The X32 Subliminal Aphrodisiac (5G - ERoS)

"I pressed play, and within minutes, she was all over me, aggressively going for sex."

That's an actual quote from one of the testers.  I've heard that more than once from the testers.  I have also seen it happen, first hand. Yes, it's true, pushbutton sexual arousal has finally arrived.  Allow me to introduce you to the amazing program that does it: X32.

But you're probably skeptical.  You might be thinking, "No way!"  So let's cut to the chase.  Is everyone going to respond that way?  Of course not. But matched to the right personality, and under reasonable circumstances, many people do respond very rapidly, directly and even aggressively with sexual arousal and the desire to have sex that makes them much more ready, willing and able to initiate it -- or at least make it easy for you to.  The results are nothing short of amazing.

So what is X32?  In plain English, it's a very special blend of exotic sounds that triggers your deep brain to respond with very rapid, very powerful sexual arousal, and then tells your higher brain to act on it -- now!  The result, for the right personality type and under the right circumstances, is super fast arousal and very often, passionate, enthusiastic, throw-yourself-into-it sex.

If you're curious about what is going on under the hood, I'll tell you.  X32 is the result of research and development started in 2006.  It uses the latest 5th Generation subliminal build technology, is based on the Optimus Engine, and uses HyperSpeed Technology, Self Optimizing Scripting technology and the new MaxSpeed Technology.  Because it uses MaxSpeed technology, it is classified as a member of the ERoS (Extremely Rapid Onset Seduction) line of subliminal audio aphrodisiac programs. The result is a subliminal aphrodisiac which produces extremely rapid, very strong sexual arousal in many (but not all) listeners, and is intended to encourage the listener to act on their arousal by quickly engaging in physical sex.

X32 is known to generate sexual arousal in both male and female listeners, but is designed to generate sexual arousal primarily in females and get them to respond to males.  In specific, it will focus her arousal and attention on the male closest to the source of the audio. When used by a male around other males without the intent of arousing them specifically, the typical response is that other males will want to talk to and tend to look up to the person indicated by the program. X32 is of uncertain value for use by or on lesbians, and is not recommended for use by or on gay men.

The X32 program is known to affect listeners of all ages of legal sexual consent, from 18 to 60+, and does not appear to be age dependent for its effects.  The determining factor to whether or not it will affect a particular person seems to be based on three factors:

1. Personality and thinking style.  Very intellectual, cerebral types tend to be less affected than others because they are less "of their body" and more "in their head".  That's not to say they cannot be, or are not affected.  It just takes longer, and is less certain.

2. Their willingness to be influenced in general: very strong willed, self controlled and/or control seeking people may not be influenced well by this program.

3. It may not affect persons who strongly prefer romantic or emotionally intimate sex to erotic sex. (X24 or X25 is a much better option for them.)

Typically, X32 requires between 3 and 20 minutes to begin creating noticeable sexual arousal and sexual arousal responses, which may be experienced differently by each gender.  In males, it can produce sensations of arousal in the chest or loins.  In females, it may produce tingling of the breasts, areolas and/or nipples, as well as swelling, wetness of, throbbing of and/or tingling of the sex organs.  Given sufficient privacy, familiarity, safety, comfort and an appropriate relationship between the two persons using the aphrodisiac, sex usually results in between 5 and 60 minutes in most cases.  For example:

"Within seven minutes, it made me noticeably wet, and my nipples and clit areas were tingling.  It was the same kind of tingling I get whenever I am REALLY turned on. Within 15 minutes of the start of playing it, we were having sex." - One of my testers.

In cases where one or more important variables are off, it may take significantly longer for sex to happen, or sex may not happen at all, regardless of the responsiveness of the person to X32 for arousal. Important variables for getting people, and females in particular, to engage in sexual activity include:

  1. Sufficient privacy.
  2. Sufficient trust in the person being considered for sex.
  3. Sufficient comfort being nude around the person being considered for sex.
  4. Sufficient feelings of safety (physical, emotional, and concerning reputation) around the person being considered for sex.
  5. Sufficient feelings of safety concerning STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
  6. Appropriate relationship with the person being considered for sex.
  7. Sufficient freedom to act on desire for sex with the person being considered (i.e. not involved with someone else in a committed sense, not religiously restricted, not socially restricted, not morally or ethically restricted).
  8. Sufficient freedom from guilt, shame and/or fear concerning sex with the person being considered for sex.
  9. Not emotionally upset (angry, grieving, depressed, etc.).
  10. Not focused on higher cognitive activities, such as performing mathematics, research, studying, etc.
  11. Not focused on a task that would prevent them from responding, such as composing music, driving, video gaming, cooking, etc.
  12. Not in pain.
  13. Not distracted by important responsibilities, such as caring for children.
  14. Sufficient time in which to engage in sex comfortably.
  15. Personality matches program version.
  16. And so forth.

X32 will tend to produce a preference for a relationship between the persons using it to create sexual arousal: the more steady and stable the relationship between them, the better it will work; and the more it is used, the more there will be a desire for a relationship in which sex naturally fits as a part of the relational framework.  However, this relational effect is not as strong in X32 as it is in 8th Generation programs of this type, such as X24 or X25.

In responsive people, and under appropriate conditions for sex to occur, this program tends to produce sex quickly and tends to produce passionate and intense sex, instead of slow, romantic or very intimate sex.

