Sexual Arousal Magnifier Subliminal (SARM) v1 (5.9G - Type A/B/C/D Hybrid)

You must be 18 or older to purchase, subscribe to or use this program.

Did you know that there are parts of the brain that, when properly stimulated, will automatically cause the person to become overwhelmingly sexually aroused?  And that these parts of the brain can be properly, reliably and repeatably stimulated by using a correctly designed and scripted subliminal?  Not just turned on - overwhelmingly sexually aroused.  The kind you just can't ignore.  The kind you really, truly, absolutely, not joking, must do something to satisfy!

Imagine it.  You just press "Play", wait - and the result is passionate, enthusiastic sex.  That is actually, definitely possible using the Sexual Arousal Magnifier subliminal -  I have experienced it personally while testing this program.

The Sexual Arousal Magnifier is designed, quite simply, to be a very powerful and effective aphrodisiac.  It's design goal, as with any aphrodisiac, is to trigger massive sexual arousal.  The idea is, of course, that if you increase sexual arousal enough, there is a better chance for sex to result.

The design goal is built into the program; however, it does not interfere with the person's free will.  So while those affected will be experiencing unbelievable arousal (if they're exposed for long enough), it does not tell them what to do with it - or with whom, if anyone else is invited along for the ride.

In other words, it only creates and increases a state of extreme sexual arousal, and what is done about it is left entirely to the choice and free will of the person being affected.  No matter how much exposure anyone gets to this program, no matter how sexually aroused they become, they will always retain complete free will as to what to do about their sexual arousal.  There is no coercion, no "mind control", no "brainwashing" and no trickery; this program generates extreme states of sexual arousal.  That is all.

Which naturally means that it is not guaranteed that anyone exposed and affected will respond to it in any particular (or desired) way.  They may respond by masturbating or having sex.  They may respond by seeking the easiest path to satisfying their sexual arousal, or seeking the "right" path, whatever that is for them.  They may respond by seeking out their significant other for sex, or they may choose to cheat.  It all depends on what they choose to do in response to their sexual arousal. 

This focus on free will is designed deeply into the program to make sure that any sex that results is always consensual.

Sexual Arousal Magnifier is also limited in specific ways to prevent it from being misused.  It's limiters are aimed at specifically preventing the following:

  • Sex with and/or affecting anyone who is under the legal age of sexual consent.
  • Sex with and/or affecting anyone who is too inebriated to drive legally as a result of alcohol or any other drug or combination of drugs.
  • Sex with and/or affecting anyone who cannot legally consent to sex.  This is intended to prevent use on people who are judged mentally or emotionally unable to consent legally.
  • Sex with anyone who is unwilling to have sex, or who is not capable of legally consenting to sex.

In spite of my best efforts, it is still possible that some unforeseen circumstance or variable could make it possible that one or more such "off limits" persons (underage, unable to legally consent, too inebriated to drive) may be affected by this program.  It is therefore your personal responsibility in using this program to use it according to the laws of the jurisdiction in which you find yourself; to never use it without the conscious knowledge and consent of those who are exposed; and to never use it to take advantage of or enable sex with someone who is too inebriated to drive legally.  You agree to this responsibility by using this program. 

So what is this program intended for and what is it good for?

The Sexual Arousal Magnifier is designed for use by couples and groups who are aware of and consciously consenting to it's use to help them achieve a high state of sexual arousal in order to spice things up and make their sex and sex lives better.

In mind while it was being designed and built specifically were:

  1. Married couples who have had their sex lives go by the wayside because they don't typically prioritize sex highly enough as a result of work and or other responsibilities.
  2. Married couples who have stopped having sex because they have had a failure in communication or some other circumstance that has led to one or both parties disliking the other.
  3. Couples who have stopped having sex as a result of the effects of pregnancy and/or childbirth on the body of the mother...
  4. ... Or the stresses on either parent of having a child to care for.
  5. Couples who want to enjoy more passionate, enthusiastic and satisfying sex.
  6. People who have had their sex drive die as a result of trauma or age.
  7. Groups of three or more who wish to trigger and enjoy easier and better group sex and or orgies.

