Weight Loss V6.0 (5G - Type B/C Hybrid)

This program is designed to generate within you the perfect state of being which will naturally, safely and automatically result in weight loss, as long as you are at least 3 pounds above your ideal weight.

It causes your subconscious mind to automatically calculate your ideal weight based on your height, gender and frame size, using an algorithm that has proven to be very accurate in testing.  The goal of the program is to trigger you to naturally and effortlessly lose 3 pounds per week, which is the maximum weight loss possible without triggering your body to rebound and re-gain the weight.  Losing weight at this  speed also allows your body to safely adjust to the weight loss and re-absorb any excess skin as you lose the weight, so that you will not have to worry about unsightly flaps of skin when you're finished.  One very nice feature of this program is that it also will only affect a woman's breast size as much as she consciously wants it to; so ladies, if you want to lose weight but not breast size, we have you covered.

Eight years of research, experimentation and development that went into this program have revealed that the majority of the reasons why people are overweight has nothing to do with what everyone thinks the reasons are.  While it is true that eating right and exercising are critical keys for weight loss, they alone are not successful without a third critical key which so far has not been obvious or easily discovered.  This third critical key itself turns out to have several smaller parts, which all must be dealt with simultaneously in order to finally "turn the key" to successful weight loss.

How does it work?  In order to achieve the goal, this program uses my latest research in weight loss, plus the latest in subliminal build and scripting technologies.  These are careful balanced to achieve a program that has just the right approach and type of impact to make it succeed where other approaches fail. Version 6 now incorporates three important new components, including a new technology designed and created specifically for this program: the incredible Self Optimizing Amplifier.

There is no magic involved, however.  What happens as a result of using this program is that once your subconscious mind understands the instructions and cooperates, you should lose 2-4 pounds per week of use.

Be aware that for some people, and depending on your particular personality and reasons for being overweight, it may take some time to begin seeing results.  So if you aren't like the majority of people who use this program and start seeing weight loss in the very first week, be patient.  It's still working.  It's just helping you get past some internal blocks, which are part of the problem. Sometimes, people need to do some internal adjustments before they can achieve the external adjustments they desire.

What the program is actually doing at the subconscious level is simple.  It calculates your ideal weight from your gender, height and frame size, and then instructs your subconscious mind to achieve that weight at a rate of 3 pounds of weight loss per week.  Once you have achieved the goal weight, it instructs you to automatically shift from weight loss mode to weight maintenance mode, and maintain that weight indefinitely.

It is based in the latest breakthroughs in subliminal technology and science, including:

  • The Optimus Engine Version 2.0. This amazing breakthrough allows the program to make much more effective changes in the desired direction without forcing the use of a long, complex script to do so safely and effectively.  In effect, the Optimus Engine allows the program to do better in 3 pages of script what took more than 85 previously. It works with your subconscious, instead of trying to force changes, which allows it to be much more effective by taking advantage of vastly less resistance and the full scope of the subconscious mind's natural capabilities.  This technology alone puts programs that use it head and shoulders above even the rest of what I produce!  This technology is exclusive to programs built by me.
  • HyperSpeed Technology. This stunning concept allows the initiation and achievement of results much faster than other scripting and build methods.  You may start noticing effects in less than a day (sometimes in mere minutes!), and results in less than a week.  This technology is exclusive to programs built by me.
  • Self Optimizing Scripting. This brilliant enhancement allows the program to automatically and continually optimize itself to best match your mind and brain's current state, so that the program is always operating at the maximum possible efficiency level, and the most powerful and effective possible configuration.  This technology is exclusive to programs built by me.
  • Self Optimizing Amplifier. Describable only as "incredible", this technology is the latest addition to the arsenal, and is designed to cause the person to automatically increase the impact of the subliminal program until it becomes irresistible.  Once the Self Optimizing Amplifier kicks in, it causes any and all resistance to be reversed in effect and actually help achieve the goal instead. Most definitely exclusive to programs I have built.
  • 5th Generation Build Format. After seven years of research and development, you'd think maybe I would have come up with some pretty advanced and powerful ways to build subliminals, and I did.  The result is the 5th Generation build format, which is 9.2 times more powerful than the impressive 4th Generation build format, even before the addition of Hyperspeed, Self Optimizing Scripting, and the Optimus Engine.  This technology is exclusive to programs built by me.

