Ultra Success Luck Magnifier v5.0 (5.11G - Type A/B/C/D)

Disclaimer:  Ultra Success/Luck Magnifier 5.11G is designed and intended for use by ADULTS ONLY.  

This program is not designed to help you gamble.

You and you alone are responsible for your use and all results from your use of this program.

About This Experience

Version 5.0 of Ultra Success/Luck Magnifier (USLM for short) is a major upgrade, bringing the program up several technology generations to 5.11G.  The impact, power levels and effectiveness are significantly improved in this upgrade.  Script optimizations were also performed to bring the scripting conventions up to current standards.  

What Is This Program Designed To Do?

Simply put,  USLM is designed to get you to achieve maximum success and do what it takes to be as "lucky" as possible.

Originally, I was building this program as Ultra Success only.  Over time, I had a number of people ask me to build a "Luck Magnifier" subliminal.  And later, it was requested - a lot - that I combine them.

Luck Magnifier only got built because I found a good way to explain what "luck" is other than "random chance good fortune".  As it turns out, you have (at the subconscious level) the ability to influence the world around you in certain special ways that your conscious mind cannot.  When you use this ability to make things more favorable for yourself, your conscious mind calls it "good luck" because it does not see or know what caused that outcome. This does not account for everything that people experience that they call "good luck", but it does account for some of it.  And it can be used to increase the frequency of one's experience of "good luck" - thus, Luck Magnifier.

As for the Ultra Success part, most people don't really understand what success comes from.  Sure, you might say it comes from hard work, planning properly, perseverance and persistence, believing in yourself when nobody else does, refusing to give up, etc. etc. And you would be right, as far as those things go.  But those things are not really what success comes from.  Those things are the result of something even more elemental and they are the stepping stones to success.

The Cycle of Results, as we might call it, looks like this:

Perceptions <--> Beliefs --> Responses --> Choices --> Actions --> Results

This means that at the ground floor, we start off with our perceptions of our earliest experiences forming our most basic beliefs.  These beliefs then become part of a feedback cycle that helps form our later perceptions, which then feed back into forming our later beliefs. 

These two - perceptions and beliefs - are what determines how we respond to what we experience of the world.

Our responses then dictate our choices...

Our choices then dictate our actions...

And our actions and choices then dictate our results.

Now I know that choices and actions do not determine all results.  There are of course factors outside of our personal control to deal with also.  But in cases such as conflict between The World and our desired choices and actions, we then respond by adjusting to The World, and our choices still (at least to some degree) result in our actions, and our results.

What Ultra Success does is to go back to those first two - perception and belief - and make gentle, gradual  adjustments to them such that the result is what I call an "upward spiral of positivity and success".  

Let me now tell you a story, so that you can see what Ultra Success did for me. This story is kind of long, but I think it will be well worth reading.  If you don't want to read it, you can jump down to the Frequently Asked Questions section, below.

When I started this business, I knew I could make this work because logically, there was no reason I could not as long as I did the right things and continued to do the right things instead of giving up.  But at that time, most of the people I knew, including most of my family, had the perception of me that I was hopeless, helpless, worthless and useless.  This stemmed from the fact that I had been cross-eyed (until I had surgery to correct that), had dyslexia, and was absolutely terrible at math because the dyslexia made it impossible for me to tell what number I was looking at.  Where everyone else would see 86, dyslexia made this reverse for me, so I saw 68.  Try learning math like this.  It's not pretty.

This had given people the impression that I was defective and stupid. Add to this the fact that my body type is very slender and not very muscular, and that made me the smallest and weakest guy in the group, every time, which again fed into this belief (both mine and that of others) that I must be worthless, useless, hopeless and helpless.

Fortunately for me, this was actually not the case.  Unfortunately for me, I was surrounded by this point of view from everyone around me, even my mother to some degree, and I therefore automatically accepted it as being true.

Now, if you remember the Cycle of Results from above:

Perceptions <--> Beliefs --> Responses --> Choices --> Actions --> Results

You can see that if I accept as true that I am worthless, helpless, hopeless and useless, then that becomes my belief, which becomes my perception, and those two result in my responses, choices, actions and finally my results.

In other words... what you believe to be true, you perceive to be true; and through your responses, choices and actions, the result is that you in many cases actually end up making it true, simply because you believed it to be true and responded as if it was true.

Put more simply: What you truly believe, you will always achieve.

And up to that point, boy was I achieving nothing.  But then one day I was sitting in the book store, reading a book on how to build a sailboat for fun, and I realized something very important. I realized that I could do each of those individual steps; so logically,  I could therefore build a boat.  And if I could build a boat, then I necessarily could not also be hopeless, helpless, useless and worthless!