This program is NOT designed or intended to be used in the following ways.  DO NOT use it in any of these ways:

  • As "stealth seduction".
  • In public.
  • Around or by anyone who is under the legal age of sexual consent.
  • Around or by anyone who is legally unable to consent to sex for any reason.
  • Around or by anyone who is too inebriated with alcohol and or any other drug, or combination of drugs, to drive legally.
  • Around anyone who is unaware of the program being played, and/or who has not consciously consented to or does not consciously consent to being exposed to it.

-- Frequently Asked Questions -- 

Q: What is the difference between Sexual Arousal Magnifier (SARM) and the Sex Drive Maximizer (SDM)?

A: This is a good question.  Aside from the difference in technology levels, there are a number of other differences. 

  1. SARM is an aphrodisiac, and SDM is not.  This means that SARM is intended to result in sex within 6 to 24 hours, and sometimes less than 6 hours, where SDM may require days or more than a week to build up enough steam to do it's job, depending on the person involved.  It also means that SARM is triggering sexual arousal, and SDM is triggering sexual desire.  This may not be a difference that seems very big, but it makes a BIG difference in how these programs work and what the results are.
  2. SARM directly influences the hormonal system, and SDM influences it indirectly.  This means that SARM acts much faster and has a much bigger impact on the endocrine system.
  3. SARM adjusts the hormones to achieve sexual arousal; SDM adjusts the hormones to achieve sexual desire. Both result in the desire for sex and sexual release, but they do so at different levels of intensity.  Sexual arousal is more fleeting and more demanding of satisfaction; sexual desire is longer lasting and less demanding; it is more of a "slow burn" that allows for a sustained effect and result.
  4. SARM has an Audio Arousal Trigger Overlay (AATO) and SDM does not.  This means that SARM triggers sexual arousal within minutes, which is then gently increased until the person genuinely needs to do something about it to relieve their sexual arousal.  This is part of what allows it to be used as an aphrodisiac.

Q: What were the results of your tests?

A: They were very, shall we say, eye-opening.  This program proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that it unquestionably works. Normally, I would recount the story and share with you the awesomeness that resulted from testing it, but I am, unfortunately, sworn to secrecy as to what exactly it did.  (That should tell you something, hint hint!) I will say this: It absolutely blew my mind, and hers.  I would have bet a lot of money that what happened would never in a million years happen before it did.  Eye-opening is very true, and very much an understatement. I can't guarantee that you will get mind blowing results too, but those was the result of my tests.

Q: How sexually aroused will this program make those who are exposed?

A: Presuming that the people being exposed do not conflict with any of the limiters, it should result (when used properly and at the right number of loops and volume) in the highest level of sexual arousal that person's body is physically capable of experiencing, which is often reported to us as "the horniest I have ever been in my entire life", or "I haven't been this horny since my teenage years".  Your mileage may vary, as with anything that depends on the specifics of the individual.

Q: What happens when it takes effect?

A: When this program takes effect, those effects will depend heavily on the specifics of the volume and who is being exposed. The below list may be applicable to the person sitting closest to the source of the subliminal audio, or whomever the affected person is most interested in sexually.  Typically, you will start seeing the common universal signs of subconscious sexual arousal, which may progress into more advanced responses.  The most commonly observed responses are in bold.) These  include, but are not limited to:

