your brain is a difference engine, it can only perceive things that are different than the last perceived thing, by comparing them to determine what changed.  This pink noise is random, within the parameters that it follows a special set of rules for intensity vs pitch, and is therefore more akin to the sound of rainfall than white noise (static) and thus much more pleasant to listen to.  The job of the pink noise is to cause your brain to have nothing to focus on or find difference in, which it will respond to by effectively withdrawing it's attention and stop looking for differences.  When this happens, the focus naturally and automatically shifts to the rhythmic audio, and thus the effects it has are amplified and improved significantly.

Q: Why don't you hide the rhythmic audio in the pink noise, or some other sound?

A: Partly because it helps to make the effect of the rhythmic audio more pronounced and faster acting by giving it more volume, and partly to help those who are afraid of "losing control of themselves" to see that there is nothing to fear.  Pink noise was chosen instead of anything else because of the specific effect it has on enhancing the effectiveness of the brainwave entrainment audio.

Q: Why don't you have these audios set up to fade in and fade out?

A: Because that interrupts the effects of the audio if you choose to loop it.

Q: Can I loop these audios?

A: Can, yes.  Should? Not unless you're sure you know what you're doing, and you have a very good reason for doing so.

Q: Can I use multiple different frequencies at the same time?

A: There are two issues with this.  First, volume is additive, so each track you add to play at the same time will make the end result louder, and you must compensate for that by lowering the volume to compensate.  Second, that is an advanced activity, and you should not attempt it unless you are experienced with how each of the individual frequencies affect you on their own, and you know what you are doing enough to understand the potential pros and cons of doing so.  Aside from those considerations, you can use a program like Audacity to load and play multiple of these tracks at the same time, which gives you a nearly infinite number of options for self exploration within this one set.

Q: Is there any limit to how many of these frequencies I can use at once?

A: I have used as many as 12 at once and had some results, but that is not recommended.  Generally speaking, you will probably find that more than 5 to 7 frequencies at once is not going to produce much in the way of a discernible difference in effects. It is a good idea, and strongly recommended, to carefully and purposefully select which frequencies you wish to use together and do so for specific reasons, and to do so after you fully understand how that specific frequency affects your awareness on its own.  Just throwing a bunch of random frequencies together will not usually result in anything useful and may actually be quite unpleasant.

Q: What if I use some of these tracks one after the other?

A: It is possible to use these audios in such a way, but it is not recommended that you do so.  Too much brainwave entrainment in a single day is not necessarily a good thing.  I recommend that you limit yourself to 60 minutes per day of brainwave entertainment audio exposure.  If you do this, you'll experience a shift from one frequency to the next, which may be experienced in a variety of ways depending on what the frequencies are, ranging from very little difference to a potentially very jarring experience indeed.

Q: Will everyone be able to get the effects described above?

A: This set is intended as an experimental and exploratory experience for those who are interested in discovering what various states of awareness corresponding to special numerical values.  The description is not set in stone, and is only touching on things that are reportedly true for that frequency.  Your experience may vary.  Some people (typically those who fear losing control of themselves) may also resist allowing themselves to be influenced by the frequency, and prevent it from having the intended effect.

Q: Can this be used for _____?

A: The set is presented to you as an opportunity to explore what your mind and brain are capable of.  You will have to use it and see for yourself how each frequency affects you.  Then you can decide if a frequency is useful for a given purpose.  Some people will find some of these frequencies useful for a variety of things, potentially including meditation, sleep induction, better rest, learning faster and more easily, accessing and interacting with their subconscious mind more easily, enhancing affirmations or afformations, waking up, staying focused, helping them overcome ADD or ADHD, studying more efficiently, doing better on tests, and other possible effects as well.  You will have to explore these audios yourself to see how you respond to them.

Q: How long will it take to kick in?

A: That will depend on a number of factors, including how you listen to it.  If you use headphones or earbuds, it will work somewhat faster than if you listen to it on stereo speakers, which will tend to work faster than if you use it on mono speakers.  Generally speaking, used at a reasonable volume, you should feel it starting to affect you within a few minutes of exposure.  Full effect may require 30+ minutes.  It will also be affected by how much distraction there is.  Best results will come from using it through stereo headphones while you are sitting or laying down comfortably with no distractions.

 Q: Can I use these as much as I want?

