X4A-1511 (5.11G - Type A/B/C/D)

Disclaimer: This program is for adults only.  Do not allow minors to use it or be exposed to it while it is playing.  By using this program, you accept all responsibility for your use of it and all of your choices, actions, results and consequences of having used this program.

About This Experience

X4A-1511 is designed for use by men only.  Do not EVER expose any female to this audio!

Have you ever encountered someone who just instantly grabbed your attention, and somehow made you deeply want them in raw, primal, sexual ways that you just couldn't ignore?

If you have, I bet you've wished you could have that same effect on those you want sexually. If not, then you're about to find out, because that is exactly how X4A-1511 affects the people you are most attracted to sexually.

If you want to induce responses like that in the people you are most sexually attracted to, then this is what you need. This program turns your natural personal energy field into an exceptionally powerful natural aphrodisiac. Your very presence will turn them on and cause them to want to have sex - with you!

X4A-1511 starts by causing the user to project a powerful field of energy that naturally works as a fast-acting aphrodisiac.  Then it makes a variety of tweaks and optimizations to that aura, to make it have the best and fastest possible results.  This causes the people you want to have sex with within your line of sight, who are of at least the legal age of sexual consent, to automatically experience this aphrodisiac effect.  They will know it is your effect on them, and it will continue to grow in impact for as long as they are within your line of sight.  You don't even have to see them all the time you are there. 

With enough exposure to this aphrodisiac energy field, they will have to do something about their arousal.  It may happen in just one exposure or it may take more than one, but sooner or later, they will have to do something about it.

What's New in X4A-1511?

X4A-1511 uses almost the same script as X4A-1000, but makes a number of significant changes and improvements to the program:

  1. It is now built in 5.11G, meaning that the skeleton script has been upgraded from 5.9G to 5.11G, which makes a big difference in impact and successful execution of the script.
  2. 5.11G's skeleton Script has been tweaked and improved to optimize the execution and expression of certain aspects of the skeleton script.  This takes the skeleton script from 5.11.1G to 5.11.2G.
  3. The Key Script Proper now has a much higher impact configuration, making it roughly 15x more impact than before.  This is made possible by building it in 5.11G.  The effect this has is that it prevents resistance from the user and/or gets through and past resistance faster and more easily.  It also causes execution to be more forceful, which results in better overall results from those who are affected by your aphrodisiac energy field because you will be projecting the field more powerfully.
  4. The shield has been changed to the newer Grounding Shield, which requires much less energy, and thus allows more energy for the aphrodisiac energy field to work.  

Overall, the new program is higher impact, more powerful, more up to date, more advanced, more able to deal with and get past resistance, and better able to affect those who are of interest to the user.  In the interest of respecting personal freedoms and free will, X4A-1511  does not tell anyone what to do with their arousal, and their responses therefore may or may not be directed towards you specifically.

The Grounding Shield

As you may well know, having this sort of effect on people doesn't go un-noticed, and you may get some negative energy responses from would-be competition, significant others or even friends or family of the people you're affecting.  To protect you against this, X4A-1511 has an active Grounding Shield, which will automatically drain any and all negative energy, intent or influence efforts right into the ground, in real time.  So while the person you're affecting isn't forced to respond to you, you also aren't forced to deal with subtle energy attacks and efforts to cause you guilt, shame, fear or manipulate you in response.


X4A-1511 has a total of 26 goals.  Most of them are there to specifically guide, modulate and optimize the aphrodisiac energy field you are projecting.  Several of them will have very interesting effects that I believe you will really enjoy.  But instead of just telling you what they are and what they do, I'll leave you the fun and joy of discovering these effects for yourself.  They should be more obvious in this version.

Once your aphrodisiac energy field has started influencing the person you're interested in sexually, they will notice you, be turned on by you and be much more willing to act on their attraction and arousal toward you (or accept your efforts to initiate), depending on how you prefer to handle the situation.

