Tranquilizer B (Sleep Tranquilizer) (5.75g – Type A/B/C Hybrid)

This program was inspired by a bad night I had, during which I entered a vicious cycle of: Go to bed upset > can't sleep because I'm upset > more upset because I can't sleep > try to calm down > something upsets me > can't sleep > more upset.

I tried several things to calm down or fall asleep, but I kept having things happen that made me upset again, which kept making me wake up.  At one point I thought about using Tranquilizer A, but then remembered that it's designed to calm the user down, but keep them awake.  That only frustrated me more!  So I decided to make a new tranquilizer subliminal that is designed to calm the user down, even if they're upset, and help them to fall sleep at the same time.

This program does exactly that.

I have tested this program on myself and it works quickly and easily on me, usually getting me to sleep in 10 to 15 minutes, and sometimes less.

During the first test, I ran the program on loop all night to see what would happen.  I awakened to my dogs whining to go outside, as usual.  But unlike usual, that morning, I felt very comfortable and relaxed.  I didn't want to move, but I was well rested and it was not hard to get up and let my dogs out.  By the time I let them out, dealt with my cat's morning routine and let the dogs back in again, I was fully awake.  Normally, I will go back to bed and sleep another 1-2 hours after that, since the dogs like to go out early.  My girlfriend got up with me, about 10 minutes later, saying she felt better rested than usual.  That is VERY unusual for her.

We have concluded after testing that this program works well for getting the user to sleep, even if they are upset, and helping them to rest and rejuvenate faster than normal when the program is played on loop.  That is exactly what it is designed to do.


Does this replace or combine with the Sleep Induction Aid V2 5G?

Sleep Tranquilizer can replace the Sleep Induction Aid V2 5G, but both still have their place. If you need one program that can do it all, Sleep Tranquilizer comes closest to that description.  SIA V2 5G is still somewhat better in some cases for "rapid recharge" of the brain when you loop it all night, but is older technology and therefore easier to resist, which is why it doesn't work as well when you are angry, frustrated or otherwise upset.  If you need to put children to sleep, Sleep Tranquilizer is not designed or intended for that.  You should not try to use both in combination.

How fast does this program work?

Different people will fall asleep in different amounts of time, depending on how upset or calm they are when they start using it, what the circumstances are and their personality type, but I estimate that most people should find it relatively easy to fall asleep in approximately 10 to 40 minutes using this program.  If you are extremely upset, frustrated or angry when you start using it, it may take longer.

Will this work for insomnia?

This program is designed specifically to trigger calming and sleep in people who are angry, frustrated or otherwise upset.  As such it should work for most people in most situations.  It was not designed specifically for insomnia, and it has not been tested for use as a sleep aid for insomniacs.  You will have to try it for that purpose and see how well it works for you. If you do, please report your results on our forum.

Does this program work even if I have had caffeine or some other stimulant drug?

It may, but it is not designed or intended to override stimulant drugs, and has not been tested for that function.

Can I use this program to put children to sleep?

No.  It is designed specifically to only affect people 18 years old and older as a safety precaution against misuse.

Will it put me to sleep if I am doing something for which it would be dangerous to fall asleep while I am doing that thing?

Obviously, you should not be using this program while you are doing anything that being asleep would make dangerous to do, such as operating a motor vehicle, piloting any kind of air- or water craft, using weapons, performing surgery, etc. As ridiculous as it sounds to try to use it during such activities, there have been cases in which I found a sleep aid prototype playing on my phone while I was driving and had no idea how it got started playing.  So strange things can happen.  This program is therefore specifically designed to put you to sleep only if it is safe for you to be asleep.


If you are trying to use this to fall asleep while you are angry, upset or frustrated, the first thing to do is remove yourself as much as possible from the situation that made you angry, frustrated or upset.  That will help Sleep Tranquilizer work as quickly as possible.

Choose the format you prefer - Masked, Ultrasonic or Hybrid.  Adjust the volume so that a Masked track plays at a comfortable volume.  Then play 1 loop of that track to help you fall asleep, or play it on loop to fall asleep and stay asleep while getting a good night's sleep.

Don't use this program on loop if you are using any other subliminal, as it will interrupt the other program, and potentially be interrupted by it.

If you use the Masked track and find that it isn't putting you to sleep, you can either increase the volume or try the Ultrasonic or one of the Hybrid tracks.  Remember, Masked format is the gentlest, Hybrid is the most aggressive and Ultrasonic is in the middle.  Generally, Ultrasonic format is most recommended.

Setting the volume is very important for this program.  We recommend a volume of (or equivalent to) between 7 and 13 out of 15 on your Android cell phone.  For iPhones that have 16 volume clicks, add one to that number.  For Google phones that have 30 volume clicks, double that number.  I suggest you start with a volume of 7 and work your way up to whatever works best for you.

It is recommended that you use the Ultrasonic or Hybrid tracks if possible instead of Masked.

To be eligible for a refund, you must use this program according to the instructions for at least 30 days.