Old Version - Do Not Buy: Testosterone Maximizer For Men (5G - Type B/C Hybrid)

This program, of course, is designed to maximize the testosterone production of the man using it.  It's intended for men who are 35 years old or older, to help restore the testosterone that is decreasing with age.  Anyone younger using it should be careful: too much testosterone produces a tendency to be very irritable. Regardless of your age, if using this program causes you to become unreasonably irritable, short tempered or angry, you should stop using it, as you may be experiencing a testosterone overdose.

The program is based on 5th Generation build technology and the new Optimus Engine, and uses HyperSpeed technology and a very advanced and highly customized Self Optimizing Script.  This is literally cutting edge subliminal technology - the most advanced in the world.  This program will give the highest rate of testosterone production increase possible from a subliminal.  It works by instructing your subconscious mind, which is the "control panel" for your body, to get your body to focus on and maximize testosterone production.

The program should be used for six months.  The results should become noticeable within the first 32 days.  After 6 months, the effects should be long term.  If they eventually begin to fade, simply re-run the program for another six months, or as long as you need to achieve the results you desire.

Testosterone production decreases with age, and affects a man in many ways.  Lower sex drive, less performance, less energy, less strength and others.  With this program, you can effectively fight the effects of age naturally, without pills or herbs or supplements.  You buy it once, and use it as needed, for the rest of your life.  Now that's a great deal!

Please be aware that testosterone production capacity fades with time as well.  So a man at 35 will get a much better result from this program than a man in his 80's.  But what is possible, this program will make happen.

Please use this program according to the directions for 5th Gen subliminals web page in the store.


This program is based on the Optimus Engine, which is proprietary technology and is therefore not published.

Hi Shannon,
I just want to attest that your program – Testosterone Maximizer – WORKS. After a few months of listening to it, I keep erecting several times a day as if I became a teenager again. I also wake up with extremely strong erection almost every morning.
The first few months, though, mental side effects were obvious. Aggression, irresistance towards people and things were so present. Later on, these behaviors began to subside. What remains is just a healthier body and frequent and stronger erection. At first, I wasn’t really comfortable with this. Later on I just came to accept this as a part of my life.
Again, let me state that it works and is exceedingly effective. Thanks for creating a subliminal program like this. I wish more men have an opportunity to listen to this, so that we have more real men on this planet in which men are getting more and more feminine.