These are some possible indicators that X4A-1511 is working:

  • They suddenly notice you when they didn't before.
  • They may suddenly find reasons to be near you, and may repeat this behavior as much as possible.
  • They start making prolonged and/or direct eye contact (staring).
  • Smiling at you, often repeatedly.
  • Flushing red about the face, neck and shoulders. (Sex flush.)
  • Fidgeting a lot, becoming nervous.
  • Creating opportunities and excuses to be physically close to you.
  • Initiating conversation with you.
  • Steering conversations towards sex.
  • You may see them begin subtlety (or not-so-subtly) showing off whatever they believe are their best sexual assets, trying to get you interested. 
  • Touching you, usually casually at first, which tends to escalate in sexual ways.
  • Sharing their sexual desires with you.
  • Mentioning if they are on the pill or other types of contraceptives as a somewhat subtle invitation to you to for sex, and unprotected sex. (Wrap it anyway, in case it's not true!)
  • Inviting you to go somewhere private with them.

You may see one, some, all or none of these indicators, depending on the person and the situation.

Some people who are affected might choose not to act on, or even express, their arousal and attraction for one or more reasons; they might be in a relationship they want to keep, for example, or they may have religious reasons for choosing not to act. They may simply be too shy or inexperienced! 

In the last two cases, some encouragement or action on your part goes a long way. Some people may want to act but need help with being discreet about it. X4A-1511 encourages them to be suitably discreet, so they're more comfortable acting on their desires, but your mileage will naturally vary from person to person, and situation to situation.  You may also need to expose them to your aphrodisiac energy field multiple times before they choose to act.  How quickly and how obviously the people you affect act and re-act will depend on a lot of variables, including how intense your energy field is as a result of how you use the program.

X4A-1511 Limits

  • X4A-1511 does not attempt to control anyone's mind, force anything on them or make their choices for them. It creates an energy field that is modulated to be a powerful natural aphrodisiac for those you're most sexually interested in (of at least the minimum legal age of sexual consent) and then leaves the choice of how to proceed up to you and the person you are influencing with your energy field.  You can actively move things along or allow them to decide if anything happens as a result of the effect your energy field has on them. 
  • X4A-1511 is designed and intended to be used only by genetic males who are at least 18 years of age. It is not designed, configured or intended for use by those who are not genetically male, regardless of how they may identify.
  • X4A-1511 works for all men regardless of sexual orientation. If you're gay, straight, bisexual or whatever else, it will still work for you. It will automatically adjust how it works based on who you are interested in.
  • X4A-1511 will not turn straight people gay or bisexual, or turn gay or bisexual people straight.  Don't expect people who do not share your sexual orientation or preferences to respond with sex if you affect them.


  1. It is not yet known how big this program causes your personal energy field to become.  Those who are enveloped within it, or touched by it, may be affected in some way regardless of how much you want to have sex with them. Exactly how they will be affected and respond is as yet uncertain.
  2. The effects of this program may create a very strong impact on the people you are affecting with your energy field, and they may decide that they want more than just sex with you in response. Depending on the person and their belief system, age, personality, circumstances and interpretation of how you have affected them with your energy field, they may ask for a relationship, marriage or even request or try to have a baby with you. Therefore, to err on the side of caution, if you're interested in having sex with women...  PLEASE ALWAYS PRESUME THAT THIS PROGRAM CREATES AN EXTREME PREGNANCY RISK, AND ALWAYS WRAP THE RASCAL!  Also be sure to always dispose of used condoms in a secure manner that will not allow anyone to steal your sperm from a used condom and then put you on the hook legally for a pregnancy you did not want, and had no say in!  
  3. Due to its being designed for men only, this program is not calibrated for use by females and therefore should never be used by any female, and no female should ever be exposed to this audio.

Questions & Answers

Q: Can I use this to influence people at a distance, say over video chat?

