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The word subliminal is composed of the prefix sub-, the root word limen, and the suffix -al. Sub means “below”. Limen is Latin for limit or threshold, and the suffix “al” means “referring to”. So the word “subliminal” means “referring to that which is below the threshold”. Below the threshold of what? Your conscious mind, of course.

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Well, here we are in the end of August 2021.  In August this year, we made a monumental leap from the old store which worked, but was akin to an old galleon sinking from ship worms eating it away slowly, to a new store that is everything we need, but unfamiliar.  The transition process has been a huge undertaking that has required the serious efforts of no less than four people working for months (around January, IIRC) to make happen.  We tried hard to make it go off without a hitch, but of course whenever you try to move hundreds...

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This new store is years late, and I'd have made this change so long ago if things had not been the way they were.  But now it's open, and we are on the road to much bigger and better things!  We hope you like what we have done and enjoy the new store.  Please remember that transitioning a store is a big job and there are bound to be some issues along the way.  Just let us know if you encounter any issues, and we'll do our best to resolve them ASAP!

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