  • Wagging the feet.
  • Bouncing one or more knees.
  • Wagging legs open and closed. (This is a big tell, especially coming from a woman, as it is her subconsciously trying to project her sexual scent to attract someone to do something about her sexual desires.  It is an even bigger tell if they are sitting facing someone, so that it becomes an effort to get the attention of that person and show them that they want sex by effectively exposing their crotch to that person.  Even more so when paired with staring at that person.  Even more so when the staring and leg wagging is accompanied by biting of the bottom lip.)
  • Staring at the person they are most sexually attracted to, especially if they are female, and even more so if they do not look away when you meet their gaze in return.
  • Steering an interaction towards sex, discussing sex or a sexual outcome, with varying degrees of subtlety.
  • Turning themselves to face the person closest to the source of the audio, especially when that means they are sitting in their seat at an odd angle, or have turned their seat at an odd angle relative to normal orientation. 
  • Pointing one or both feet or legs at the person they're interested in sexually, especially if they extend one leg with the foot pointing at that person and they are sitting in their chair facing a direction that is not facing forward.
  • Being unusually positive, open to and or polite to the person closest to the source of the audio.
  • Seeking to find commonalities with the person closest to the source of the audio which make rapport quickly.
  • Improved mood; more positive mood than usual.  In response to several loops, or medium term use, tending to downplay, avoid or recover from negative emotions with a positive result, especially when that is not the normal result.
  • Doing things that are unusual for that person that could be interpreted as sexually suggestive, or easily lead to, result in or turn into sex.
  • Attempting to give a butt display by sitting with some of their butt hanging off the chair, especially if they're sitting in the chair at an odd angle.
  • Giving a butt presentation by bending over in a manner that is very obviously either showing off their butt to you (side/angle view) or positioning themselves such that they are effectively simulating a rear entry sex position while they are standing, kneeling or on their hands and knees. It may range from quick and relatively subtle to very blatant and graphic, depending on the woman and the circumstances.  It may also be repeated multiple times within the span of about 20 minutes or less..  Butt presentations are unusual, but definitely happen if you expose the right woman to the program in the right circumstances.
  • Attempting to give a crotch display by sitting in a quasi-leaning position that lifts one butt cheek and exposes the area where her sex organs are so the person sitting closest to the source of the audio can see that area, whether it is covered or not.
  • Attempting to give a crotch display by sitting facing the person closest to the source of the audio and spreading their legs at that person.
  • Finding excuses to come over and talk, starting conversations, smile at you more than other people they're dealing with, and take an interest in what your plans are.  Sometimes more than one person at a time will do this.
  • Sex flushing about the face, head, neck, shoulders and/or upper arms.  This usually appears as a bright red blush on the cheeks of the face which appears rapidly in response to exposure, or an angry red blush over large areas of the aforementioned body parts which likewise appears rapidly in response to exposure.
  • Getting in sexually suggestive positions to whatever degree is possible in the environment they find themselves in, usually pointing their crotch at the person they are trying to offer sex to.
  • Touching the person they are interested in sexually more, or at all, in ways that are unusual; for example, touching when touch is not normal for that person, touching more frequently, touching in intimate or suggestive ways and possibly places.
  • Biting the lower lip, especially while staring. (Females.)
  • Trying to find ways to and excuses to get or share contact information with the person they are sexually attracted to.
  • Trying to find ways to and excuses to be alone with the person they are sexually interested in.
  • Excusing themselves from to to to the bathroom, where they relieve themselves through masturbation.  This is most frequently done by women, and can be given away by how flushed/flustered they are when they leave, vs how calm they are when they return, and sometimes how long they spend in the bathroom.
  • Directly asking for or offering some form of sex.
  • Directly and suggestively or seductively staring at the sexually attractive body part(s) of the person they are sexually interested in; chest, crotch, butt, etc.
  • Directly and suggestively or seductively touching the sexually attractive body part(s) of the person they are sexually interested in.
  • Taking the hand of and leading the person they are sexually interested in to a more private location in order to be alone with, kiss, touch, seduce and or initiate sex with them.
  • A woman putting one or more fingers in her vagina and then wiping her sexual fluids on the upper lip (under the nose of) of someone she wants to have sex with as a brazen and blatant communication that she is extremely horny and wants to have sex with that person, and is ready to go right now. (This is typically very rare, but does happen.)
  • Putting their hand down the pants of the person (usually a woman does this to a man) whom they wish to have sex with, and fondling their genitals.
  • Disrobing themselves and/or disrobing the person they wish to have sex with.
  • Giving (or attempting to give) their person of sexual interest oral sex without being asked for it.
  • Initiating physical penetrative sex without being asked for it.
  • Asking for or initiating sex more times in a single day than is usual.
  • Achieving orgasm more easily and or more frequently than usual during sex. (Women)
  • And others.

What exactly you see of the above list will depend on who is being affected, where they happen to be, what their relationship to you is, how sexually aroused they are, their age and other factors.  It also depends heavily on them being exposed the right number of loops and at the right volume.

Q: How long does SARM take to start affecting those being exposed?

A: It starts affecting those exposed immediately.  The key is, we have to regulate the speed and intensity of impact to arrive at the best chance for sex to result.  If you don't expose a person for long enough, they may have an arousal response that is subconscious only.  Or, they may become consciously aware of their arousal, but it may not be sufficiently developed to get them to respond by doing something about it.  Likewise, too low a volume and the impact won't be enough; too high a volume, and they may overload and/or shut down.

