The Ultimate Weapon: X124

Warning: This program is for advanced users or specific conditions, and may be dangerous if used inappropriately or carelessly.  Do not purchase this program if PSE-Volume 1 does not give you good results under the same expected usage conditions.  Please read this product description carefully, as it is also the program instructions.

The Ultimate Weapon was originally conceived as an idea for a program that would be useful for stealth seduction - thus the name.  However, several years of experimenting show that stealth seduction is by far not the best use for this program (X124).  While the Ultimate Weapon line of programs certainly can be used to arouse people of both genders, that arousal will not be acted on or even expressed without very specific conditions - conditions which make these programs perfect as an aphrodisiac for couples who wish to spice up their love lives.

This program is designated X124.  X124 is the 7th generation descendant of the Poetry of the Silent Eros Volume 1, and like its progenitor, it includes no script at all.  However, this program is approximately 54 times (!!!) more powerful and effective at generating sexual arousal in most people.  It is also much faster.  Tests have revealed that under ideal conditions, sex may result from using this program's use in less than 10 minutes.  Under typical conditions, arousal may become consciously noticeable within 10 to 20 minutes, and sex may result in 10 to 60 minutes with a receptive partner.  Adverse conditions - anything missing from the list of conditions required below - may delay sex, or prevent sex altogether.

X124 will tend to make sex that happens while it is being used noticeably more passionate.  Either gender may be induced to initiate depending on their sexual arousal response and personality.  The effect is intended to be short term, however, typically lasting between 1 and 48 hours after exposure, depending on the length of exposure time.

X124 is best used:

  1. When both parties know about and consent to it's use.
  2. When there is sufficient privacy to act on the resulting sexual arousal.
  3. When the subject is comfortable with and familiar with the person using it.
  4. When the subject is in a location in which they feel comfortable expressing and acting on their sexual arousal.
  5. When the subject has the time to engage in sex.
  6. When the subject is relaxed.
  7. When the subject is not being distracted by work, children, video games, responsibilities, etc.
  8. When the subject has their attention focused on the person playing the program.
  9. When the subject feels safe indulging their sexual arousal - this includes safe from unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, losing privacy, etc.
  10. When the subject is not subject to guilt, shame or fear concerning the repercussions of having sex, including religious reasons, societal pressures, other people's opinions, degree of involvement with someone else, etc.
  11. When both parties are willing to have sex with eachother.

In other words, this program will work best when the subject has the time, privacy, freedom and ability to respond to the resulting sexual arousal, and is not mentally focused on anything that would distract them from it.  When it is used as an aphrodisiac between two or more people who have these conditions, you will find that the results are almost always very good.

X124 is NOT designed or intended for:

  • Public usage.
  • Arousing people who are engaged in complex or focus-based activities, such as studying, calculating, or working.
  • Use on, around or by minors under the age of legal sexual consent in their jurisdiction.
  • Use targetting people who are unaware of it's use.
  • Use on people involved with or married to someone else.
  • People who are resistant to sexual activity.
  • People who are suffering low sex drive due to depression, including postpartum depression in women who have recently given birth.
  • Gay men.
  • Taking advantage of others, especially inebriated or drugged individuals.
  • Use on people who are angry, upset, or otherwise impassioned in a negative direction.
  • Stealth seduction.

Not everyone will respond to this program.  However, it will positively affect the vast majority of those who hear it who are heterosexual or bisexual. It is untested and of uncertain effect on homosexual men, but should affect homosexual women also.

Because it does not have any script, it can be used with equal success regardless of the language your subject speaks or understands.  However, this also means there is nothing to guide, enhance or shape the resulting arousal.  So arousal may be associated with whomever is in the direct line of sight from the player, or may occur and be directed towards someone else entirely if care is not taken to use it in the right circumstances and environment.

Arousal may be associated with the source (or apparent source) of the audio if the subject is unaware that the program is playing.  This program may generate sexual arousal in the person using it just as much as in the intended subject.  You are still responsible for your actions regardless of your own level of sexual arousal, so do not use this program around others until you are familiar with how it affects you.

By purchasing, downloading or using this program, you agree to:

  • Accept all responsibility for any and all results of using this program.
  • Use this program carefully and responsibly, including appropriate birth control measures and protection against the spreading of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Not use this program on, or around minors under the legal age of sexual consent for the jurisdiction in which this program is being used.
  • Not use this program if you are a minor under the legal age of sexual consent for the jurisdiction in which this program is being used.
  • Not expose others to this program without their knowledge and consent.
  • Not use this program in places, circumstances or around people where it would be inappropriate to display pornography.
  • Not use this program to take advantage of someone else, induce them to cheat, or subject them to unwanted sexual arousal.
  • Not allow yourself to act on any resulting self arousal in inappropriate ways.

Sexual arousal is frequently notable through body language if your partner or subject does not otherwise tell you they are aroused.  Body language indicators of sexual arousal typically include, but are not limited to:

  1. Increased eye contact, including frequency of eye contact, length of eye contact holds, aggressiveness of eye contact, and the use of gaze seduction or communication.
  2. Increased fidgeting with the hands or moving around in a seat.
  3. Caressing of the upper thighs, arms, stomach, chest, neck and/or face.
  4. Biting the lips, especially while stealing glances or giving "come f*** me" looks.
  5. Noticeably increased lubrication of the vagina.
  6. Expressing a sexual scent via the expressed increase in vaginal lubrication.
  7. Erection of the penis or nipples.
  8. Breathing changes, including faster and/or deeper breathing.
  9. Waving the legs open and closed, or letting them fall open further than is socially acceptable, and then closing them if/when this is realized.
  10. Keeping the legs tightly closed, especially if one or both hands are placed between them.
  11. Flipping or playing with hair more frequently, especially if hair is flipped in your direction, or the person is older than normally would flip or play with their hair idly.
  12. Turning the torso to face the subject of sexual interest, or the source of the audio.
  13. Exposing or hiding the neck by moving hair out of the way, or covering it with the hair on the side of the neck facing you.
  14. Exposing one or both soles of the feet to you, while standing or sitting; even better if they are barefoot, and better still if they take off shoes to make themselves barefoot first.
  15. In some cases, a person with sexually sensitive nipples may caress, rub or even pinch their nipples.
  16. Finding excuses to be as physically close to you as possible without being inappropriate.
  17. Turning the conversation noticeably sexual in nature, or making sexually suggestive comments, sounds, actions or movements.
  18. Verbally or physically initiating kissing, sexual contact or sex.

The appropriate volume at which to play this program will range from approximately -35 to -40 dB at the source.  This correlates to approximately 50% to 75% of maximum volume on most portable players or cell phones.  (Download FrequenSee [free, not from Indigo Mind Labs] to get a visual volume reading.)  If this is irritating, lower the volume until it is not.  For faster or more intense results, higher volumes are better; for less resistance, lower volumes are better.

Note - To be elegible for a refund for our aphrodesiac programs you must have used it for a minimum of a month.