Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction v2 (For Men 50+) 5.11G (Type A/B/C/D Hybrid)


This program is not designed or intended to be or act as any kind of medical diagnosis, treatment or cure for any disease or condition.  It is not designed or intended to replace proper medical attention, diagnosis, treatment and/or care from an appropriate and properly licensed medical professional. It is not designed or intended to replace any drug or be used to or relied upon to save lives. 

End Disclaimer

Erectile Dysfunction - also known as "ED" - isn't something anyone wants to experience. And yet it is becoming more and more common these days, even in men who traditionally would be considered too young to be expected to experience it.

Conditional Erectile Dysfunction vs Chronic Erectile Dysfunction

Put simply, if a man has difficulty achieving and/or maintaining an erection of his penis, he might be experiencing chronic ED. Or, it might be temporary and resulting from some specific variable being off at the time.

There are many reasons for difficulty achieving and/or maintaining a full, useful penile erection, and some of them are temporary or even happen to guys who are definitely not experiencing chronic erectile dysfunction.  For example:

  • Insufficient or Incorrect Stimulus.  If he's just not turned on by the partner he's trying to have sex with for whatever reason, or he simply has not been adequately turned on by his partner sexually, his Willie may not be willing to stand up.  He may have a completely different response to someone he is more sexually aroused by, or if the time is taken to get him turned on in the ways he needs to be turned on to perform.
  • Chemical Intoxication.  The most common form of this is known as "whiskey dick", which is when you have too much alcohol in your system to allow for an erection, but it can result from ingesting other types of recreational drugs as well.
  • Chemical Interference.  This differs from the above only in that it is the result of a prescription drug ingested, instead of something ingested for recreational purposes.
  • Emotional Disruption. Some men find that there is no erectile response from their penis when they are in the wrong mood or emotional state.  For example, some guys cannot get hard when they are angry; likewise, if he's just suffered an emotional trauma (death in the family, major loss, etc.) he may lose erectile response for a time as well.
  • Trust Or Forgiveness. In some cases, he may not be able or willing to get an erection because he (or some part of him) needs to forgive the person he's trying to have sex with before that becomes a possibility.  In other cases, it may be that he associates sex with emotional intimacy or vulnerability, and does not trust his would-be lover enough.  And in some cases, it may be both.
  • Incorrect Relationship Type.  Depending on his personality and/or belief system, he may only be able or willing to achieve a useful erection if he has the right relationship type with his intended lover.  Once the relationship type changes to whatever is necessary, Willie is happy to stand and deliver.  This is a self limitation response.
  • Distraction.   He may be distracted by something going on while he is trying to achieve an erection, or he may be too focused on something he considers more important for whatever reason.  For example, if the neighbor's dog is barking incessantly and it annoys him, or if he's worried that he won't be able to complete an important report on time that his boss demanded from him in the morning.
  • Exhaustion.  The man may simply be too exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally or otherwise to function sexually.  

For men who are not experiencing chronic erectile dysfunction, the above reasons are temporary and/or conditional, and when he is not experiencing them, his Willie will function just fine when he wants it to.

Then there are those reasons that result in chronic erectile dysfunction - erectile dysfunction that happens regularly or continuously.  This subliminal experience is designed to be useful for helping the user in overcoming chronic erectile dysfunction.

If you are 50+ and consistently having difficulty getting an erection, getting a full erection, or maintaining an erection - especially if it has become an interference in your sex life - then this program is designed to help.

However, erectile dysfunction is complex, and has many possible causes and triggers.  So it needs to be stated out of the gate that it was not possible to fit scripting for dealing with all possible reasons for ED into this one subliminal experience.  Therefore, let's discuss the capabilities and limitations of this program.

These are the major causes that I found for why chronic ED can result.  They are:

  1. Physical issues that prevents the body from achieving erection: damage to or incorrect formation of necessary body parts.
  2. Hormone issues that prevent the body from achieving erection: low hormone levels, hormone ratios are off.
  3. Emotional issues that prevents achieving an erection: guilt, shame, fear, self loathing, self punishment, etc.
  4. Faulty beliefs that prevent erection: beliefs that form as a result of one or more experiences with difficulty or failure to achieve erection, which cause the experience to become self perpetuating.
  5. Hyper-stimulation that prevents erection: this is also known as "porn induced ED".

Physical issues are not within the scope of this program.  If you have ED as a result of incorrect tissue formation, you'll need to see a medical specialist about that.  Physical damage can potentially be helped by a subliminal.  If that is the primary issue you have causing ED, then Optimal Physical Healing is the program you would want to try first.  Otherwise, you'll need to consult a medical specialist.

