Think Like a Millionaire (4G - Type B/D Hybrid)

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The natural result of thinking like a millionaire is that you act like a millionaire. And of course, acting like a millionaire is a big part of becoming a millionaire, if you are not already one.

The difference between a millionaire and the average person is their thinking and their personality traits. How does a millionaire think? As if they are already a millionaire, of course! Looking at the world from the point of view of already being a millionaire goes a long way towards becoming one, because once the subconscious mind understands what you want, it will tirelessly work to bring about synchronicity between your inner reality and your outer reality. It does this by adjusting the both your choices and world around you in various ways, from making you pay more attention to and act upon specific opportunities, to drawing the right people and circumstances into your life to achieve the desired change.

This program is primarily of interest to two groups of people: those who wish to become millionaires, and those who have become millionaires by chance. For instance, winning the lottery. Most lottery winners are either broke or in debt within a few years because they are still thinking and acting as if their former level of income is still their reality. By shifting their thinking to that of a millionaire, they will naturally act like a millionaire and thus retain their millionaire status.

A big part of being, becoming, or staying a millionaire, is allowing yourself to become, or be, that wealthy. If you have a deep belief that associates negativity with being wealthy, you will not allow yourself to become or remain wealthy. This program also removes such associations.