The issue with aphrodisiacs is that in most cases, a person may feel the effects, but be unable or unwilling to act on their arousal for a variety of reasons; location, current company, relationship, general circumstances, religious beliefs, general mood, major life events, physical health, pain, emotional state and many more.  This means that it's not necessarily going to become immediately apparent what the response is, unless you can read body language or observe responses that are not controlled by the conscious mind, such as sex flushes.

In most cases, when used at the right volume, there is a definite effect felt within about 20 minutes of start of exposure; the key is ramping that up to "I have to do something about this!" without underload, overload, shutdown or scaring them away.  Men and women are sexually aroused in different ways and at different speeds, and they need different things to respond with sex.  If you're only exposing men, then "instant on" works fine.  But add women to the mix, and you now have to use a much more gradual, gentle approach for most women to respond with sex.  So we went with what works for men and women.

It is possible that using too low a volume for short term use will achieve the goals of the program, but require 24 to 48 hours to do so in some cases.  This is part of why you must limit the use of this program to two times a week maximum, and give it time to bloom between uses if you choose to use it for short term use. 

Q: Why do I feel like I have a sunburn/am standing in full sunlight at the beach in the summer after using this program?

A: That is the result of being flush with highly charged sexual energy, and usually also results in a sex flush about the face, neck and sometimes upper arms and shoulders, depending on your particular physiology and psychology.  In essence, it is your subconscious expressing that it is extremely aroused sexually.  Not everyone experiences this.  Some people who do interpret it as "being unusually hot" when that doesn't make sense (i.e., in air conditioning, etc.).

Q: Why did you limit it by "too inebriated to drive legally"?

A: Because this acts as a reasonable threshold for what the law in your jurisdiction concludes is the limit of inebriation at which decision making breaks down too much to make reasonable decisions.  I want to prevent people from using this program to take advantage of people who are too drunk to consent.  At the same time, it is unreasonable to prevent it from working if you have had any alcohol or drug at all.  So this seems a reasonable limit based on what your legal jurisdiction concludes is a safe limit for when you can and cannot make decisions.

Q: Does this program announce audibly that it is a subliminal aphrodisiac?

A: No.  It is just like all of my normal subliminals; ocean surf sounds like ocean surf, trickling stream sounds like trickling stream and ultrasonic is effectively silent to conscious hearing.  This means you have to be responsible with where, with whom and how you use Sexual Arousal Magnifier Subliminal.

Q: Does this program prevent people of incompatible sexual orientations from responding to me sexually?

A: No.  It generates sexual arousal in all who hear it, with the exception of the limiters.  If you are straight and don't want to arouse a gay person of your gender, or vice versa, or you are bisexual and only wish to arouse one gender, it is up to you to use this subliminal appropriately for that outcome to result.  It is easy to get the results you want, though: just expose only the person/people you wish to affect, use the right volume and number of loops and make sure they know about and consent to being exposed.

Q: Outside of the limiters, who will this program arouse?

A: Aside from those who are affected by the limiters, this program should affect everyone who is exposed to it. It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, bisexual, male, female or something else.  It's useful for everyone.

Q: So this program includes a hormone optimizer?

A: Yes.  The hormone optimizer is not a fast thing to make "kick in", but it will definitely help achieve an extremely high state of sexual arousal. This is a big part of why it requires 6 loops/hours for "in the moment" use.

Q: How does this program work with hormone based birth control, then?

A: Hormone based birth control is the ONLY type of hormone therapy this program will work with.  It is not in competition for the hormone influences the birth control is putting into play.  It also would not have passed muster if it did not work with hormone based birth control, since that is such a popular option for so many women.  Additionally, live testing has shown no negative results.  The only limit is that it should not be used for long term exposure on or by females using hormone based birth control.

Q: Can I use this program while using any other form of hormone therapy or hormone influencer?

A: No.  They will potentially conflict, and we cannot know this for sure, so use one or the other but not both.

Q: I notice that my sex organs/my partner's sex organs smell different when I use this program.  Why is that?

A: That is the effect the program has on your sexual pheromones.  It is intended to make your natural sexual scent more sexually arousing.