So I did an experiment.  I designed and built a small pontoon boat, intended to have up to two passengers and support up to 500 pounds of weight (about 226.8 kilograms, for you metric system users), while being impossible to capsize.  I went over my plans and calculations again and again, looking for mistakes and errors, and I could find none.  So I decided to actually build it to see, in real life, if I had been correct.

I had been.  It performed in real life exactly as my calculations said that it would, and it was literally impossible for two people to capsize while standing or even jumping anywhere on it.  Side, corner, front or back.  Even when those two people combined weighed almost exactly 500 pounds!

My mother, upon hearing that I had spent my money for that month building this boat, responded as I knew she would.  Basically, it boiled down to a lecture about wasting my money and being irresponsible.  But what she didn't realize was that this ugly little pontoon boat - so ugly I called it "The Blue Medusa" - had done something that I desperately needed: it had provided me with indisputable proof that I was, in fact, not hopeless, helpless, useless or worthless.

Understanding the disparity between what I had believed to be true and what I had just done forced me to accept as true led me to realize that I had not formed those beliefs about myself based on my own experience; instead, I had simply accepted what everyone else around me had concluded as being automatically true, without question, because at that time I was very young, and "Mom knows everything." seemed to be true compared to what I knew.  

And I further realized that this meant two other things must logically be true:

  1. Other people could make mistakes, even in groups.
  2. I should not blindly accept the perceptions and beliefs of others without verifying that they were actually correct first.

That opened the door to me starting this business.  But even then, I still had nobody who believed in me.  After explaining this to my mother in response to her lecture about the boat, she realized she had made a mistake and apologized, and she tried to be supportive after that.  But old habits die hard, and one of her habits was to default to negativity.  So when I told her about my idea to start this business, she started explaining why I would fail.

That is exactly what everyone else in my family - and all of my friends at the time - also did.  They started explaining why I wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't and so on.  That is a lot of negativity to deal with!  But I had the two lessons I had learned from building The Blue Medusa, and I realized that once again: I had done the planning and I had done the calculations, and there should be no reason I could not succeed with this business, as long as I did the right things and refused to give up.

So I started it anyway.  But all that negativity was a serious drag, and it became difficult at times to keep my head up.  At the same time I was starting this business - no simple task, to be sure - I was also trying to have a relationship, attend college full time with a 2 hour drive each direction, and take care of my ailing mother and my grandfather.  The strain on my time and energy was such that I could not have made it without some sort of help.

So I created Ultra Success, and started using it.  Now mind you, this was many years ago, back in 2004 when I had very little of my current knowledge about how to build the extremely powerful and effective subliminal experiences I now build.  But even back then, I was able to create a program that, within a week, started producing results.

At first I didn't realize what it was doing because it was so smooth and natural, and it started off relatively subtle.  But one day I woke up high as hell on life, because I had accepted one of the statements in the script, which was:

I am succeeding, because I am success!

Accepting this statement as true instantly unlocked the many doors I had been artificially closing, locking and then ignoring in my mind, which then followed the Cycle of Results to start becoming my experienced reality.  And boy, let me tell you, it felt GOOD to have those doors, possibilities and options open up for me and become part of my reality!  Suddenly I felt like I could do and become anything, because no longer was I artificially telling myself and insisting that I couldn't.  Suddenly all these options opened up because I no longer had to ignore them to make true my old belief that I was going to fail because I was a failure. 

I started acting on those new success-based beliefs, and acting in ways I hadn't before.  My girlfriend noticed.  My family noticed.  My friends noticed.  And I noticed!

With these new beliefs being accepted, I had the courage to try new things and do things I could not have done before.  I had the motivation to enthusiastically dive into what I was trying to accomplish.  I had the expectation of success, and because I had thought it out so thoroughly before hand, the knowledge of exactly how I was going to achieve it.  This made me feel like I could do anything I needed to do in order to succeed, which made it worth doing.

The result?  I ended up with a new (to me) car in short order: a 2 year old car that my grandfather "sold" to me for $1.00, just as my previous car died.  (This shocked everyone else in my family, because the man was apparently famous for being extremely stingy, and had never before done anything remotely so generous for anyone else.) I had more energy, more determination and more drive to do what I needed to do, and in fact I ended up making this business succeed in it's original goal,  which was to pay off my student loans if I did not end up with a job as a result of the degree I was going for. (Which I didn't.)

Another thing I noticed while using Ultra Success was that I was virtually immune to negativity.  People, family, friends, girlfriend - would laugh at me and tell me I couldn't, that I was going to fail, that I was hopeless, helpless, useless and worthless.  And now, with this program's help, I was able to stand up and laugh at them, and defiantly succeed regardless - even if it was a slow process at first.

