Ultra Success! (4G - Type B/D Hybrid)

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Ultra Success was the second subliminal I ever created.  The first - Self Confidence - was intended to prove that ultrasonic subliminals actually worked.  Once it was established that they did, I got to thinking.  What should I make next?  How about a program that would help make me successful at whatever I was trying to do?  It seemed natural, given how negative and defeatist the people around me at the time were.

It didn't take long after that for this program in its first incarnation to be built.  Naturally, I started using it immediately.  And to my pleasure and surprise, the first hint that it was working was a sort of all encompassing euphoria!  This effect has been shown to be almost universal.  And then, I started noticing the results.

Things started going right.  My thinking was no longer based on what it had been based on before; now it was based on the idea, the belief, the knowledge and the certainty that not only was I going to succeed - but that I literally am success!  I started acting based on these ideas that success is inevitable, and I started seeing two types of results.

The first was that I was driving my own success with new and different choices, ideas, and actions. I was now seeing new opportunities and acting on them.

The second was entirely unexpected.  I started noticing that I was beginning to experience otherwise unexplainable synchronicities. When I needed something - really needed it - it would somehow find a way to show up in my life in a way that made it accessible to me when it might not otherwise have been.

This program has evolved over the years, and now in this 4th Generation version, it includes everything that was good about the first version, plus everything that was added in the second and third generation versions - plus all the research and development that makes up a fourth generation program.  On top of that, the program now includes active manifestation of success synchronicity!

Ultra Success is a very important program.  With it, everything becomes better.  This very business is founded on the basis of this program, because this is what I used to overcome the challenges I faced to get it off the ground.  So do you need Ultra Success? I think the answer is a very definite yes!

Please note that Ultra Success is an excellent program to use for supporting and improving the results of other subliminal programs of Type A, A/B Hybrid, and B.  Do not use this program with Type C, D, or any hybrid containing Type C or D.  For those, use the 3rd Generation version of this program instead.

Please note that this is the 4th Generation version of the program, which includes manifestation and therefore is NOT suitable for use with Type C or D subliminals or hybrid subliminals including one of these types.  If you wish to use this program with any Type C, Type D or hybrid including one of these types, please use the 3rd Generation version.

“…I’ve been lucky enough to use BOTH Ultra Success and Luck Magnifier. I love both of them to death, you honestly can’t go wrong with either…”

“I haven’t been listening that long to the US one but I can see results already I may look into buying others I am only 18 and have experimented with this stuff before. These in my opinion are the most powerful by far.”
“In my opinion Ultra Success is a amazing, it is already changing my reality …”

“Shannon, all I can say is that I’m a convert. This stuff is powerful and I can’t wait to see how it pans out if (and I pray I do) I stick with your programs – Limitless is the goal.”

…I feel amazing inside every day, people constantly want to hang out with me, people at work have been helping me with my stuff, stuff they aren’t supposed to help me with and never have before, and this includes my GM, every day is a good day. I’m probably going to run Ultra Success for well over a year like I was planning. This sub is amazing. I can feel it in my bones, I am going to be successful in life.