Q: How do you rate this program as a pregnancy risk?

A: If you use this program properly, you must use at LEAST one form of birth control, as the arousal generated by this program when it is used properly is an EXTREME pregnancy risk.  Gentlemen, never use this program without personally taking responsibility for your own birth control! Wrap the rascal if you don't want to have a baby!  Ladies, don't be foolinsh if you don't want to have a baby!  Make him wrap it just the same, unless you're on birth control you know works!

Q: Can pregnant or lactating women use this program?

A: Only as short term use, and once a week at maximum.  This program has a hormone optimizer that optimizes the hormones for sexual arousal.  Therefore, do not expose a pregnant woman or a woman who is lactating to this program more than once a week.  If she is lactating after birth and exposure negatively affects her lactation (it should not, but just to be on the safe side), stop exposure immediately until she is no longer breast feeding.

Q: Can I use this while I and my spouse/significant other are sleeping?

A: Absolutely.  In fact that is suggested, although you may find that it is frustrating to wake up so aroused if you have to replenish your blood sugar before you are able to have sex to orgasm.  This of course presumes that the volume and number of loops used  results in waking up to the need for sex.  With some configurations, it may actually make one or both of you too horny to sleep until you have sex, or wake up in the middle of the night needing sex, or it may take hours after awakening to result in sex.

Q: What if my spouse/SO and I are fighting a lot when I use it?  Will they choose to have sex with me or someone else?

A: Presuming they are aware of it being used and consented, that would suggest they will seek you out for sex.  However, there is nothing in this program that says what they should do about their sexual arousal, so it is possible that they may prefer to seek sexual satisfaction with someone else if they are the cheating type or they simply don't like you or are angry at you for some reason.

In some cases, exposing a couple to this program will cause them to respond by stopping the argument!  If you have sexual exclusivity with the other person and they with you, then there may be a response that improves the mood of both of you and limits or even prevents fighting.  This seems to be a subconscious effort to achieve sex, instead of arguing.

Q: Can I use this program to improve even a good sex life if I/we already have a high sex drive?

A: If you already have a moderate to high sex drive, using this program is probably going to shock you with just how sexually aroused your body is truly capable of becoming.  However, it is keyed to release the sexual arousal after you achieve at least one orgasm, so it should still be useful without going crazy from too much arousal.

Q: Will this program make me act the fool in public because I am so sexually aroused?

A: Sexual Arousal Magnifier guides you to respond to your sexual arousal in ways that are suitably discreet to prevent that sort of thing.

Q: My girlfriend has started waking me up in the morning deeply in need of sex and sexual satisfaction.  This is completely unlike her.  Is this going to change her personality? (Boyfriend, significant other, etc.)

A: No.  This is the potential for her sexual arousal that was always there, but was previously dormant.  Enjoy it!

Q: I used it six loops overnight, and we ended up having sex two (three, more) times the next day.  Usually we only have sex once a day.  Is that the result of this program?

A: Yep!

Q: I used it six loops overnight and we didn't have sex the following day at all.  What happened?

A: You may have used too little or too much volume.  Too little volume may not be sufficiently motivating, or may take more than a day to achieve the result.  Too much volume may cause overload and shutdown. 

Your significant other may have some fear that is preventing them from responding overtly.  I have a tester who reported that his first test, his girlfriend suddenly got very angry with him 48 hours after her first exposure because he had not initiated, and she was basically suffering in silence as a result of what turned out to be her fear of being inappropriate by initiating sex.  They may also have beliefs that mean they will not or for some reason cannot initiate for you. (No sex before marriage, age differences, a woman should never initiate, doesn't know how to initiate, etc.)

Your significant other may be angry at you, holding a grudge against you, dislike you or otherwise need to forgive you for something before they will have sex with you.

You will have to experiment, once a week, with different volumes until you find the right volume to affect your significant other in the desired manner and time frame.

Q: I used this program as directed, and my intended lover responded negatively.  What happened?

A: In rare cases, a person may have one or both of a combination if factors in play that cause their response to this program to generate discomfort, to which they respond negatively.  This happens as a result of two primary factors, which are an extremely sensitive personality type, and/or some sort of trauma associated with sex, sexuality, arousal, etc.

