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Exploring Subliminals and the Subconscious | What is a subliminal?

You are not who or what you think you are.

This will probably come as a big surprise to you, but “you” are not what or who you think you are.


It is a very good bet that what you believe to be “you” has grown up believing that every morning, you wake up and every night you go to sleep and while you are asleep, you’re asleep and while you’re awake, you’re awake.


But what if that isn’t you? What if that is just a part of you, and not even the biggest, most important, or even the dominant part of you? The fact is, it’s true. What “you” have always thought of as being “you” is just a small part of what and who the whole “you” actually is.


So what and who is the “real you”? Well, first you must understand that “you” exist as not just one awareness, or even one type of awareness, but multiple different awarenesses which each have different parts and levels of awareness within themselves, and sometimes different ways of thinking, experiencing the world and understanding things.


The simplest way to define them is to separate them into the supposedly “conscious” mind, and what we call the “subconscious” mind. Some also posit a “superconscious” mind, but for the our poses of this discussion, we will stick with conscious and subconscious.


What I will be sharing here with you now is what I have learned through working as a subliminals creator since 1991. I’ll explain what subliminals are a little later on in this discussion.




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What is the conscious mind?


The so-called “conscious” mind in a human being is the part of your awareness that wakes up in the morning, goes to sleep at night, and allows you to function in specific ways during it’s time awake. It has the ability to focus, to rationalize, to use logic. It can do math, understands time as a "point of now", comprehends a "past" and "future" and is capable of critical thinking. It is very limited in its ability to think and remember things, however, needing to focus on just one thing at a time and being able to remember only about seven things at a time at maximum.


This is the type and level of awareness you are experiencing right now as being what dominates your awareness.




What is the subconscious mind?


The subconscious, on the other hand, seems to be composed of several levels and parts for each level. You have what I call the “shallow subconscious” and the “deep subconscious”. Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious (or some part of it) automatically remembers everything you ever experience through all of your senses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364.25 days a year, for your whole life. It (or some part of it) never forgets anything, but its memories are not necessarily easily accessed by the conscious mind. (That is why sometimes you can't remember things at the conscious level.)


Also unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious is capable of doing more than one or two things at a time. In fact, it has been estimated by some researchers that just keeping your body alive requires your subconscious to be simultaneously doing hundreds of thousands to possibly a million or more different things simultaneously at all times. This includes regulating the brain’s activity, the heart, the muscles involved in digestion, the nervous system, the circulatory system, the immune system, the body’s digestion, the kidneys, the liver, the lungs, the endocrine system, and all the other systems of the body. Everything that your body seems to do automagically to stay alive is happening because of the actions and governance of one or more parts of your subconscious mind.


On top of all this, your subconscious is capable of doing many more things still, all at the same time. Furthermore, it has a much wider range of sensory awareness than your conscious mind, and it is not always rational in nature. In fact the majority of the subconscious mind, at the least, seems to be focused through emotional awareness, and is irrational, creative and intuitive in nature instead of logical. Parts of it, at least, are illogical and is capable of unquestioningly believing whatever you tell it is true, as long as you communicate that thing in the right way and at the right time. Even if that thing is blatantly, obviously and demonstrably false – which is a big part of why so many people have so many issues that they have trouble solving.  The subconscious awareness disagrees with the conscious mind.


The subconscious has other interesting and amazing differences from the conscious mind as well. It can understand multiple conversations being spoken at the same time, and it does not experience time the way the conscious mind does. The deeper into the subconscious awareness you go, the less your subconscious experiences time as a “point of now” (as the conscious mind does) and the more it experiences "now" as more of a smear. That means that some part of you thinks “now” is what your conscious mind experiences as everything from X units of time into the supposed “past” to Y units of time into the supposed "future". At the deepest levels, time ceases to have any meaning, because all of what we would call the past and future becomes simultaneous with the "now".





Even more interesting, every "version" of you at every age still exists within your subconscious awareness, and certain experiences can cause the crystallization of a particular version of you and cause it to become a static and prominent fixture within your subconscious awareness and decision making process. Such crystalizations of your "past" selves will thereafter influence your conscious self in subtle, but powerful ways that direct your actions, choices, thoughts and feelings, along with all of the other crystallizations and the rest of your subconscious self. This is why I believe that “inner child” work is important and useful, and certainly is not limited to inner children.