Hormone issues can result from aging, diet, activity level, medications and hormone therapies.  This program works to optimize the hormone levels and ratios for overcoming erectile dysfunction caused by low hormone levels and hormone ratio imbalances.

Emotional issues are a common reason for ED in men of all ages.  Emotional damage is a very big, complex topic, and typically ED results from this direction when a man starts to feel guilt, shame, fear or other negative emotions in association with sex.  For example, he may be told that he should be ashamed of himself for trying to act on his sex drive, or even for having a sex drive.  He may be criticized by his intended lover in ways that make him feel ashamed of not being able to "perform".  He may be made to feel guilty for trying to get his sexual needs met.  Or me may be afraid of being subjected to situations (including sex) which could result in more feelings of guilt, shame or fear, such as contracting a sexually transmitted infection or disease, or creating a pregnancy he does not want.  This program can help with emotional issues, but emotional issues are such a complex topic that they may need the use of Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Fear before using this program, or as a supplement to it.

Faulty beliefs are tackled by this experience.  Faulty beliefs typically result when one or more previous experiences cause the man to expect that same experience again in the future, which then helps make it happen, or even causes it to happen.  It can also result from someone observing porn, believing it to correlate to what should actually happen in real life, and then concluding that there must be something wrong with themselves because they do not and/or cannot perform like a porn star does.  This experience helps with correcting faulty beliefs.

Hyper-stimulation results when the brain is given the perfect form of stimulation through pornography, which then fails to be replicated in real life interactions with other people in real life situations.  In females, this can create faulty beliefs and expectations about what size a man's penis should be, or how and how long he should have sex with her.  In a man, this results in his expectation of and increasing reliance on specific actions, behaviors and responses which tend to only happen in porn actors making porn videos, not in real life.  The result is that when a female encounters a man who isn't a porn actor, she may respond negatively to the discrepancy between real life and porn induced fantasy that she expects to be real life in ways that trigger him to feel guilt, shame and/or fear, which can cause ED; and in males, this similarly causes the brain to respond less and less well to real world stimulation options, which can also result in ED.  Fortunately, this program is designed to help with hyper-stimulation issues.

In A Nutshell...

This experience seeks to make changes in your beliefs, your thinking, your hormone levels and ratios and your responses to sex, sexual stimulus and other things that result in you being able to naturally, effortlessly and automatically achieve and maintain a healthy, useful erection for as long as you want or need to, whenever you want or need to.

...And It Also Includes An Erection Optimizer!

This experience is also designed to get you to optimize the erections you experience as a result of using this program. Once you start making progress past the causes and triggers for the difficulty, and erections begin to return, this program will help you achieve erections as quickly as you need to, at the times you want and need to, for as long as you want and need them and help make them as full, strong and hard as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between this program and the version designed for men under 50?

A: Men 50 and older have more to contend with than younger men do.  First, a longer life means more experiences that can result in emotional traumas which could result in, or enhance, ED.  It also means more time for beliefs and expectations to become entrenched and thus more challenging to adjust.  Finally, a man 50 and older will have to deal with the effects of aging on his endocrine system more than a younger man will, so there must be a higher level of impact focused on that part of the script.  In a nutshell, this version of the program is overkill for younger men, but works well to balance the challenges older men commonly experience.

Q: How old can I be and still get useful results from this program?

A: We do not have sufficient numbers of testers 50+ to answer that question with absolute certainty.  However, based on those testers we do have and the results of the predictive modeling that has been done on this, it appears that there is the potential for men of almost any age to get useful results from this program.  In modeling, we checked for age categories 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89 and 90+.  All categories showed the potential for significant useful results according to our predictive models, with 90+ being the only category that showed potentially inconsistent results.

Does that mean everyone at these ages will get great results?  Realistically, probably not.  It also may or may not be very useful for people in their 90's or older.  But without data we cannot know, so the only way for you to find out is to try it until we have more data.

Q: Why is there a version of this program for men under 50 and another for men over 50?

A: Men over 50 require more focus on certain points of adjustment than men under 50 will for the program to work well because they have a different set of conditions and considerations than men under 50 to deal with.

Q: Is there any situation in which a guy under 50 would benefit from using the program for men under 50, or vice versa?

A: I would not have gone to the trouble and time and effort required to build both variants of there was.  It would have saved me about a month of work.

Q: Does this experience stop me from using porn?

A: No.  You have to handle that on your own.  This program helps you overcome porn induced erectile dysfunction, but there is not enough space in the script for it to do everything.  If I tried to include every possible thing, the script would be too big for me to build.

Q: Does this program attempt to detoxify my body? 

A: No.  

Q: Does this program include a personal energy shield?

A: Yes, it uses the 5.11G standard Grounding Shield, which works by redirecting any and all negativity directed toward you into the ground.

