Stress Relief (5G - Type B) (FREE)

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This program is designed to relax and soothe you at a subconscious level. It helps you disconnect from and release negative stresses and maintain a more calm and relaxed physical, mental and emotional state of being.  An excellent program for dealing with today's high-stress hectic hustle-bustle world more successfully!

This version is 5th Generation build format and includes Self Optimizing Scripting, HyperSpeed technology, the Naturalizer and more.


Shannon I want to express a tremendous amount of gratitude for offering your Stress Relief program for free. I have not seen too many people comment on this particular program but it has thrown me a life preserver when I needed it most. Long story short — my supervisor of 14 years took credit for my work to leverage a large promotion for himself. Worse yet, I have caught him in several lies. I cannot tell you how badly I reacted to this. But basically I went from thinking he had my back to totally losing all respect for the man. Needless to say I have had a high level of anxiety and anger as I try to figure out what to do about this situation. I was unable to sleep at night or concentrate on my work during the day. I downloaded the Stress Relief sub on Tuesday and it has helped calm me down so I could get some sleep and begin to sort out this situation. I know you usually recommend 30 days to see effects, but this one began working for me immediately. Since you do not get paid for this sub, I thought the least I could do was pay you with my gratitude.

Yeah, this sub is really cool. There is more to it than just relaxation I think. I’ve been recently feeling an urge to go out and have fun. I haven’t felt that way in many, many years. And when I’m out I do have fun, and I do enjoy myself altough I still have some tension in my body. I catch myself thinking that this tension is not a reason to feel upset