For example, one of our testers used this program with his girlfriend and found that she responded only to a volume of 12 or higher out of 15 on his phone, and then she would not initiate sex even though she deeply wanted it in response to her exposure.  Instead, she tried desperately to hide all signs of her arousal, and became extremely frustrated sexually and angry when he did not read her mind and initiate sex, when she was hiding the fact that she deeply needed it. 

We determined after some discussion that she had been raised in a fundamentalist religion that taught her that sex, wanting to have sex, and anything sexual, was wrong and would get her sent to very graphic and horrible eternal punishment, and she was absolutely terrified to allow herself to be sexually aroused, admit she was aroused, or initiate sex.  This program is so powerful that it caused her to become unbearably sexually aroused in spite of her best efforts to fight it, and within 2-3 days of her exposure she would always start a fight with him because he didn't initiate for her. 

Other possibilities include associating sex with traumatic experiences such as having been forced to participate in sex against one's will, and other factors., 

If your intended lover responds negatively to this program, they very likely have faulty beliefs and/or unresolved emotional traumas associated with sex, and they may need to get help to deal with them.

Q: Why can't I use this program more than a time or two per week at 6 loops, or at least, more than one per day?

A: Too much exposure, too aggressive an exposure (volume too high) or both will result in overload and/or shutdown.  This can mean there is no result, or even make the person annoyed, upset, resentful and/or resistant to sex.  Too much is definitely not a good thing in this case.  If you attempt to use this program more than instructed, don't be surprised if it stops having the desired effect.

Q: How do I deal with overload and/or shutdown?

A: You need a reset.  A re-set is simply giving the person at least a week off without any exposure at all.  This allows the program and effects to fade out.  The exception is if you attempted to play multiple loops per day every day, in which case a reset may require 2, 3 or even 4 weeks off.

Q: What is the best volume to use?

A: The short answer: Experience shows that for most people, the program seems to work best at a volume of 9 out of 15 clicks on an Android phone while it is being played in Ultrasonic format on the phone's speakers, or the equivalent volume on an iPhone (10 out of 16 clicks) or a Google phone (18 out of 30 clicks).

The Long answer: That will require experimentation for you to figure out, since there are far too many variables to consider for a "one size fits all" answer.  There are cases where moderate (7 to 10 clicks out of 15 on Android phones) and high (11 to 14 clicks out of 15 on Android phones) volumes can be useful. Maximum volume (15/15 on an Android) is almost always too loud and not useful. 

As a general rule, the more sensitive the person is, the lower the useful volume, and the more resistant they are, the higher the necessary volume. Where you have someone who is both sensitive and resistant, choose the high ranges of volume, starting at the bottom of that range and working your way up gradually over multiple exposure sessions. I suggest you get an idea what volumes might be useful through self exposure first.

If you are dealing with someone who is resistant or sensitive and resistant, and higher volumes do not work, then a gentle approach (low volumes, usually 6/15) with six loops at a time, or moderate approach (moderate volumes, usually 8/15) at one loop per day, may be effective.  One of my testers reported that his girlfriend resisted moderate and high volumes, but responds beautifully to low volumes (usually 6/15) when the program is looped six times while they sleep.

If you have an iPhone, your equivalent volume is whatever is specified for an Android phone, but +1.  If you have a Google phone your equivalent value is double whatever it is on an Android phone.

Q: Will this help overcome erectile dysfunction?

A: That depends on a number of factors, including your age, diet, culture, beliefs and why exactly you are experiencing erectile dysfunction.  If you experience it because your hormone levels are dropping off, then it's a good bet this will positively impact your situation if you use it for the medium or long term.  If your reasons for experiencing ED are psychological, they may need more help than this program alone can provide.

Q: My wife/girlfriend is "frigid"/refuses to have sex/claims to be "asexual"/has depression/has postpartum depression or low sex drive.  Can this help get her to have sex with me more?

A: It will depend on the specifics of the situation. This program will generate and magnify sexual arousal, but in some cases this can potentially be prevented or overridden by pain, a physical, emotional or mental disorder or the medication a person takes.  In some cases, it will solve the issue you face, but there may still be strong reasons why she may intentionally choose not to have sex with you which would not be changed by any level of sexual arousal, and would only result in her masturbating or having sex with someone else.  Things like hormonal imbalances and the like are usually helped by this program, as are too much focus on things other than sex.  But if she's depressed, or has someone else she's preferring to have sex with or has some belief that prevents her from having sex for some reason, the situation may or may not be helped by this program.

