Write Now, Edit Later (3G - Type B)

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Almost every writer has the task of revising their first draft, if not doing significant editing of it themselves. But just as many never finish their first draft because they stop writing it to edit it! What kind of sense does that make? It's about like plowing a third of a field and never getting to plant your crops because you're too busy picking stones out of what you have plowed until it's perfect.

This phenomenon usually happens because the writer has a fear if imperfection. Writing is like exposing their souls for a lot of writers, but you never get published (or even read) if you don't finish what you start. This subliminal is designed to silence the "inner editor" and allow you to write now, and edit later.

Yes, all writers need editing. But that can be done once the first draft is finished. Write now, and edit later. This program was designed by a published author to quell his own "inner critic", and after using it for himself, has managed to produce three book length manuscripts, two of which have been published, and has three more in the works. You can too!