General Instructions

Instructions for Indigo Mind Labs Subliminals


Volume Calibration


Volume calibration applies to all subliminals of all generations. Volume is important because:


  • Too low a volume, or no volume at all, will present the subconscious with insufficient subliminal data to respond to, or may not be sufficient to motivate action on those instructions..

  • Too high a volume may cause negative reactions by your subconscious, such as attempts to fight the instructions in the programs instead of executing them; this is because the subconscious does not experience sound the same way as the conscious mind, so what seems fine to your conscious mind may be experienced as shouting to the subconscious, and what is completely undetectable to your conscious mind may be perfectly detectable and understandable to the subconscious.

  • If you are using the Ultrasonic or Hybrid tracks, too high a volume – especially if they are used with headphones or earbuds – may trigger tinnitus or, as with any audio, even damage your hearing at very high volumes. Different people have different levels of sensitivity to ultrasonic audio, so what works for you may be too low or too high a volume for someone else.

  • Relative volume changes according to the size of the speaker being used, and how far it is from your ear. You will naturally need to use lower volumes with earbuds than with headphones, and lower volumes with headphones than speakers.


As a result, volume calibration is important because we want to get the best possible results without any risk to your hearing. There is a very easy and safe way to calibrate the maximum volume:


Simply play the Hybrid Ocean Surf track. Adjust it to a volume at which the ultrasonic audio is not too loud, but you can still at least faintly hear the lowest volume areas of the ocean surf. Also make sure that the highest levels of volume on the ocean surf sounds are not too loud.


This balance will give you the maximum volume at which your Hybrid and Ultrasonic tracks should be played, and is a great place to start with. Depending on the particular format you prefer, you may find it useful to slightly adjust the volume from there after you have some time exploring the results that volume gives you.




Indigo Mind Labs introduced what we called “Dual Format Subliminals” back in 2003, a concept that was quickly copied by everyone else in the field. Dual Format Subliminals (DFS) is basically making two or more “formats” available for you to use that represent the same script. Until 5.5G, we offered DFS in Masked format or Ultrasonic. As of 5.5G, we also offer Hybrid format, making our more recent offerings Triple Format Subliminals (TFS).


Format options are offered not because I enjoy doing more work, but because they make a difference in how well the program achieves its goal for its user.


Generation Specific Instructions


Because we are always doing research and development to improve our subliminals, we classify them in different “Generations” of technology. Each generation, designated with a number and then a G or “Gen” (3rd Gen, for example) has different levels of complexity, technology, ability and power. The earlier the generation, the less powerful the program will be and the longer it will need to achieve it’s goals.


3rd Gen: The oldest technology we still offer is 3rd Gen subliminals. These programs need to be used as much as possible to achieve the best results. Typical usage time for a 3rd Gen subliminal will be 8 to 24 hours a day. We suggest 8 to 12 hours a day, and not going over 21 hours a day. For Type B subliminals (changing your thinking and beliefs only), a MINIMUM of 32 days is needed, and we recommend longer.


Type C (physical change) typically require 3-12 months depending on the goal. Use these programs every day for the same amount of time if possible. It is best if you start them at the same time each day. Takes the longest of all IML subliminals to start seeing results – can be 2+ weeks.


4th Gen: A big step up from 3G, but far from as powerful as 5th Gen. These programs are significantly higher in word per second input than 3rd Gen. Typical usage time is still 8 to 24 hours a day. We suggest 8 to 12 hours a day, and not going over 21 hours a day.


For Type B subliminals (changing your thinking and beliefs only), a MINIMUM of 32 days is needed, and we recommend longer. Type C (physical change) typically require 3-12 months depending on the goal. Use these programs every day for the same amount of time if possible. It is best if you start them at the same time each day. Use these every day. Typically takes a week or more to start seeing results.


5th Gen: Another big step up from the previous generation. 5th Gen uses advanced methods to significantly increase the word per second input speed from what it was in 4th Gen. Typical usage time, depending on personality type and goal, is now 6 to 21 hours per day, with 6 to 12 being recommended. DO NOT exceed 21 hours a day.


Your brain needs time to rest and process this level of subliminal technology. If you experience deep exhaustion, you are using it for too many hours per day. 5th Gen subliminals must be used every day. 5th Gen is too powerful and too demanding for you to successfully use two or more programs at once, even if one of them is lower than 5th Gen.