Q: What should I expect?

A: Generally speaking, expectations are typically part of why a man experiences ED, so how about you try to expect nothing, and let the program do it's thing without them? 

That said, what you are most likely to experience as a result of using this program is that you'll begin having "morning glories" pop up while you're waking up.  You'll also likely experience an increase in your sex drive, and you'll also begin experiencing increasingly effective efforts by your body to achieve erections in response to sexual stimulus and opportunities to have sex.  In some men, these will start off weak and get stronger and stronger over time until full fledged useful erections result.  In some men, it may be closer to flipping a light switch,and you just start getting full fledged useful erections again.  And some men may experience something in the middle.  Each man's situation and causes will be different, and therefore every man's experience will be different.

If your issue stems heavily from emotional damage, you may find that in the beginning, you actually have less interest in sex and less erectile response while that is being addressed.  Just keep going, as this needs to be worked through in order to get to the program's goal.

Q: Can I use this with any of the pills for triggering erection?

A: Yes. However, if you rely too heavily on pills, you may make things harder for the program by creating the expectation and belief that you can only get an erection from using those pills.  You also cannot know for sure what did what using both.  It is suggested that you only use the pills if you are not yet naturally responding in the desired manner when the time comes. 

Q: Will this program let me stop using the pills for erections?

A: If you find that this program works well for you, it is likely that over time, you will no longer need pills to achieve erections.  

Q: How long will this program need to achieve it's goals?

A: Every man is different, so every man's experience of time required will be different.  At the extremes, it may begin showing results in a little as one day, or it may require months of use to start seeing results.  Most men will experience something in between the extremes. It depends on why you are experiencing ED, your personality type and how you use this program.  However, keep in mind that just because it has started showing results does not mean it is finished achieving it's goals.  Use it for at least one full run-through.

Q: What if I use this program and I still can't get a useful erection?

A: That will point to one of the following circumstances:

  1. It is entirely possible that you didn't give it enough time to work on the issues you're dealing with. 
  2. You may have some sort of interference from a medication or hormonal therapy you are using alongside this experience.  This is why you should consult your doctor before using this program if you are on medications that may result in ED, or hormone therapies which may interfere with this program's functions.
  3. You may have un-diagnosed physical damage.
  4. You may simply not be sufficiently aroused by your partner, or comfortable having sex in the conditions you are trying to have sex in.

If you believe that options 2, 3 and 4 are not the reason for the issue, then give yourself more time on the program, and make sure you're using it properly.  Don't set expectations based on having used it for an insufficient amount of time.  Expectations of failure are typically a big part of why a man experiences ED when he doesn't have to, and while this program works against those expectations, the more such expectations you develop, the longer the process will require.  Remember to be kind to, considerate of and understanding with yourself.

Q: Are the results I get from this program permanent?

A: They will be as permanent as you make them.  For example, if you have porn induced ED, and you never stop abusing pornography, then your results will eventually be reversed by your continued use of porn instead of having sex with real females.  If your ED is caused by guilt over cheating, and you continue cheating, then your actions are likely to be reversing the effects of the program.  If your ED is caused by shame at not being able to get it up, then you need to use this program until you are confident in your erections before you stop using it.  If you are suffering ED because you keep trying to have sex with one or more women who criticizes your masculinity in ways that causes your ED, then continuing to try to have sex with such females will likely eventually override the results you get from this program.  And so forth.  The results can be reversed if you keep doing the things that cause the ED in the first place.  Likewise, if you do not use the program properly, it may not give permanent results.  Finally, if your issue is hormonal, permanent results will not be possible, and you will require continual use of the program to continually stimulate your hormonal system properly.

Q: Can I use this program to get better erections even if I don't suffer from ED?

A: Theoretically that is possible, but the experience is not designed or intended to be used that way, so I don't know for sure how that would work out.  It is not recommended for that purpose if you do not have ED.

Q: What if I can get erections before using this program, but they're not as hard or full as I want them to be?

A: This program may be able to help, depending on the specifics of why your erections are not as hard or full as you want them to be.  This could be a minor form of ED, or it might simply be that you're not being stimulated properly, or your penis is just too big to get a full, hard erection.  No joke - it does happen.

Q: Will this experience potentially cause me to have erections for too long, like the pills can?

A: No.  This program is working to cause your natural erectile response to return to full natural function, and then be optimized.  Having an erection for too long is neither a natural nor an optimized result.

Q: Can this program cause me to have too much of a hormone in my body if I use it with hormone therapy or a medication that increases hormone levels?

A: The specifics of the wording of the script are designed to result in optimal hormone levels and ratios.  Too much of a hormone is not possible as a result of this program.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: If there are side effects, they will result from the changes the program is making to your hormone levels.  Improved hormone levels may give you a variety of different effects, not just better and easier erections.  