A: The specific design is to affect the three people within your line of sight who you most want to have sex with, who are (of course) of legal age of consent. If you are on video chat, the person is within your line of sight and may therefore be affected, regardless of their actual physical distance from you.  Within your line of sight means that they are somewhere within a range you can see them.  They don't have to be within sight all the time, but they do have to be within range for you to be able to see them. This likely also applies to photographs as well.

Q: Why is this program intended for men only?

A: Because to influence a man to respond to his sexual arousal regarding someone else is much easier than getting a woman to do that very same thing.  If the program works for getting women to act on their arousal, it may cause men to respond to women using it in ways that are much more than necessary or appropriate.  While a gay man isn't going to have a problem with another gay or bisexual man coming onto him sexually in a very aggressive manner in most cases, a woman is likely to perceive this as being too much, and that will only cause problems for them both.  So this program is designed, configured and intended for men only. 

Q: How does this program differ from DMSI?

A: X4A-1511 is very different from DMSI in almost every way.  It is a completely new script, focusing on 26 goals and is designed and intended to be light on resources, fast acting, easy to execute and fun to run.  It's intended to "just work", and start attracting others as soon as the first day you use it.  It doesn't try to work you through any fears, and its approach is designed to be simple enough not to trigger most fears in the first place.

DMSI, on the other hand, does many things that X4A-1511 does not; for example, DMSI has a celebrity effect, optimizes your natural pheromones for sexiness and adjusts the way you walk, talk, move, think, respond and act.  It encourages you to seduce those you want to have sex with.  It causes the user and the affected to enjoy sex more when they have sex.  But it also requires months of use for many people to work through their fears of actually getting to sex.  For those who do not execute it naturally from the get go, this can take a long time and be very frustrating.

So if you want light, fast, easy and fun, then you want X4A-1511.  If you want feature rich, and are willing to spend potentially months making significant deep subconscious personal improvements to be able to achieve the goals DMSI has, then DMSI may be a better choice for you.

Q: How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

A: It is expected that users will start generating the aphrodisiac energy field during the very first use.  How long it takes for you to see the effects of projecting that field depends on a large number of factors, including how social you are, how many people are around you, how long they are within your line of sight, their age, their belief system, their personality, where you are, if they are involved, how frequently you affect them with your energy field, how much exposure time you use, what volume you use, what format you choose and others. 

It could range from within minutes of first encountering them on the first day you run the program to weeks or months of effort to influence them, depending on these various factors.  For example, even if you encounter someone who has a personality that makes them likely to initiate, and they are free to and willing to initiate, you may not get very far if you only see them for an hour a week, or they otherwise have very little time or opportunity to respond.  Conversely, if you have all the variables in your favor, it may need minutes or hours of exposure to achieve noticeable results, or possibly even sex.  This is also affected by how you use the program and how much you socialize, how you respond to them and other such factors.

Q: Will this program work for anyone who uses it?

A: No. It is designed to be used by men only, and it is not designed to try to get you to execute the script if you are too afraid to.  Version 1511 increases the impact and power levels over X4A-1000 significantly, and uses the 5.11G skeleton script, so execution should be considerably better regardless of fear or experience.  However, if being sexually attractive scares you or you have fear of having sex that would prevent you from executing the script of this program, you should resolve that situation and then try again if this program does not produce results for you.

Q: Does this program use manifestation like DMSI does?

A: X4A-1511 makes no effort to manifest people into your life.  Instead, it focuses your energy on generating and projecting your aphrodisiac energy field, and then modulating it as perfectly as possible.

Q: Will this program cause the affected to associate their arousal from being affected by my aura with me and me only?

A: Once they have identified that they are responding to you, yes.  However, there are circumstances where it may not be immediately apparent to the affected who they are responding to.

For example, let's say you walk into a club and sit down with another guy between you and one of the people you are most interested in having sex with.  They will begin becoming aroused and they will know it's coming from your direction, but they may at first mistakenly conclude that they are responding to the guy between you and them.  In order to prevent this, you must make sure that there is nobody else between the two of you until after the person you are interested in having sex with has firmly established in their mind that they are responding to you specifically. 

