Writers Editing & Creativity Pack (Brainwave Entrainment Only)

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This is a group of brainwave entrainment (BWE) programs designed to help writers access their creativity and to help make editing easier.  There is no subliminal content in any of these tracks.

The Editing track is designed to put you in a state of dominant Beta brainwaves for high focus and awareness so you can be as effective as possible while editing.  The Editing track is also useful for helping you focus on writing while you would otherwise be tired.  It is not recommended that you use this track within 4 hours of trying to go to sleep, as its goal is to have you wide awake, alert and better able to focus.

The four Creativity tracks offer four different options for accessing your creativity through specific frequencies in the Alpha brainwave range.  At least one of these frequencies should result in a state where you are awake and relaxed while your creative mind is freed to do its thing.  For many people, some or all of the frequency options offered will do this job, but all are included so you can choose the one that works best for you.  There is also a track that uses all three of the other frequencies in one.

These programs are designed to be relatively loud, not because you need to play them that way, but because that gives you the most latitude in how loud you want to play them.  They use a specific tone that has been altered to induce brainwave entrainment with a technology that triggers your brain's natural Frequency Following Response, but it is not using binaural beats.  Regardless, if you are an epileptic or have any neurological disorder that may result in a seizure if you are exposed to a rhythmic sound, please do not use this program.

You may find that the creativity tracks are too relaxing for you to use while you are writing.  Different people will respond in different ways, and some of you may be able to write while using them.  Regardless, they should help you access your natural creativity, and if you're too relaxed to use it while you write, just listen to a loop, let yourself come back to normal awareness (or use the Editing track for 10 to 20 minutes to return you quickly to awake, alert and focused) and then do your writing.


This program is not for use by people who have epilepsy or any other neurological disorder that may result in a seizure if you are exposed to a rhythmic sound, please do not use this program.

To use this program, select the track you wish to use.  I recommend starting with the 10 Hz Creativity track when you use the Creativity tracks, and then working your way down in frequency from there.

These programs can be used on stereo speakers through a laptop you are using (which gives you the stereo separation to make them work), but they will all have their best results when you use headphones or earbuds to use them.

Next, set the volume to a comfortable level.  The white noise part may be annoying to some people, but it is very useful for maximizing the effect of the binaural audio underneath.  Its job is to "bore" your brain into relaxing and ignoring the track at a conscious level, and this enhances the Frequency Following Response significantly.  You don't have to use these tracks at a high volume, but you do have to be able to hear them.  The louder you play them, the faster they will work - as long as you don't consciously annoy or distract yourself by playing the white noise too loudly.  The goal is to find a balance of the highest volume that doesn't annoy you, but you should generally not use above moderate volumes regardless.

Finally, get comfortable physically, and either relax or get to writing/editing.  If you find that the Creativity track you are using produces too much relaxation to write, then try to simply be comfortable and allow it to guide your mind to a state of creativity.  Use this state to come up with ideas, and when it ends, write these ideas down.

Note that you can use the Editing track following the Creativity track to quickly return yourself to a highly awake and aware state, if you need to write.

These programs are all designed to shift your state of awareness and put you into an altered state.  Please do not attempt to drive, operate heavy machinery, pilot any water- or aircraft, or otherwise do anything that requires focus and concentration to do while you are under the influence of any of the Creativity tracks.

Since the Editing track is designed specifically to put you in exactly the state you want to be in while doing such things, you can only use it while doing those things.