A: No.  if you use one specific frequency too much or too frequently, your brain will tend to try to stay in that frequency.  That may not be good for efforts in other directions.  For example, Theta is a state in which it is very difficult to focus and concentrate, and therefore is typically unsafe for driving or doing anything else that requires concentration or focus to be safe to do.  Likewise, it is very difficult to fall asleep if you have trained your brain to stay in Beta or Gamma too much.  Therefore, I suggest that you only use one of these audios per day, and only for one loop per day at maximum.  Do not use the same audio more than two days in a row.

Q: Is there any risk of addiction associated with this audio?

A: No.  There is no chance of anyone becoming addicted to this program.   

Q: Can I use this audio and drive or work or perform tasks which require concentration?

A: You should not try to drive, work or perform tasks which require concentration to be safe to perform while you are listening to this audio where it induces a state of awareness other than Beta.  You should also not try to do any of those things while you are under the influence of any of these audios which do not induce a Beta level of awareness.

Q: How long will the effects last?

A: This depends on the individual, their specific circumstances, how the audio is used and for how long it is used.  Generally speaking, it should fall within the range of tens of minutes to hours after you stop listening.

Q: Can I use this with a subliminal or some other form of mind programming?

A: Only if the program does not use state shifting. If the program uses state shifting, then the subliminal's state shifting will either interfere with the effects of or be overridden by this audio.  The program description will specify if it uses state shifting.  Some of these may be useful for inducing the proper state for helping to enhance the effectiveness of audible affirmations if you listen to them after the audio has had at least 30 minutes to influence your brainwave frequency.  Those will be the programs in the Alpha, and especially the Theta ranges.

Q: Is this program safe to use while I am pregnant?

A: Yes, it should be safe to use while you're pregnant, but in order to avoid potentially affecting the unborn child, you should listen to it on headphones or earbuds if you use it while pregnant.

Q: Can children under 18 be exposed to this experience?

A: Yes - with caution.  Some of these frequencies have uses for children, but misuse and overuse may result in issues.  Delta and Theta can be useful for helping fall asleep.  Beta is useful for helping to combat ADD and ADHD.  Gamma can be useful for doing better during tests, and Alpha can help study and learn better.  However, again, if these programs are misused or overused, it may result in issues.  You use these at your own risk if you are under 18, or allow them to be used by someone under 18.

Q: How long is 1 loop of this audio?

A: The audio is 60 minutes long.


You can use these audios via headphone, earbuds or speakers.  They should work over mono and stereo playback devices, but stereo will work better, and headphones or earbuds are best.  It does not matter what device you play these audios on.

Do not listen to any of these audios that fall into the Alpha, Theta or Delta range while attempting to do anything that requires focus and attention.  Do not attempt to drive or do anything that requires focus and concentration to be a safe activity while you are in an altered state induced by any of the frequencies that falls into the Delta, Theta and or Alpha ranges.


These audios are designed to be used at a volume that is comfortable.  Do not play these at a volume that is louder than typical conversation.  Make sure that you can hear the rhythmic audio at least faintly.  Volume will affect the speed of influence.

To be eligible for a refund, you must use these audios for at least one month according to the instructions without having any discernible effect from any of them.

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5ba8b026cea6dd54131f3c0fe935870ec6dc915968adc45f54bb1a55091b5036 31.000_Hz_(Pi_Cubed).mp3

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521579b5f4c2b3a4e6bf9f475228cdd98212cf02350bf720745806572bb94903 40.000_Hz_(Brain_Health).mp3

6790de66a57737998997e00aaa1b0bf101ee3db085c19e3605190e9d0854c27a 4.230_Hz_(Phi_Cubed).mp3

0ed6c575e224c5171fe22457ef303573537d2d65fc1954c8a1563579ee6c31a4 44.000_Hz_(High_Function).mp3

fdfd083349d4cee225c94fda48d1392843abed92041eff295fbf1643d5108263 4.500_Hz_(Shamanic_Trance).mp3

6d1c2960d264e5ce9596c1a678f1753df8c0a79f099c1b6f75b396642446feb6 5.083_Hz_(Pi_Times_Phi).mp3

5dddc5e329e04aaba29665dff8856f6f551a0a358a5b220d8afd47323f179b85 6.300_Hz_(Alcohol_Resonance).mp3

ce641295ce86b9a58e7e09abd64e76cf42856b57e9bba47dc6b16a381d91b8ad 77.700_Hz_(Special_Numbers).mp3

f21d33103556ffbb42fb0f4e83912013384647efe1cd734d41d82a078aa802cc 7.830_Hz_(1st_Schumann_Resonance).mp3

2c675a15e09619b8724ff4a0993b78866c9c78a0e1ad2db03298fc40c80879c4 9.860_Hz_(Pi_Squared).mp3

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