The subconscious is the real operating system for the biological supercomputer that is your brain, and it influences and directs the majority of our choices, even while the conscious mind thinks it is making the majority of the choices and decisions. Have you ever seen someone who, in spite of their best conscious efforts, could not prevent themselves from doing some specific thing they wanted to do, or was unable to do some thing they were trying to do? That happens when the subconscious desires conflict with and override the conscious desires. Since the subconscious is so dominant and subtle, and the conscious mind must rest, the subconscious always wins.The conscious usually doesn't even notice what the subconscious is doing to defeat it!


A good example of this would be those people who get fed up with being overweight, so they change their eating and exercise habits and achieve their goal weight, only to have all that weight and more come back afterwards. What happens is that the conscious temporarily takes charge and overrides the subconscious by force of will, directing the person to achieve the goal, which they do; but when the goal is achieved, they (the conscious self) stop trying, because the stated goal has been reached. Then the subconscious takes over in slow, subtle ways and returns the person to what it desires instead. For this reason, the only ways to lose weight and keep it off are to either permanently change your lifestyle, and not your temporary eating and exercise habits, or to change what your subconscious believes to be true that results in the consciously undesirable physical body size and weight.


In other words, "conscious" you must communicate with your subconscious awareness and change what programming it runs on and executes. Parts of your subconscious are absolutely literal, and parts are not; but the majority of, if not all of your subconscious is emotional and irrational in its thinking and comprehension, and is capable of accepting something as valid and true regardless of whether or not it actually is, regardless of the facts and evidence.


It is what we accept as true that creates our beliefs, and our beliefs that result in our thoughts and choices. It is our thoughts, beliefs and choices that then result in our lives as we experience them at a conscious level. So it makes sense that to change your life, you must change what you believe to be true at the deepest levels, which is the subconscious.


The methods for doing that are many and varied, and include hypnosis, NLP, affirmations and subliminals, among others. My specialty is making subliminals to help people change their beliefs in the ways that allow them to then change their lives in the ways they want to change their lives and achieve goals they would not or could not have otherwise.


What is a subliminal?


While some people know what a subliminal is, most people do not, so I will explain. The word subliminal is composed of the prefix "sub-", the root word "limen", and the suffix "-al".  Sub means “below”. Limen is Latin for limit or threshold, and the suffix “al” means “referring to”. So the word “subliminal” means “referring to that which is below the threshold”. Below the threshold of what? The awareness of your conscious mind, of course.


Remember I said earlier that your subconscious mind has a much wider range of sensory awareness than your conscious mind. That is partly because of the exquisite sensitivity of the subconscious, and partly because the conscious mind has such a limited ability to pay attention to only one or two things at a time. The result is that the conscious mind is much better at paying attention to much more obvious things your senses report, and the subconscious is able to take in everything else that your conscious awareness missed.


But that means that if we have a way of communicating information that the conscious mind either doesn’t notice or cannot comprehend, but the subconscious can and does, then we have successfully bypassed the logical gatekeeper of the mind, the conscious awareness, and can communicate with the subconscious mind directly.


Subliminal messages do exactly that.


Because your subconscious is paying attention to to all of your physical senses at once, all the time, this range of awareness below the conscious comprehension or detection, but above the lower limits of what the sense can actually pick up, is capable of producing subliminal information through all five of your physical senses. While I am referring to audio subliminals,  when I talk about "subliminals" or "subliminal messages", it is possible to create visual, scent, taste and physical touch based subliminals also. In fact some stores have been known to use audio and scent based subliminals (the faint scent of buttered popcorn, in the case I am talking about) to influence and direct customer choices as to what to buy and when. As far as I know, those practices are illegal and have long since been put to rest at this time.


I create audio subliminals, and the vast majority of subliminal programs are purely auditory in nature. Visual subliminals can also be used and the two can even be combined, but that is much less common.


what is a subliminal?


How do subliminals work?


As I stated before, subliminals bypass the conscious mind (which is supposed to act as a sort of gatekeeper for the subconscious mind, filtering things out if they don't make sense) by introducing a stimulus – in the case of audio subliminals, this is usually a spoken statement of some sort – directly to the subconscious part of your awareness by either being too faint for the conscious mind to notice or outside its range of sensory ability to make sense of, while remaining within the ability and range of the subconscious to detect and decipher.


