Universal Detox (5.5g - Type B/C)

For a long time now, I have been wanting to create a detox subliminal.  I did experiments over the 8 months prior to releasing this program that showed that it is not only possible to generate a detoxification of the body, but it works very well.  Before creating this program, a physical body detox sub-module was added to a couple of other programs (Maximum Healing Speed, Maximum Learning Speed) and the results were very good.  For a long time, I have wanted to release a subliminal designed to focus completely on detox, but how to make it stand shoulder to shoulder with other programs that had detox present as a module?

The answer came to me one morning as I awoke.  Make it a broad spectrum detoxifier!  Instead of just detoxing the body, why couldn't we detox the mind, emotions and body?  Then I tried to find the time, but it was not forthcoming.

When I found myself with an unexpected pause in work flow, and I didn't want to be unproductive, I contemplated what I could build.  Then it came back to me: Universal Detox!  I set to work immediately.

The end result is a program that is designed to cause you to "detox all of yourself".  This of course means that it will cause you to seek to detoxify all of your physical body, but also all of your mind and emotions.  Everything, in fact, that makes up "you".

But I went a step further in differentiating it from the simple detox modules that are present in the other programs, and designed this program to keep trying to detoxify you until you are completely detoxified.  The result should be a much more deep, thorough and effective detoxification process than anything else available.

In tests and in other programs, it is common for people to notice that when they are in the process of detoxification, they will start coughing more frequently for the first couple weeks, bringing up old phlegm from deep in their lungs, often yellow, green or even black.  I have seen ex-smokers cough up black phlegm even years after they quit smoking completely.  Other responses to detoxing the body can potentially include increased urination, a change of the odor (and sometimes, color) of the urine, increased defacation, a change in how your sweat smells, and a change in how readily you sweat.  You may experience some or all of these, or none at all.

Other things you may potentially notice as you are using this program are:

  • An increase in the number of dreams you remember, how vivid they are and a change in what you normally dream about.  (This is just indicating the subliminal is being processed.)
  • A natural desire to stop ingesting toxins you were ingesting before, and avoid them.
  • An increase in energy levels.
  • More mental clarity.
  • Generally an increased feeling of well-being.
  • Mood alteration and improvement.
  • Attitude alteration and improvement.
  • Emotional state alteration and improvement.
  • Negativity and negative thinking should dissipate over time.
  • Improved general health.
  • Temporary increased need for sleep.
  • Dietary changes.
  • And other effects of detoxification.

Please note that the detoxification process may not always seem positive or pleasant, but it is part of the process of removing and flushing the toxins in you.

Universal Detox also includes a healing and clearing component, which will activate if there is anything that stands in the way of the program executing.  In other words, if some part of you does not want to cooperate, the program is designed to get you to try to heal and clear the reason so you can execute it and achieve its goals.

Universal Detox is not recommended for use on or by persons under the age of 18 without the direct supervision of a parent or physician.  This program is not intended or designed to act as or be any form of medical diagnosis, treatment or cure, or to replace proper medical attention or supervision.  Do not use it for those purposes; see a licensed medical physician as necessary and appropriate instead.


To achieve the best results, use this program for exactly 6 (six) loops at a time, without interruption between them.  This is most easily done by listening to it while you sleep using a playlist on your cell phone or computer.  Use this program every day for 3 months each time you run it.  Remember that a deep, thorough detoxification takes time, and while toxins are being flushed out you may experience various effects that result from that process.  Be patient and let the program do what it's designed to do.

Had no intention of posting again so soon, but execute week is starting off unexpectedly. Went out for a couple of minutes to pick up take-out and found myself smiling involuntarily at nearly every pedestrian or passing car as if they were a cute pet that had just done something adorable. The food place had CNN on, which I watched as they prepared my order, and, against all logic or reason, I still couldn’t stop smiling. It felt like a totally inappropriate response to my surroundings, but I just kept smiling. At home, before or after? No uncontrollable urge to smile. Strange…

Concerning the masks I’ve hidden behind, I had a refreshing experience today. I’ve shared I’ve often BS’d myself and others, mostly unaware when it was happening, as if I were on autopilot.
I was in a meeting today, one I’ve been in almost 2 years now. What was really (positively) different was that my sharing came naturally. I led this meeting, I’d done these same questions before…….but I was much more inclined to be honest. I wanted, and even needed that. If I were sitting on the side observing me, I’d think “where’d that come from?”
It was nothing earth-shattering or dramatic on the outside. I just spit out quickly how the questions related to me NOW. I then saw so clearly how some I’ve known for a while kept drifting back to what I call “scripted responses”, which I’ve heard numerous times and done myself, for years. For the first 10 minutes, I toyed with being annoyed with it. It faded as I had a little party inside, feeling I’d done something quite miraculous, for me.
I felt so relaxed and comfortable sharing this last week’s experiences in light of the questions. I celebrated inside :-). I still feel amazed at it–for I’ve wanted freedom from my self-dishonesty FOR YEARS. That was a great and memorable experience!
Life changes when I get honest. Wow