Woman Magnet 2.0 Stage 1 (5G – Type B/D Hybrid)

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Alert: This program is specifically designed and intended to be used after you have finished using the entire Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set according to the directions. It requires a strong foundation, which is best developed through using the Alpha Male Set. DO NOT attempt to use this program until you have completed all six stages of the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set according to the directions.


Woman Magnet 2.0 - formerly known as "Manifest Abundant Beautiful Women" in Version 1.0 - was created in response to a request on the forum, and built to reflect the desires of the forum members who posted on the subject. It is designed to change your thinking, attitude and beliefs regarding beautiful single women, and manifest a steady stream of them into your life. In total, this program is designed to all of the following, and more:

  • Change your self image to a positive one which allows you to become "that guy" who always has lots of beautiful women to socialize with, date and have sex with.
  • Overcome social anxiety concerning beautiful women.
  • Overcome approach anxiety concerning beautiful single women.
  • Manifest a powerful, magnetic aura that both communicates your warmth and approachability to others and makes them want to come talk with you, but also attracts beautiful single women to you.
  • Manifests into your life an abundance of beautiful single women with whom you can socialize, date and have sex.
  • Makes it easy to meet and attract beautiful single women, both actively and passively.
  • Changes your perspective to one of abundance and ease concerning the availability of beautiful single women, and meeting them.
  • Changes your perception so that no single specific woman is of extremely high value because of the perception of scarcity, which makes your actions and attitude based on a lack of desperation, which makes you more attractive to the women you are attracting, and makes you more powerful in dealing with them.
  • The knowledge that no matter what, you have something in common with, and of interest to, the women you are attracted to, and that discovering those commonalities and mutual interests is a great way to have fun with her.
  • Complete lack of concern for whether she is involved, because you have the confidence to know that you are a great catch and a lack of desperation in needing to get involved with any specific woman, while at the same time attracting a steady stream of beautiful SINGLE women into your life with whom you can have a good time.
  • To fill your free time with beautiful, single women with whom to have a good time.
  • Makes your aura irresistibly attractive and sexy to the sort of fun, beautiful, single women you want to attract.
  • Changes self perception to that of a high-value high status man, as a man, as well as sexually and romantically. You will see yourself as being someone who has something to offer women sexually and romantically that makes you worth their interest and pursuit in these areas, and you will be able to deliver on it.
  • Creates and capitalizes on a special sort of manifestation and success momentum concerning attracting and dealing with beautiful single women.
  • Improves self esteem, self respect, self worth, self reliance and self security.
  • And more!

New in Version 2.0, taken from suggestion from our customers themselves:


  1. Built in 5th Generation format, making it much more powerful, fast acting and effective than 4G.
  2. Uses HyperSpeed Technology, which ramps up the 5th Gen build format and makes it much more powerful, fast acting and able to overcome resistance.
  3. Uses Self Optimizing Scripting, which allows HyperSpeed Technology to actually become self-configuring for optimal efficiency and effectiveness at all times, actually adjusting to the user on a second by second basis.
  4. Includes the new “naturalizer” scripting, which makes even major transformations happen so naturally that you'll feel like you've always been that way.
  5. Helps you live in the moment, instead of worrying about the past, or “what if”.
  6. Gratitude programming. Everything is better with gratitude!
  7. Helps generate an abundance of good things in your life, naturally focused according to the title.
  8. Success programming, but focused on – women!
  9. Generates a reality in which you become pursued and approached wherever you go.
  10. Allows you to see beyond just a woman's looks, and discover her inner beauty as well.
  11. Eye seduction! Become capable of communicating with, and seducing, women using just your eyes. I love this part.
  12. Loving life. If you're having a great time being alive, you'll naturally attract women who want to feel good. And everyone wants to feel good.
  13. Generating more self trust. Trusting yourself helps a lot with relaxing into the role of, and naturally becoming, a playful social alpha.
  14. Authenticity and congruency programming.
  15. Everything is possible programming.
  16. Deservedness programming – a big one that makes a huge difference.
  17. Intuition enhancement and observational enhancement, designed to allow you to know which women are interested, how, in what, and when, so you can act on it appropriately for the situation.
  18. Limitlessness programming. Life without limits is a life lived fully.
  19. Gets women to express their interest in you both physically and verbally, and in ways that are as obvious as possible.
  20. Focuses on attracting high quality beautiful SINGLE women into your life.
  21. Status booster works to turn you into a high status, high quality, high class and high value playful social alpha male.
  22. Allow yourself to fully express your passions during sex, while being able to shift to deep, intimate lovemaking if you wish.
  23. Be able to handle, and manage, multiple relationships and sexual partners simultaneously, if that is your desire.
  24. Increases openness, and focuses on relaxed honesty. There is no man more attractive than the one who is honest, because such a man can be trusted, and only through trust in the man she is interested in does a woman's potential truly bloom.
  25. Self image programming strips off negative self imagery and shifts you to acceptance and appreciation of your body and how you look, while still wanting to improve (or at least maintain) it.
  26. Positive attitude, positive thinking.
  27. Ego balancing.
  28. Ability to let go and relax, because you know everything will be okay.
  29. Be genuinely interested in discovering new things, have genuine interest in others, and therefore naturally and automatically enjoy meeting, getting to know and spending time with others.
  30. Working on your body, taking care of yourself, and being interested in self improvement physically.
  31. Self acceptance as a high status, high class, high quality playful social alpha male – a genuine ladies man.
  32. Own your accomplishments with socializing and women, instead of discounting them as luck, accidental, random, or something else.
  33. Sexiness programming that makes you project an aura of sexiness and adjusts your speech, attitude, movement and body language to express your sexiness in a neutral manner that neither says you are desperate nor says to her that you are trying to seduce her. The result is a very sexy, magnetic and attractive man, whom ladies find unique and gravitate to naturally.
  34. Opening yourself up to trust others, but not so much that you are foolish or unreasonably vulnerable.
  35. Kill the creepiness factor, and the fear of coming across as creepy, and replace it with solid confidence instead.
  36. Strong knowledge and confidence in your skills and value as a boyfriend, lover, etc. which gives you the attitude, speech patterns, body language and belief that you are among the very best, if not the absolute best there is in those areas, while manifesting that as an outward reality that is not just a belief in your head.
  37. “Alpha anxiety” destruction. For those of you who worry about “being alpha enough”, or not being “as alpha as you should be”, this will kill the need to be good enough, and allow you to just become the programming and express it naturally.
  38. Understanding that you are not perfect, and allowing yourself to express vulnerabilities, which makes you approachable to others, especially women.
  39. Continues the programming from AM to prevent you from allowing yourself to be manipulated by others, especially women.
  40. For those who choose to be monogamous, it triggers gratitude in being with just the woman you choose, and allows you to be happy with and enjoy being with just her.
  41. Confidently and successfully recognize, and respond to, the tests and drama women give you, remaining calm and in control, and having a calming effect on the situation at the same time, and in the end demonstrating such alpha self mastery that she ends up wanting you even more.
  42. Improves and empowers communication with women, as well as communication skills in general.
  43. The ability to make deep contact with a woman when you want to, in order to get through to her in powerful ways that grab her attention and make her understand what you are communicating.
  44. Communicate with women in powerful, playful and physical ways which pull her to you and bring you closer together.
  45. The ability to lead her to the best possible outcome from the situation, for you both.
  46. The ability to shift yourself between serious, playful, sexual, and heartfelt, at will, smoothly and effectively, and back to any other of those states again.
  47. Maximizes and magnifies social proof.
  48. Let go of negativity, anger or hatred for women, and replace it with love and appreciation for them as a whole – while refusing to allow yourself to be mistreated by them in any way.
  49. Make women feel good and have a good time being around you, and enjoy doing so for yourself.
  50. Sense and naturally express exactly the right level of “sexual threat” that she wants and needs from you for the goal you have concerning her sexually, while otherwise remaining non-threatening.
  51. Destroy beliefs and thoughts that women are or should be uncomfortable around you, and replace this with knowledge that they appreciate and enjoy your company instead.
  52. Understanding and acceptance that attraction, love and sexual interaction are natural, not forced, and allow them to flow and become, naturally.
  53. Make it possible for multiple women to enjoy your company at the same time, regardless of how attracted they may be to you.
  54. Destruction of approach anxiety and agenda.
  55. Enhances flirting skills.
  56. Achieve a natural state in which your expectations are zero and you have only the intent of laughing, having fun with and conversing with people you dont yet know, without neediness or agenda.
  57. Fear destruction programming helps remove and destroy all types of fear.


As you can see, the suggestions made my our forum members more than double the effects and impact this program is now designed to have. You asked for it, and once again, I delivered. Its here, and its in 5G with HyperSpeed Technology and Self Optimizing Scripting. Do you dare step up and discover the awesome power and magnitude of this amazing program for yourself? Perhaps a better question is... can you afford not to?


What can I expect from each stage of the Alpha Male program?

That’s not very easy to answer for two reasons. First, periodically, I try to make as many improvements as possible and release a new version every so often, build a new version. And second, the script and goal set for each stage is so huge and complex. That’s why there are six stages. This will give you the best overview I can offer at this time.

Most people respond to Stage 1 with a fairly polar response. Either they don’t notice anything, or they notice they are really growing in self confidence and a few even start reporting impatience with the people around them playing mind games and trying to manipulate them. Stage 1 is clearing out the negative self image BS and laying a solid foundation for the rest of the program. Stage 1 specifically prepares you for Stage 2.

Stage 2 is not as polar usually, but some people still don’t see enough to notice a difference. Most people begin noticing this stage and this is where most people start showing the self confidence, desire to stand up and do one’s own thing, and the irritation with the BS of others really starts manifesting here. Stage 2 is designed to get you up to speed and ready for Stage 3.