The program is focused heavily on safe weight loss, so you should not expect to drop the weight overnight.  This program is designed for use over 1 to 4 six month periods (depending on how much you need to lose), or until a month after you have achieved your ideal weight (if you have only a little weight to lose).

What is it like to lose weight using this program?  Pretty easy.  It takes care of the details of how you should go about losing the weight by automatically adjusting to your unique set of circumstances, conditions and personality.  By adjusting its approach to the individual, the methods change for each person.  Some people find themselves changing their eating habits quite naturally, while others find that suddenly they either don't mind, or enjoy exercising.  Some experience both.  Many people find themselves changing aspects of their lifestyle that they had no idea were helping to keep them overweight, and they do so quite naturally and comfortably.  Whatever you need to do to achieve the goal, this program will help you get there in a way you will be comfortable with, and at a safe, comfortable speed.


Remember, 5th Generation format cannot be used with any other subliminal.


The Optimus Engine script is proprietary, and therefore is unavailable to the public.


The ideal weight determination algorithm breaks down below the age of 16 and is no longer accurate. Therefore, do not use this program if you are under the age of 16 and do not expose persons under the age of 16 years to this program.

Using this program is simple.

Step 1: Calibrate the volume.  The ideal volume for most people will be the volume at which the ocean surf track is comfortable to listen to, while still maintaining the ability to at least faintly hear the lowest volume areas.  If this volume is too loud for the ultrasonic track, simply lower the volume for the ultrasonic track in small increments until you achieve a comfortable volume.  If the end volume is unreasonably low when you listen to the tricking stream track at the same volume, switch to one of the masked tracks instead.

Step 2: Pick your preferred track.  All three have the same subliminal messages in them, so you can use whichever one(s) you prefer.

Step 3: Listen to your preferred track at the calibrated volume for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 21 hours a day, every day, for at least 6 months.  Continue listening if you are still losing weight at the end of six months, until at least a month after you have leveled off and achieved "Maintenance Mode" for your weight.  You cannot go below your ideal weight, but to make the programming long term or permanent, 6+ months of use is required.  Please note that if you are already below your ideal weight, this program will have no effect or will cause you to gain weight until you achieve your ideal weight, depending on how your subconscious responds.

It is recommended that you listen to the program on speakers on loop mode all night as you sleep, and leave the program playing 24/7 like that in your bedroom so you never have to remember to turn it on.  You should also want to listen for at least an hour a day using headphones and one of the masked tracks.

It is also recommended that you keep a journal of your weight loss, and only weigh in once a week.  Obsessing about it is not going to make you lose weight any faster or any better.  Just relax, let the program work, and check in once a week.  Also make sure your scale is properly zeroed every time you use it.

If you're wondering what the algorithm this program uses to determine your ideal weight is, or what your ideal weight is according to the algorithm, those are kept secret because we have found in testing that revealing those two pieces of information causes endless problems in the weight loss process because of the resultant interference of the conscious mind in the process, which is part of the reason people have trouble losing weight in the first place.


Weight Loss

Is it really possible to lose weight using just a subliminal program?

Most definitely.

Our weight loss program is the result of research and development dating back to 2006, and is very effective for most people as long as it is used properly, according to the directions.

If you’re wondering how it could possibly work, it’s all about adjusting the reasons why the person is overweight so that they no longer do the things that make them overweight because the reasons for those actions and responses have been removed. Science is currently stuck in the idea that weight gain must be a physical cause only, and largely ignores the fact that the subconscious mind is the control panel for the body.

My own efforts at creating an effective weight loss subliminal have shown me that the true reasons for issues with weight are almost entirely mental and emotional: mental in terms of faulty beliefs that act as programming for the subconscious mind, and emotional because the subconscious is deeply focused in the emotions, and is therefore largely irrational. It can and does execute as true anything it has accepted as true.