This program is not intended for use on, around or by persons under the legal age of sexual consent or on persons who are unaware of their exposure to a subliminal or do not consent to being exposed to this program. Do not expose people to this program with whom you should not have sex, persons who are under the age of legal sexual consent, persons who are unaware of their exposure to a subliminal, or persons who do not consent to their exposure to a subliminal aphrodisiac. Before using this program with someone else, you should use it on yourself to determine your own level and type of response.  By using this program, you understand and agree that any and all results are your responsibility, and you are responsible for your choices and actions while you are under the influence of this program.  This program is not designed or intended to be used as a stealth seduction program.  Do not expose people to this program without their knowledge and consent to the fact that it is a subliminal aphrodisiac they are being exposed to.  To help facilitate this, each track includes an audibly spoken statement in the beginning that states, "You are listening to the X32 Subliminal Aphrodisiac.". Please note that there is no ultrasonic only track in this set, as it would be too easily abused.

This program is a 5th Generation subliminal, and therefore should not be used while any other subliminal is playing.

To calibrate volume:

Step 1. Play the Trickling Stream version, and adjust the volume to the desired level.

Step 2. Play the Ocean Surf version, and adjust the volume so that the highest points of volume are not too loud, but the lowest points of volume are still at least faintly audible.

Step 3. If at this volume the ultrasonic additions are too loud, back the volume down slightly.

How to use it:

Simply play the track you prefer at the calibrated volume whenever you wish to spice things up.  Make sure to avoid exposing anyone under the legal age of sexual consent, or anyone who is unaware that they are being exposed and/or does not give their consent to being exposed. Play it until the desired results are achieved.  You may also play it overnight while you sleep.

If you are attempting to generate arousal in someone you are not currently involved with, and even if you are involved with them, it can be useful to understand body language signals that it is working, especially if you have a partner who prefers not to initiate.

X32 is NOT designed or intended for:

  • Public usage.
  • Arousing people who are engaged in complex or focus-based activities, such as studying, calculating, or working.
  • Use on, around or by minors under the age of legal sexual consent in their jurisdiction.
  • Use targeting people who are unaware of it's use.
  • Use on people involved with or married to someone else.
  • People who are resistant to sexual activity.
  • Gay men.
  • Taking advantage of others, especially inebriated or drugged individuals.
  • Use on people who are angry, upset, or otherwise impassioned in a negative direction.
  • Stealth seduction.

By purchasing, downloading or using this program, you agree to:

  1. Accept all responsibility for any and all results of using this program.
  2. Use this program carefully and responsibly, including appropriate birth control measures and protection against the spreading of sexually transmitted infections.
  3. Not use this program on, or around minors under the legal age of sexual consent for the jurisdiction in which this program is being used.
  4. Not use this program if you are a minor under the legal age of sexual consent for the jurisdiction in which this program is being used.
  5. Not expose others to this program without their knowledge and consent.
  6. Not use this program in places, circumstances or around people where it would be inappropriate to display pornography.
  7. Not use this program to take advantage of someone else, induce them to cheat, or subject them to unwanted sexual arousal.
  8. Not allow yourself to act on any resulting self arousal in inappropriate ways.

Sexual arousal is frequently notable through body language if your partner or subject does not otherwise tell you they are aroused.  Body language indicators of sexual arousal typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased eye contact, including frequency of eye contact, length of eye contact holds, aggressiveness of eye contact, and the use of gaze seduction or communication.
  • Smiling at you, especially repeatedly when eye contact is made, especially if they bite their lip.
  • Increased fidgeting with the hands or moving around in a seat.
  • Caressing of the upper thighs, arms, stomach, chest, neck and/or face.
  • Biting the lips, especially while stealing glances or giving "come f*** me" looks.
  • Noticeably increased lubrication of the vagina.
  • Expressing a sexual scent via the expressed increase in vaginal lubrication.
  • Erection of the penis or nipples.
  • Breathing changes, including faster and/or deeper breathing.
  • Waving the legs open and closed, or letting them fall open further than is socially acceptable, and then closing them if/when this is realized.
  • Keeping the legs tightly closed, especially if one or both hands are placed between them.
  • Flipping or playing with hair more frequently, especially if hair is flipped in your direction, or the person is older than normally would flip or play with their hair idly.
  • Turning the torso to face the subject of sexual interest, or the source of the audio.
  • Exposing or hiding the neck by moving hair out of the way, or covering it with the hair on the side of the neck facing you.
  • Exposing one or both soles of the feet to you, while standing or sitting; even better if they are barefoot, and better still if they take off shoes to make themselves barefoot first.
  • Pointing one foot at you for a couple minutes or longer when doing so requires an unusual foot placement to accomplish.
  • In some cases, a person with sexually sensitive nipples may caress, rub or even pinch their nipples.
  • Finding excuses to be as physically close to you as possible without being inappropriate.
  • Turning the conversation noticeably sexual in nature, or making sexually suggestive comments, sounds, actions or movements.
  • Verbally or physically initiating kissing, sexual contact or sex.

In general, for faster or more intense results, higher volumes are better; for less resistance, lower volumes are better.  When used under the circumstances this program was designed for, you should not encounter resistance.  Use the calibrated volume to begin with, and adjust from there only if necessary to correct an issue or improve results.

You have 30 days to use this program and see the results for yourself.  If, after that time, you have not been satisfied, you have a generous 180 days to request a refund.  There's no risk.

Note - To be elegible for a refund for our aphrodesiac programs you must have used it for a minimum of a month.