The spoken subliminal statement is a communication to the subconscious, which, if worded correctly, will be understood by the subconscious as an instruction. When the instruction is properly understood as such, the natural inclination of the subconscious mind – or at least some parts of it – is to automatically act to as if that instruction is true, which in effect makes it true. The result is what we call execution of the subliminal script, and a change in thoughts, beliefs, emotions, perceptions, behavior and even the physical body.  That change will happen  according to what the instructions of the specific script in question actually are and how well they were phrased in accordance with the cognitive ability of the particular part and or level of the subconscious in question.


The key is to communicate the right instructions that result in the desired outcome correctly.


how do subliminals work?



What proof that subliminals work is there?


This all may come as quite a surprise to some of you, and you may be thinking that this seems too good to be true, or perhaps think that it’s some sort of scam or snake oil. After all, if you look on the Internet you can find half the claims being made say that subliminals don’t work, and half claiming they do.


To make matters even more confusing, the same is true when you start looking into academic studies done on the subject. Some will say they prove that subliminals don’t work, and roughly the same number directly contradict that claim and say that they do.


What to believe?


I make and sell subliminals for a living, so my point of view can be claimed to be biased because I benefit if you buy my subliminal messaging products. However, I have been doing this since 1991 when I made my first subliminal, and I have done thousands of experiments and tests, some blind, some double blind. My experience has been borne out by my experiments, but my experiments are not formal science. I am working towards a day when I can perform formal clinical trials with independent researchers to prove the results they give, but that day is not yet here.


So in the interest of honesty, I encourage you to do your own research and think for yourself. Don’t take anyone’s word for it; try it yourself. But keep in mind that not all subliminals creators are knowledgeable about what they’re doing, and some are outright scam artists, only in it to make a quick buck. Some mean well, but don’t really have a very advanced understanding of what they’re doing. Some are convinced they know what they’re doing, but are making assumptions that may or may not be true because they have formal training in psychology or hypnosis or some other discipline and assume that applies to scripting subliminals when it may not.


Then there are a small number of us who are trying very hard to do the exhaustive research, development and experimentation to understand how to make subliminals that actually and genuinely achieve their intended goals for the benefit of the user. I classify myself as one of these, and to the best of my knowledge I can honestly say that I can count all of the subliminals producers I know of who do this on one hand and have multiple fingers and a thumb left over.


Also in the interest of honesty, my goal has  always been to give people every tool they need to logically conclude that my subliminals actually work without having to trust me or believe any of what I say. To this end, my company, Indigo Mind Labs, offers several full version (but older) subliminals for free for you to try for yourself and see what they do without having to pay for them first. See for yourself. We don’t ask for faith or try to convince you with advertising.


We also have a public forum where you can read about the experiences of others who have purchased and used my subliminals, and their successes and failures are on display for the world to see. We have to keep a tight reign on what we allow on the forum, but if you read our rules, you’ll see that what we’re interested in is preserving the forum as a community where people can come to get help from me and my assistant Ben quickly and directly, as well as help one another and give me fast, direct and honest feedback that I use to know what’s working and what isn’t. I use that feedback to make rapid improvements to my methods and techniques. The result is generations of subliminal build and scripting techniques and technology that have progressively increasing advancement, ability and effectiveness. We are one of the extremely few, and we were the first, to do anything like this.


Let me make one thing abundantly clear: Subliminal audio has amazing potential for making the world a better place, but it also need to be scripted, built and used correctly for that to happen. If we knew everything there was to know, everyone would get perfect results and we would not need to continually work to study the results our customers get and advance the techniques and technologies we use to script and build them. Not everyone will get great results, but that is the way things work when you consider the real world as opposed to an advertisement. We don’t try to hide that, and we have a very generous refund policy to cover you if you purchase something from us and it doesn’t get you the intended results.


