Socializing Is Just A Fun Game (3G - Type B)

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This program is one of our favorites. It is, in fact, one of the ones we have heard called "absolutely brilliant" by customers, and is very useful for a lot of people, male and female. What it does is simply trains your subconscious to believe that socializing is nothing more than a fun game. Because it is just a game, there is nothing to take personally and nothing to lose - so you really can enjoy it. When you take this idea and make it a part of your deep beliefs, you begin relaxing and not only enjoying social interaction, but seeking it out. As a game, the goal is to have fun, and this program is designed to help you make it fun for yourself and others too. The result is that you become more socially skilled, socially active, and more socially successful. Great for those with social anxiety, poor social skills, and pickup artists, as well as people who tend to take things personally or very emotionally sensitive types.