Well that was fun.

Well, here we are in the end of August 2021.  In August this year, we made a monumental leap from the old store which worked, but was akin to an old galleon sinking from ship worms eating it away slowly, to a new store that is everything we need, but unfamiliar. 

The transition process has been a huge undertaking that has required the serious efforts of no less than four people working for months (around January, IIRC) to make happen.  We tried hard to make it go off without a hitch, but of course whenever you try to move hundreds of products and thousands of customer accounts and orders, no matter what you do, you can rest assured: something will not go as intended or planned.

We have had more than our fair share of those somethings, I suspect.  We opened the new store on August 23rd at 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.  We spent the weeks before that moment working so much trying to make everything "just work" that we were exhausted to the bone after opening the store. (At least I was, and I doubt I am alone in that.)  Almost immediately after opening the store, however, the "fun" began.

You name it, it went wrong.  Missing account activation emails, missing purchase histories, products that couldn't be put in the cart.  Products that had the files for a different stage of that program, couldn't stream their files, had multiple copies of their own files, had their own files and the files from some other program, or simply no files linked at all.  And this is just what I can remember!

But with your help, we have found and brutally murdered all the bugs in the new store.  Ben is still in the process of manually re-creating missing orders, but I think most everything is right now.  Of course you know that me having said that has magically guaranteed that I am wrong, and we will find something else that needs fixing soon.  Murphy loves me.  But regardless, it will all get found, fixed and made right.

I knew this transition was not going to be "fun" for us, but it was necessary.  In fact it was years overdue!  But until I could gather together the right people and the right options for solving the issues we were experiencing, we did not have much choice in how things went.

I'd like to thank you, our loyal customers, for sticking with us even when things got difficult, slow, frustrating.  The PayPal issue was frustrating for us all, to be sure.  But now we have that solved, and as far as I can tell, everything else as well.  From here it is onward and upward!

And of course this would have been impossible without the help of Andrew, Sandra, Steve, Ben and Michael.  My team has been great along the way, and I can't express to you all how grateful I am for your continued help and support in making everything work and go.  I make the subliminals, but without all of your support, nobody would be using them. 

So thank you all, customers and team members alike! 

In other news, I have taken down the Alpha Male v6 multi-stage packs and replaced them with one stage at a time.  Now you can buy and download, or subscribe to, AM6 a stage at a time.  The whole set at once is $500 to buy; a stage at a time, it's more than that, but it's also $89.95 a month over six months to buy, or (I never thought I would see the day) just $10.99 a month to subscribe to each stage.  So if you don't have the space or the funds, but you have Internet access, you can listen to AM6 for just under $77 per run-through as a subscription.  That's an incredible deal!  Even if you ran it three times, it only comes out to $230.70 as a subscription.

I'm also working on doing the same for Sex Magnet and Woman Magnet. 

And now as September arrives it's time to start working on Ultimate Monetary Success Version 2, Stage 4.  Then, I think we will finally begin working on Version 3.4 of DMSI.

And there are other goodies coming too.  I have a lot of great stuff planned for the rest of this year, so stay tuned, because you're not going to want to miss what comes out of my laboratory after DMSI is finished, either!

But for now it's time for a day off.  (Whoops, here I am working on my day off.  What did I tell you?  Its a habit now!)

Until next time -