I hope this discussion has been interesting and informative for you, and I’d like to introduce myself to you now. My name is Shannon Matteson. I am the founder and one of the owners of Indigo Mind Labs, as well as the one who creates the subliminal scripts and builds those scripts into the actual subliminal audio programs we offer. I created my first subliminal back in 1991 when I needed help with my grades in high school but I could not buy a subliminal to help me with that because I didn’t have a job. It worked so well that people began asking me how I was getting those results, and it wasn’t long before people started asking me to make them various programs of their own. Before too long, I realized that I could either work or start a business doing this, but not both.


It was 2003 (as best I remember) that I started an eBay store called Ultrasonic Subliminals. In 2008, due to various issues, including endless competition, how long it took and how much it cost to create, label, package and ship a physical CD and eBay getting greedy with insane fees for everything, I had to shut down that store when I realized one day that I had worked from dawn to dusk filling dozens of orders for that day and still made way too little in profits. In 2010 my business partner and I opened Indigo Mind Labs and our forum, Subliminal Talk, and began selling my subliminals as instant downloads. We have been open and serving the public ever since, as I continually advance my methods, techniques and understanding of how to make subliminals better, more effective, faster acting and more powerful.


how do I know if a subliminal is working?


Some of the things I have contributed to the field of subliminals are:


  • I was the first to offer specific detailed instructions on how to use subliminals to achieve the desired goals.

  • I was the first to realize that the early generation subliminals need to be used much more than an hour a day for 30 days for some people to get noticeable results.

  • I was the first to introduce dual format subliminals, offering one title with two different build methods (masked and ultrasonic formats). Later, I began offering triple format subliminals, which included masked, ultrasonic and hybrid formats.

  • I was the first subliminal producer to make subliminals that could achieve noticeable results in less than a month which were demonstrably not placebo effect, first reducing the time to weeks, then days, and finally hours or even minutes or seconds to see real results from my subliminals. (Please note that subliminals designed to cause physical changes to the body still require at least days, weeks or [in the case of changing bone tissue] even months to notice a difference because of how slow the physical body is to make changes.)

  • I was the first (and may be the only) subliminal audio creator to realize and understand that subconscious fear is the prime reason why subliminals may be resisted and or fail even if they are made, scripted and used properly.

  • I am the first and (to my knowledge only one) to have developed a solution to that subconscious fear, even if it is not a perfect solution at this writing.

  • I am the first and to the best of my knowledge the only one to study, record and classify the different ways the subconscious attempts to sabotage the success of a subliminal program.

  • I was the first to create a subliminal designed to amplify how well and how effectively the immune system works, and to this day, I believe that my Maximum Immune Response subliminal remains the best of it’s kind available anywhere and at any price.

  • To the best of my knowledge, I was the first to create a functional and effective subliminal pain relief program, which has become our General Pain Relief program, and it is, as far as I know, also the best of its kind.

  • To the best of my knowledge, Indigo Mind Labs was the first to have a forum dedicated entirely to subliminals, and our Subliminal Talk forum is the longest running active subliminal discussion forum in the world, opening and being active since January of 2010.

  • I was the first to create “instant on” subliminal technology, allowing a subliminal to start having noticeable non-placebo results in three minutes or less (and in some cases, mere seconds).

  • I was the first to build subliminals and continue to improve them instead of just building a library of titles, advertising and only answering emails. This started in 2003 when I began selling my subliminals on eBay, and is what resulted in our subliminal technology generations, which I am still improving to this very day.

  • I was the first to discover that it is possible to, and then develop a subliminal script to achieve what I refer to as TID, or "Temporal Impact Displacement”, which allows you to in some cases begin experiencing the effects of a subliminal before you start using it.

  • I am the one and only subliminal producer, to the best of my knowledge, to have developed a subliminal designed to remove all fears completely, which actually has a positive successful impact on the user’s fears.

  • To the best of my knowledge, I am the only subliminals producer to figure out why penis enlargement subliminals don’t work, and how to make them work.

  • To the best of my knowledge, I was the first subliminal producer to discover that the endocrine system can be manipulated to a high degree of success using subliminals, which allows both hormonal adjustment and pheromonal adjustment to be accomplished with a subliminal audio only.

I tell you this not to brag but so that you can see that I have the experience, skill, knowledge, expertise and understanding to make world class top tier subliminals.  I don't need or want you to "believe in" my subliminals or "have faith" that they work.  If you haven't already tried them, I invite you to see for yourself, and make your own decision about subliminals, and how well my subliminals in particular perform.