Therefore, when you use a 5th Gen subliminal or higher, always and only use it by itself. You will damage your results doing anything else. Usually gets observable results in 1 - 4 days, depending on the type of goal. (Physical change subs in 5G will not typically show obvious physical results in less than 1 - 4 weeks.)


5.5 Gen: Because the goals for 6th Gen were so high, I was forced after a number of years past 5th Gen to create an intermediate generation of technology. 5.5G is not what 6G was intended to be, but it incorporates many technological advances that were created and developed during the years after 5G was created. It is again a major step up in power from the previous generation. As a result, it now uses a technology known as ASRB, which stands for Audio to Silence Balancer Ratio. ASRB is periods of silence embedded in the subliminal audio at regular intervals that are designed to give your brain a chance to rest and catch up on processing the input. This prevents mental exhaustion and also helps improve the speed of execution.


Because 5.5G subliminals and higher rely on ASRB, we now much refer to the usage time as loops instead of hours, because ASRB is typically different for each title, making the length of an audio track different for each title. 5.5G subliminals will have a specific number of loops that you should use listed in the description of the program, along with more specific instructions than these. 5.5G subliminals must be used by themselves, and cannot be used with any other subliminal. Specific loops per day will be listed in the product description, but you should expect 6 to 9 loops per day on average. There is not freedom to use these programs as much as you want in a day because these programs are too powerful and will create incredible exhaustion if overused. Loops must be used consecutively, without interruption.


Never use more than one of these subliminal titles at a time, and never use it with any other subliminal.  Achieve your goals with it and then move on.


5.75.x Gen: Once again, 6th Gen wasn’t ready but years had passed and technology had increased to significantly higher levels of power, speed and effectiveness than 5.5G. 5.75.xG starts off with 5.75G and later includes a series of major breakthroughs which were added over the course of about a year that incrementally add a third number, ranging from 1 to 7. Thus you may see subliminals listed as 5.75G, 5.75.1G, and so forth, all the way to 5.75.7G.


The last breakthrough, the 7th, was a huge step up, and fits in a different class than the others. Subliminals following this will be termed 5.8G as we get closer to 6th Gen being finished.


This entire generation of subliminals is so powerful that from 5.75G through 5.75.6G, it uses both ASRB and ASRB2. ASRB2 is the specific series of days of usage followed by days of rest required to allow your subconscious to best balance the execution of the subliminal with the amount of energy it requires to achieve its goals. Thus, these programs use loops to determine how much time to use it per day, and have specific usage patterns of days on to days off to prevent exhaustion also. These programs are so powerful that they can produce noticeable results in as little as seconds to minutes depending on the goal of the title (again, physical change takes significantly more time), and typically require between 1 and 6 loops per day.


In later versions, 5.75.1 and later, an attempt has been made to cause your subconscious mind to suggest how best to use the program. This is a module known as AutoConfig, and it works best in 5.75.6 and 5.75.7G. It is designed to suggest how to use the program according to urges you get from your subconscious guiding you to more or fewer loops, volume adjustments, usage timing and which format to use. This module will be significantly upgraded in 5.8G.


5.75.7G does not use ASRB as this requirement has been worked around in the script, but it still requires ASRB2 adherence. All 5.75.7G subliminals will be either 60 or 80 minutes in length.


Start off using the program according to the instructed specifics in the product description. If you feel an urge to use more loops, change the volume, use a specific format, follow it. If you feel the urge to reduce exposure, be very careful before doing so, and never reduce exposure below what is stated on the product description page without specific instructions by the program creator that it is okay.  Seek guidance on the forum if the AutoConfig does not seem to be kicking in, or you get instructions to reduce the exposure to less than what the initial instructions specify.


Never use more than one of these subliminal titles at a time, and never use it with any other subliminal.  Achieve your goals with it and then move on.


5.8G is designed to be very simple to use.  Calibrate volume, choose your format and then use it according to the instructions on the program description page.  The initial instructions are there to get you started, and within a week or two, the AutoConfig module should take over and tell you (usually through urges) how to use the program for best results. You may feel the urge to change the number of loops per day, days on, days off, volume, format, player, etc.  Whenever you feel these urges, follow them.  That will be your own subconscious telling you how to get the best results from the program for you personally.

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