Stop Drinking Alcohol Forever v2.0 (4G/Type B)

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This extremely powerful program is designed to get the listener to stop drinking alcohol - forever. It works in several ways, acting as a sort of "broad spectrum carpet bombing response" to the problem of alcohol addiction, also known as "alcoholism".

In an effort to make the program as effective as possible, considering the resistance that the listener may have to change if they read the script, I keep some of the specifics of how I accomplish the result a trade secret.  This means that not all of the script is listed below.

The result in most cases is that the person simply stops using alcohol, often within 2 to 4 weeks, and they frequently even wonder why they're no longer using it (if they are not aware that this program is being used). If you intend to use this program without the person knowing, it is strongly recommended that you do not tell them what you used to cause the change, as this may lead to reversal and subsequent resistance.

It is recommended to use this program for a minimum of 3 to 6 months, even after alcohol use has ceased.

“I am using the stop drinking alcohol with great success.”