Q: Does this program increase or decrease fertility?

A: No.  It is designed specifically to increase sexual arousal.  If it has any effect on fertility at all, it is accidental and so far unknown to us.

Q: Why did you make it require 6 loops for short term use?  That seems like a lot.

A: The speed at which the program achieves its goals was never a primary focus.  The focus is on generating enough sexual arousal to result in the person genuinely needing to satisfy their sexual arousal, which is what gives the opportunity for physical sex to result.  To achieve that level of arousal, we need to increase the level of arousal at the speed that results in the highest possible levels of sexual arousal.  Based on how this program is designed and built, that is six loops for most females. Form therefore follows function. 

Q: How long will the effects of this program last?

A: When used as "in the moment" programming, the effects will last until the affected people have experienced release of the sexual arousal in the form of an orgasm, or for 2-3 days after exposure if no orgasm is achieved. When used as medium or long term programming, the effects may continue to regenerate 2 to 7 days after you stop using the program. You can still satisfy the sexual arousal by having at least one orgasm.

Q: Is this program compatible with "No Fap"?

A: Only if you have a reliable, accessible way of achieving orgasm that does not involve masturbation.

Q: Does this program stack with other subliminals or other aphrodisiacs?

A: For short term exposure, it will work with one other subliminal but should not be used more than once per week maximum, and you may find that even that is too much to prevent turbulence and interference with the other subliminal you are using.  For medium to long term use, it should not be used with other subliminals and you should not use it with any other form of mind programming.  It can be used along with other types of aphrodisiacs, but they are likely to interfere the effects this one has.  It should never be necessary to use with any other aphrodisiac.

Q: Will this program affect a woman differently during different parts of her menstrual cycle?

A: Yes, but the result should always be the desired high level of sexual arousal when used properly.  The difference is mostly to be a slight difference in how long it takes to achieve peak sexual arousal.

Q: Any tips on getting the best out of this program?

A: Yes.  Make sure that you are fully familiar with how this program affects YOU before you try to expose anyone else to it.  You need to understand how it affects you, and how you respond when you are extremely aroused, in order to be able to use this program properly and safely.  I suggest that you listen to one loop on the first run, give it a few days, and then when you don't feel the effects anymore, expose yourself to six loops and see what that does to you.  This will allow you to know how much you can handle, and better handle the necessary logistics to use it in the ways that work best and is safest.

Also realize that it will have different effects at different volumes, so get to know how it affects you at all the volumes you plan to use before you use it.  The louder the volume, the more obvious the effects will be at a conscious level until you "ignite" and need to do something about it.

Disclaimer: This program is designed and intended for use by adults only, on adults only, and only with the knowledge and consent of all those who are exposed to it.  I have done everything in my power to prevent it from being misused, but by using this program, you are agreeing to be personally and entirely responsible for when, where and how you choose to use it; whom you expose to it, intentionally or otherwise; and all consequences of having used it, expected and or otherwise, intended and or otherwise.  You agree to hold the creator and Indigo Mind Labs harmless for the results and consequences of your use of this program.  You agree that you are entirely responsible for using this program in a legal manner, and preventing underage children from being exposed to it, affected by it or able to access and use it.  You agree to use this program only in locations and at times where it is legal to do so, and appropriate to do so.  You agree to never expose anyone to this program without their conscious knowledge and express consent to being exposed to and affected by it.  By using this program, you further signal affirmatively that understand and agree that it is your personal responsibility to make sure that you take all appropriate precautions to prevent unwanted pregnancy or the transmission of sexually transmitted infections or diseases when using this program.  You agree not to expose anyone to this who is too intoxicated with alcohol or any other drug to be able to drive legally, and to prevent anyone who for any reason other than inebriation cannot legally consent to sex (ex. age, mental status, etc.) from being exposed to this program.

Do not expose anyone to this program who is not healthy enough to have sex safely.


If you engage in any form of physical sexual contact as a result of using this program, remember that it is entirely your responsibility to prevent unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Usage Possibilities:

This program has been designed to be useful as a short (In-The-Monent), Medium and Long Term program. 