Ultra Success has naturally seen a lot of improvement in the script and the technology that goes into building it since then, and it is vastly more powerful and effective than it was when I used it.  And while I cannot guarantee that your experience will be the same as mine, I can guarantee that using this program will put you on a solid path to increased success, as long as you use it properly.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your copy today, and start experiencing the eye-opening difference that success based thinking makes for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should not use this program?

A: This program should not be used by or exposed to any person under the legal age of adulthood, or anyone who has been diagnosed with or is otherwise known to have a serious mental disorder.  Nobody should use this program who has been diagnosed with any form of insanity.  

Q: Can I use this program to improve my winnings from gambling?

A: This program is not designed for use as a gambling aid.  We do not recommend that you try to use it to improve your gambling success.

Q: Does this program have an auric shield in it?

A: Yes, it uses the standard 5.11G Grounding Shield.

Q: Is this program good for helping low self esteem?

A: It can be, indirectly, by helping change beliefs, perceptions and achieve better success..  It is not designed to focus specifically on self esteem in general.

Q: Can I use this program along with one or more other forms of mind programming, such as hypnosis, NLP or other subliminals?

A: No.  Doing so will seriously disrupt one or more of the things you are trying to use, and may cause overload, confusion, headaches, exhaustion and/or failure to achieve some or all of the desired results. 


Use this program for 50 minutes per day on, for 4 days on and take 6 days off.  A single run-through is months of use.  Depending on specifics, you may wish to use this program for more than one run-through at a time.

If you find that 6 days off makes all consciously detectable effects from the program fade out before the 6 days off is over, finish the first usage cycle according to the instructions and then either follow the AutoConfig or, if you do not get any AutoConfig, shorten the days off to one day off less than how many days off cause the effects to fade out.  More on AutoConfig below.


Optimal volume will be 11 out of 15 clicks on an Android cell phone when listened to through the phone's speakers.  For those who use an iPhone, this would be ? out of 16 clicks, and a google phone with 30 clicks of volume would use a volume of ? out of 30.  For other types of phone, this equates to a volume when played through phone speakers that is as close as possible to 73% of full volume.  This only applies to cell phones and playing this program through the speakers of the cell phone!  It is strongly recommended that you pay this program from a cell phone and use the phone's speaker to do so.


Start off using Ultrasonic format.  If that is too intense for you to handle, switch to Masked format, which is more gentle.  If after a couple of cycles of use you find that Ultrasonic and Masked are not strong enough to get past resistance, then (and ONLY then) try Hybrid, which is more intense than Ultrasonic.  Use each format the same way.  Most people should stick with Ultrasonic. 


If you experience urges to use this program in a different way, especially if the urge is a craving, this will be the AutoConfig scripting getting your subconscious to optimize the usage patterns for you.  However, if you experience the desire to use this program for less time than instructed, be careful, as this may be a subconscious effort to escape from the program.

Regardless of what urges you get from AutoConfig, it is important that you follow the instructions for how to use this program for the first usage cycle.  This gives you a base-line understanding of how you respond to the instructed usage patterns.  After that first usage cycle, you can follow any AutoConfig urges, or make manual adjustments to the number of days off where necessary.

To be eligible for a refund, you must use this program according to the instructions for at least one full run-through. 

SHA256Sum Hashes

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

7c8219732e6ed388f995ad966c773c240c52ebac29c45303b3fcd47cdd1bda4d USLM_v5_5p11G_HDA_Subliminal.zip

9dc5492ab9ada0dd9fd0e5045169f8c607064c29f7bef5ae7aaca6e93701f395 USLM_v5_5p11G_Hybrid_HDA_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

9427a8d9f562639d5e41d0d22a051483ed3ef65b0cf6eef73c74c2de8a326b52 USLM_v5_5p11G_Hybrid_HDA_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

2457e80a8501c943478905fb95524377177e9a7a5e46271bad0a00acc0e3310e USLM_v5_5p11G_Masked_HDA_(Ocean_Surf).flac

75fb73086ac7446b31cc66bc54c4812746124420b7077485262918fd4209c8ea USLM_v5_5p11G_Masked_HDA_(Trickling_Stream).flac

5c3944902e7e9a762fc3642cd5626b4f00d88ea4e47d9d9d1fdafd667bdcf788 USLM_v5_5p11G_Ultrasonic_HDA_(Silent).flac

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

ab2c0b21de93291c21d3093457e8a3f32cb2c4fec0bd9e398dc5193277423b98 USLM_v5_5p11G_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

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