Wart Remover (4G - Type B/C Hybrid)

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This program is designed to remove any and all warts on your body, using the power of your subconscious mind.  It has long been known that this is possible, and I have personally had warts removed through hypnosis alone.

Warts are usually caused by a viral infection being active and triggering excessive production of the protein in skin called keratin.  It is possible to have warts, also, as a response to subconscious emotional issues, although that is rare.  In almost all cases, however, the subconscious mind can affect the situation in such a manner that the wart dissipates and goes away.  This program will not remove any viral infections, but it is designed to remove and destroy existing warts, and prevent warts from forming in the future by preventing the body from forming the excess of keratin.