Likewise, you may find that others notice your effect on the person you are affecting, and attempt to "steal" your energy field by inserting themselves between you and that person you are affecting with your energy field.  This can be undone by simply moving to a location where nobody between you and them.  Once the affected understand that they are responding to you, it will be much easier to handle, because they will recognize others trying to step in on you and will tend to dislike this activity by the others if your effect on the affected is something they respond to positively.

Q: Can this program be used in a dance club, strip club, bar?

A: First, let me state in no uncertain terms that this program is NOT intended, configured or designed to be played in public.  NEVER play it in public!  Use it in private, and then allow those you're interested in to experience your energy field for themselves.  Otherwise you may create unlimited competition for yourself, and you may cause energy overload that can be potentially unsafe for those affected.

That said, you can certainly use this program and then go to a dance club, strip club, bar, etc. and allow your energy field to influence those around you in ways that are helpful for getting to sex with those you are interested in having sex with.

Q: Can this program be played to a group as an orgy trigger or group sex trigger?

A: NEVER expose this program to females.  Even if you observe that stricture, it is not recommended.  If too many people are simultaneously exposed, they can project so much energy in so small a space that it can cause overload of the nervous system.  This usually feels like having way too much caffeine, and may cause very serious health issues.  

Q: Will X4A-1511 cause people I do not want to have sex with to want to have sex with me?

A: X4A-1511 is designed to specifically affect those three people of legal age of sexual consent who are within your line of sight and with whom you most want to have sex.  Others should not be affected by the program's aphrodisiac effects.  If for some reason they are, you will have to deal with the effects of being exceptionally attractive sexually, just as anyone else who is exceptionally sexually attractive does, and let them know you're not interested.

Q: Can I use X4A-1511 with synthetic pheromones?

A: Using X4A-1511 with synthetic pheromones is not advised.  Firstly, it will prevent you from knowing what X4A-1511 is accomplishing versus what the pheromones are accomplishing.  Secondly, you may very well be damaging the results you get from X4A-1511 by using the wrong pheromones, too high a dose of pheromones, or contradicting what the aura is trying to accomplish with what the pheromones are communicating and how they are affecting those around you. Finally, X4A-1511 is designed to have an effect that should be superior to natural and synthetic pheromones in multiple ways, which would be degraded or destroyed by using artificial pheromones with this program. 

Q: Can I use X4A-1511 with another subliminal or mind programming method?

A: No.  It must be used by itself. It is not designed to be used with any other program or mind programming, so don't.

Q: Can I use X4A-1511 with some other type of aphrodisiac?

A: This is not recommended because they may conflict, and in the case that the other aphrodisiac is a subliminal or other mind programming method, it may damage the effects that X4A-1511 has on you to get you to project the energy field it is trying to get you to project.  Besides, you should not need to pair this with another aphrodisiac.

Q: Is there anything I should avoid when using X4A-1511?

A: Yes.  You should avoid using X4A-1511 in situations where alcohol or drugs are involved, when the result could be that the person affected responds when the alcohol or drugs wear off by concluding that any sex you had was not consensual.  That's pretty darned good advice in general, as well.  Always make sure  that any sex you have is always mutually consensual, without the shadow of a doubt. 

Once again... NEVER expose any female to the audio.

Also make sure that you fully understand how this program affects you before you partake in any drugs or alcohol.

Q: Will X4A-1511 protect me from pregnancy, diseases, sex with people who are crazy and things like that?

A: No.  It generates arousal within whomever you most want to have sex who is of at least the minimum age of legal sexual consent and who is also within your line of sight, and the two of you take it from there.  You are entirely responsible for your own choices, including having safe sex, whom you choose to have sex with and what the consequences of your choices are.

Q: Can I use X4A-1511 to affect how my spouse or significant other responds to me?

A: As long as you do not expose any female to the audio, yes, it can be used to help improve how your significant other responds to you as a result of your having used it and you projecting an aphrodisiac energy field.