Q: Can this program work even if the pills don't work, or don't work well for me?

A: It will depend on specifically why the pills don't work for you, and specifically what is your particular reason for experiencing ED.  If you are not getting good results from the pills because of physical damage, incorrect formation of the tissues, or something else that is difficult to help with a subliminal, then this program may not be very helpful.  If your reasons are more based in emotional reasons, faulty beliefs or hyper-stimulation based ED, this program may be useful for you.  You should try to determine specifically what the cause of your ED is by consulting a medical doctor first.

Q: Will this program work for females who transition to male?

A: No.  It can only work for genetic males who still have their physical penis intact.

Q: Can I expose females to this program?

A: No. Only genetic males should be exposed to this program.  NEVER expose a genetic female to this program.

Q: Can I expose children to this program?  

A: Never expose children under 18 to this program.

Q: Can I expose men to this program who do not have ED?

A: You should avoid exposing men to this program if they do not have ED.

Q: What if I am taking medications that cause ED?

A: It is important for you to discuss your ED with your doctor in this case.  It may be possible to simply change the medication and your ED will be solved.  If your doctor cannot find a solution, then this program may be able to help.  However, it will depend on the specific chemical effects the medication has on your body.  

Q: Can I use this if I am already on hormone therapy of some sort?

A: You will need to discuss this with your prescribing doctor.  I cannot know what hormones your therapy is influencing and how, and therefore I cannot know if there is any sort of conflict with this program if you are using hormone therapy.  To the best of my knowledge, if you are only receiving testosterone, that should not interfere with this program.

Q: What if I am already being treated for ED in some other way?

A: You will need to consult your prescribing doctor to answer that.

Q: How long is 1 loop of this audio?

A: The audio is 60 minutes long per track. 


Use this program only if you are genetically male, have your penis intact and are experiencing ED.  Do not expose this program to any genetic female, ever.

Use this program for 60 minutes (1 loop) per day on, for 7 (seven) days on and 2 (two) days off per cycle.  A full run-through is 10 (ten) consecutive months of these cycles without interruption.

Q: Why does this program require such a long usage time per full run-through?

A: So that the results you get have time to fully develop and then become your normal, natural, permanent* results and remain after you stop using the program, you will need to use it for 10 full months per run-through.  Remember, ED is not a simple or easy condition to overcome, which is why you decided to use this program in the first place. 

* Hormone dependent results cannot be made permanent, and require continuous use of the program to maintain. 


To achieve the best results from this program, use the ultrasonic format on a cell phone through the cell phone speakers, keep it within arm's reach while you listen, and use it at the best volume. 

The best volume will be as follows:

For users of Android phones with 15 total possible clicks of volume, play it at a volume of 8 (eight) out of 15 clicks.

For iPhone users, who have a total of 16 possible clicks of volume to work with, use it at a volume of 9 (nine) out of 16 clicks.

For Google phone users who have a total of 30 possible clicks of volume to work with, use it at a volume of 16 (sixteen) out of 30 clicks.

For those who have any other kind of phone, or a phone with any other number of clicks of volume, play it as close to 53% of maximum volume as you can get it.

To be eligible for a refund, you must use this program for at least one full run-through according to the instructions without having any discernible effect from using it.

SHA256 hash values:

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0aa87c7f409b5a5eac52d81f12909607f824e0de97b52e6302655651d1f6cf86 Overcoming_Erectile_Dysfunction_v2_(Men_50+)_5p11G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

fb30d341dee1b979885b7f0a62656ef384707f24b31e9a9571ff685e00ad1113 Overcoming_Erectile_Dysfunction_v2_(Men_50+)_5p11G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

8e689c60d8d0c30756e38e3df2979017088aa48294a9600a84660bba6783db09 Overcoming_Erectile_Dysfunction_v2_(Men_50+)_5p11G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).flac

9bb94f5266a4f29ab38fba88ba480f374daabe77ee411ce09b033379f0247128 Overcoming_Erectile_Dysfunction_v2_(Men_50+)_5p11G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).flac

215f4e89caf934f1729aefdba45b6017da6435589e33c2c378e9d8c8dd4239db Overcoming_Erectile_Dysfunction_v2_(Men_50+)_5p11G_Subliminal_Audio.zip

4addee24c14f61c7d99068f4d4e4dbc231deffd7672890bf5edee59c92ddd611 Overcoming_Erectile_Dysfunction_v2_(Men_50+)_5p11G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).flac

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

c826f7e804f1dbf3fe469333d6c455974478a99ab09977ef1ce98c522e833794 Overcoming_Erectile_Dysfunction_v2_Men_50+_5p11G_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

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