That means that most people who have significant weight issues are actually expressing emotional traumas through their weight. For instance, it is common for women to be overweight after having been raped, as a defense against being raped again; the logic is that if she is not “too attractive”, she won’t be targeted for rape. I have encountered people who were overweight because they were terrified of going to hell because they had sexual desires at all, people who were overweight because they were constantly being treated as emotional garbage dumps by those around them, those who were overweight because they were caught in a feedback loop of emotional discomfort > seek comfort > eat > gain weight > become uncomfortable because of how others treated them for being overweight > seek comfort > eat. I have met people who were overweight because they were caught between a fear based rock and a hard place, where they were subconsciously afraid of (X) and (not X). Some people are overweight because they’re so amazingly lazy. Some are too emotionally immature. Others gain and remain overweight as a means of resisting others telling them what to do. And so on. Most people have a complex web of these reasons working against them all at once.

In the end, weight issues are very complex, and everyone will have a slightly different reason or set of reasons for being overweight. My weight loss program takes a unique approach to changing the subconscious programming that allows for the vast majority of people to benefit and lose a significant amount of weight, in many cases actually achieving their ideal weight entirely through the use of the program.

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How much weight will I lose from using your weight loss subliminal?

That depends on how you use it, your personality type and what your specific reasons for being overweight happen to be.

Some personalities are more complex or resistant than others, and some people have very complex reasons for being overweight. Not everyone will achieve their ideal weight using this program. Some people experience a “brick wall effect”, which is where they achieve a certain amount of weight loss and then stop, regardless of what they try to do about it.

The brick wall effect is generated by subconscious fears, and more specifically, subconscious fear based feedback loops. In every case I have encountered so far and analyzed using hypnosis, the blockage has been a fear of (X) and (not X) at the same time. For instance, one woman was afraid of being attractive (because she was afraid of being raped again) and also of not being attractive (because it prevented her from getting the attention from men that she wanted). These feedback loops can trigger paralysis, and result in the brick wall effect.

Most people do not have this problem, and will achieve their ideal weight without issue. The average weight loss for such people is typically up to 50 pounds.

People who need to lose more than 50 pounds may or may not experience a brick wall effect. Our subliminal is designed to dismantle the causes for the brick wall effect, but in some cases, it may require a hypnotherapist or counseling to overcome or dismantle the fear based feedback loops that create and maintain the brick wall effect.

People who experience the brick wall effect typically lose between 12 and 30 pounds, and it is usually obvious that they need to lose more to achieve their ideal weight.

If you do not experience the brick wall effect, then the sky is the limit. The program is designed to trigger 3 pounds of weight loss per week, to maintain a safe and permanent result, so a maximum of 144 pounds per year is possible for weight loss.

The weight loss program is designed to have a limit beyond which you cannot lose any more weight, and that limit is determined by a special algorithm that causes your subconscious mind to calculate your own ideal weight by considering such factors as your height, build, and gender. You cannot go below your ideal weight using this program, because as soon as you achieve your ideal weight, you will automatically enter maintenance mode.

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Do I need to use the weight loss program again to refresh the results?

If over time you notice you have begun gaining weight again after you have finished using the program for the instructed six months, then you can use the program again to refresh. The program is designed to be a very long term or permanent effect, so this should not be necessary at all, or more than every few years at the most.

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Why do you limit your weight loss program to 3 pounds per week of weight loss?

Instant weight loss is what everyone wants, I know, but going too fast is not good for you. It can adversely affect your health, and it is frequently associated with what is known as the “rebound effect”, which is where the person responds by regaining all the weight again, and sometimes even more.

By limiting weight loss to three pounds per week, we allow your body time to adjust to the changes, and this prevents the stresses that cause the rebound effect as well. The result is that you should not have any hanging skin when you’re finished, and the results will be as safe and permanent as possible.

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Can I use the weight loss subliminal on or around children?

The weight loss program is designed specifically for adults. It should not be used on or around children who are still growing in height or under the age of 16 in any case. Do not expose children under 16 to this program, or use it on persons under the age of 18 who are still growing in height.

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Is it safe for me to use the weight loss program if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should consult your physician before attempting to use any weight loss method, including a subliminal for weight loss.
We specifically recommend against it.

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