For short term usage, please note that this program is designed to uphold free will and free choice as much as possible, and the goal is to as much as possible achieve the highest possible levels of sexual arousal.  Therefore, it does not work to make the person achieve sexual arousal at the highest speed, but instead works at the pace at which they are most comfortable being sexually aroused, and become the most sexually aroused. It also takes time to become sexually aroused enough to trigger the genuine need to seek an orgasm to relieve the sexual arousal.

As a result, Sexual Arousal Magnifier is not very useful for very short term exposure. Short term and "in the moment" exposure is best at 6 (six) consecutive back-to-back loops, which is 6 hours of exposure.  This makes it easy to use for couples, at all-day parties that are intended to end with group sex or orgies, and so forth, but difficult to use for stealth seduction and other such unintended activities.

Short term usage should be occasional, once or twice a week at most, with at least one full day between the first day of exposure and the second day of exposure within a single week.  Please be aware that the effects of this program will persist until the effects of the exposure fade or the person has at least one orgasm.  They should persist for 1 to 3 days at least after a single short term exposure, and good luck not doing something to relieve the sexual arousal during that time.  If you wish to use it more frequently than that, it is recommended that you follow medium to long term usage instructions instead and allow the effects to build up over a period of days that way.

For medium to long term use, this program should be used for 1 (one) loop per day on, 6 (six) days on and 1 (one) day off per usage cycle to develop and maintain a steady state of high level sexual arousal being achieved and maintained.  Each time the user or an exposed person achieves an orgasm, the sexual arousal will fade, but used continuously, the effects will carry over from day to day as a result of the hormone adjustments.  Usage should be for as long as the effects are desired. 

As a precaution, do not use this program as medium or long term programming on, or if you are, and woman using hormone based birth control.

To be eligible for a refund, you must use this program as medium to long term programming for three months without results.


Here is a summary of my first week using SARM : it is FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE  !!

In details : I've been using solo mainly for fun as I already have a quite high sex drive and a good sex life.

I first tried the short term usage and I am not sure it affected me much. I had sex in the evening and it was good but normal.

I switched to the medium term usage and it's just mind blowing.
I don't feel the effects in the moment. They always come after. Since started listening everyday, I wake up not only with the classic morning wood but a huge need for sex and it does not really fade off during the day. Clearly, I haven't been this horny since my teenager years.

When I saw my girlfriend again (on day 3), it was our most intense night together undefined . Funny note : at the end, my GF asked me if I took some viagra to be this turned on .

I think it is the most effective subliminal I have ever used. Thanks for the fun Shannon !.”

SHA256Sum Hashes:

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

c74957541e1ef53350f05f217202d41bbe35a3def1ff1f25531c8404107a151d SARM_v1_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

b161c85e2149862b0c8bde127c6249dc4604e62c826c9a443d813832d358d695 SARM_v1_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).mp3

6dab96f30d40556abd20c1aef7194f0844b67b3625164a493ed0b3a810527890 SARM_v1_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

c8d17bc24372ede93de8c36e76c241e86b346cf8edd093c43d382f5a6c183b26 SARM_v1_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).mp3

0549cadb8e70a20d43d79e422eb7d5e8bc57672d349f4b9f94c88abbbb12f071 SARM_v1_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf).flac

4d5b103dfc4daf7fe5c033ac375ba726e8215277965914800c1b3cdd0912c69e SARM_v1_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf).mp3

3b3f759df4af38da91214d728aaee2bfda21de5a37a0c211780be996270673b9 SARM_v1_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream).flac

5c24ff502dbafdbdb20ec3d2152cfcd09ca1455b417dc9282e38ce41bdfad4e0 SARM_v1_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream).mp3



2980ed0d4d57fb27d8d93e035c2aaef3e74ea74fb574f31b273cab8d91d0cecd SARM_v1_5p9G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_HDA_(Silent).flac

f8fa301a0eff1d7a50f4ca4c1154c93b4863b218a76b16b17c8c83edcfe4d4c0 SARM_v1_5p9G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_HDA_(Silent).mp3

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

7c6abc750a99684b27d2301544710b9129f885c352a26c2487c521955893fbbd Sexual_Arousal_Magnifier_Subliminal_v1_5p9G_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$