Stage 3 is aimed at bringing out the Big Guns. This is where you’ll be ready to get serious about becoming an alpha, but it also aims to balance and temper the previous stages. Thus while there may be irritation with the BS of others, your response will tend to be more refined and less crude. Big Guns means this is where the core of the Alpha/Dominant programming really takes focus. Stage 3 is where most of the most important and obvious work is going on because it is here you are learning to accept an internalize the Alpha core you couldn’t have handled dealing with previous to using Stages 1 and 2. It also prepares you for Stage 4.

Stage 4 is a combination of extension of Stage 3’s teachings and concepts, and a refresher for Stages 1 and 2. It also refines the Alpha/Dominant social response and makes you more self sufficient and less likely to feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Self reliance. It also prepares for Stage 5.

Stage 5 is a further extension of some of the concepts introduced in Stage 3 and Stage 4, and further polishes the attitude, aiming for a sort of cool “James Bond” effect. The primary goal of this stage is to polish and refine what all the previous stages have been introducing and building.

Stage 6 is a “finalizer”. It is like the varnish coat. The “final polish and sealant”, designed to put a high gloss on everything that has been built so far and make it as long term and permanent as possible. It also acts as a stabilizer, balancer and refresher for Stages 1 through 5.

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What is the difference between masked subliminals and ultrasonic subliminals?

Masked subliminals rely on volume differencing to make the subliminal portion of the audio subliminal. Ultrasonics rely on pitch differencing.

When you listen to a masked subliminal, you’re hearing the messages at the same pitch as normally spoken, but much less volume than you are used to, and your conscious mind ignores them, while they are detected, decoded and responded to by your subconscious mind.

Ultrasonic subliminals, by contrast, are just as loud as anything else you play on your player, but they are shifted to what is known as the “umbra ultrasonic” range of pitch. They are now playing at such a high pitch that your eardrum no longer effectively resonates in response to them because it is too big to resonate with such a high frequency. Instead, the tiny hairs inside your ear that help you maintain balance are being vibrated by these pitches, but they do not directly connect to the auditory areas of the brain in the same way, so you do not consciously detect or understand what is being said.

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Can I listen to subliminals effectively while I am watching a movie or playing something else on the same audio source?

Yes. As long as the subliminal’s volume has been properly calibrated, you will be fine. The exception is using the subliminal on speakers, while wearing noise canceling headphones, which will neutralize the subliminal audio.

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Can I use Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear with this program?

Version 5.0 does not include the script of the Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear program, and if you have significant guilt, shame or fear to deal with on your journey, you may wish to supplement the Alpha Male set with OGSF. If you do so, always give AM priority, and get at least 8 hours of exposure per day. I recommend using AM for at least 8 hours and OGSF for as many hours a day as you can, up to 8.

If you supplement AM 5.0 with OGSF, you may start using OGSF while you are in Stage 2 or later, but do not use it while you are running Stage 1 of AM 5.0.

AM 6.0 has OGSF included in it’s script, and therefore it is not necessary to supplement with OGSF.

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Should I run Sex Magnet or Woman Magnet first?

Presuming that you have finished running through the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set fully, at least once according to the directions, the choice depends on what you want to accomplish for yourself.

If you want to focus on achieving raw sex with women, Sex Magnet is a better choice. If you want to be more focused on enjoying yourself socially, and having fun with women that you can turn into something else if you desire, then Woman Magnet is a better choice. Sex Magnet is generally better for men who are not afraid of women or sex.

For the inexperienced man, it is generally a good idea to run through Woman Magnet first, as it is focused on improving your socializing skills and making you more comfortable with women as people to enjoy, instead of necessarily try to have sex with. It is built in 5th Generation format, and includes the script of Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear. It is therefore a better first choice overall for the man who has less experience with women, sex and relationships.

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How long do I have to use a subliminal before its effects become long term or permanent?

That question is complex to answer because there are so many variables in play. In general, a subliminal designed to be used as alteration programming – that is, not just intended for a short term impact or effect – will usually require a minimum of 32 days to achieve full effect. Multi-stage programs usually require specifically 32 days of use per stage.

For single stage programs to become long term in their effect, we recommend a minimum of 90 days of use, and 180 or more is better. It will depend on the goal, your usage patterns, whether or not you follow the instructions, your personality and the amount of conscious or subconscious resistance you have to the program.

For multi-stage programs, we recommend a minimum of 180 days of use for long term results, and depending on the length and complexity of the script, your usage patterns, the amount of resistance you have to one or more aspects of the program, and your personality type, it may require multiple run-throughs for a multi-stage program to have long term effects.

For example, the Alpha Male program usually takes multiple run-throughs to fully achieve it’s intended results, and until it does, it may be that aspects of its effects fade over time as the programming is challenged by other things. Once the effects become fully affected and self-regenerating they are usually permanent. How long that requires is dependent on too many variables to be more specific.

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