Q: Since this program affects people within my line of sight, do I have to be able to see them the whole time that I want to affect them? 

A: No, but that does help.  They need to be within the vicinity of what you can see, and you need to have seen them within that vicinity.  As long as you see them at least occasionally, it should still work.  That is how it works for me.

Q: Who exactly will this aura affect?

A: It will specifically affect the three people within your line of sight, who are at least the minimum legal age of sexual consent, with whom you most consciously and subconsciously want to have physical sex. 

Q: How long is one loop of this program?

A: 60 minutes per loop.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: While testing this experience, I noted the following side effects.  First, it made me hungrier than I usually get.  Second, it made me hungry faster than I usually get after eating.  Third, it made me more tired at the end of the day.  And Fourth, it caused my sex drive to increase considerably while I used it and during the off days as well.  The first three of these side effects are the result of how much energy the experience causes the user to project through their personal energy field.  You are not guaranteed to experience these side effects, and the program can still be active and working if you do not.  But if you experience any side effects, one or more of these are what you will experience.  


NEVER expose any female to this program's audio.

Use this program for 1 (one) loop per day for 5 (five) days on and 3 (three) days off.

Use it at a volume of 9 out of 15 on an Android cell phone through the phone speakers, or 10 out of 16 on an iPhone's speakers, or 18 out of 30 on a Google phone's speakers.  It is suggested that you listen while you sleep, unless that would expose someone else you do not wish to expose.

As usual, this program cannot be used with any other subliminal or mind programming, except where stated otherwise.

To be eligible for a refund, you must use this program according to the instructions for 3 months.

Customer Feedback (Your Experience May Vary; These Reports Were Interesting):

After a first week of X4A-1511, I confirm the results are freakin' crazy. On day 3, I was contacted by a girl I already knew and she asked me out, making her intent to have sex quite obvious. She organized everything for our date including renting an Airbnb with a jacuzzi !
When we met on Friday, the way she looked at me with envy was incredible. She initiated everything and she didn't loose time. Boy, what a night it was ! Teddy-Bear06 said this here.


Ok, so I met the lady in the coffee shop yesterday. Well, let's say she looked at me as if she was mesmerized. We talked about our respective lives. But when I told her I have a wife and children, she went back to reality ! The funny thing is I ask her why she suddenly thought of me. She said she was randomly looking at pictures when we were in high school. She saw one specific picture. It was she and me alone on this picture, taken by another friend. It was exactly this picture I was using when I was listening to X4A-1511. She added that she felt so good when she looked at it ! And she started to look at it everyday after that, feeling so good to the point she started to Google to find my email ! We decided to stay in touch but of course nothing beyond friendship. Now, I will stop "charging" this picture ? or do I continue to "charge" it to give her a good feeling ? that is the question Roflmao

And of course, my wife is responding better and better ! a lot of display of affection in public, sometimes a little bit embarrassing but good Lol ! geotrouvetout said this here.

SHA256 Sums

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

556aceb943c5cfc0a7038185e1e1132217d9cc2f26fc80dbab25defe5e1cd2ac X4A-1511_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

d290cbccce80524778360e22474ec33f7633c2813a21d5b58c07296f8f2e2b48 X4A-1511_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

624fb795d5ae9bc351be0b8695f8cd1c4c235b5a4026dfbe2822136c49b11409 X4A-1511_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).flac

1e2c44d1600f9655a1feedfe5e270583a98c14922c40ff2a33b91bbf0020f7c2 X4A-1511_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).flac

b9383c04d7f51e3724d6a3c41ab16958deed2a1610e6bc66fc199be709026c26 X4A-1511_Subliminal_Audio_5.11G.zip

d74ee3e28a404d35fb41b312de2681c0d57f6b29082b885854e5c9daef9aa368 X4A-1511_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).flac

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

dc1f569e5137307c78c3758d6c2f3f736236d4c16a644735acfe4ed1d7a0dba0 X4A-1511_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

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