Sex Drive Maximizer (5.75g - Type A/B/C/D)

What if you could press play, and access the peak of your sex drive quickly and effortlessly?  Better yet, what if you could do this for yourself and your significant other at the same time?

If you're in your 20's or late teens, chances are you should have close to the height of your natural sex drive going on, but things can get in the way.  School stress, job stress, money stress, relationship stress, guilt, shame, fear and family issues can all lower sexual interest and sex drive, even for people who would otherwise be at, or close to, their lifetime sexual peak.

If you're past your 20's you may have noticed that -- on top of all the stuff I mentioned above -- your sex drive, sexual responses, sexual interest and sexual recovery times are changing in ways that aren't what you want as you age.  Or maybe they already have changed, and you want to reverse that process?  Here are some questions that will help you know if this program is right for you:

  • Are you involved with or married to someone who doesn’t want sex as much as you do, or wants it much more than you?
  • Are you seeing your sexual interest and responses fade as you get older?
  • Have you lost interest in sex after a sexual trauma?
  • Have you lost interest in sex after giving birth?
  • Do you have a sex drive that is just fine, but you want to take it to the next level?
  • Do you want to see what the limits are for how high your sex drive can go?
  • Are you wanting to make your relationship more fun and interesting sexually?
  • Would you like to be ready for sex faster and more easily, be ready for another go-around faster after sex, have more sexual drive and more sex in general?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Sex Drive Maximizer is the program for you! It helps with all of those situations.

Not every couple who has a difference in sex drive will have the same reasons behind it.  Some of those reasons may be beyond the capabilities of this program to help with.  If you and your significant other hate or deeply distrust each other (for example) and don't have sex because of things like that, increasing your sex drives is probably not going to help.  What would be more helpful in that situation would be something like couples therapy, or perhaps Life Tune-Up.  But if you have different levels of sex drive because of things like age, hormonal imbalances, guilt, shame, fear or simply a low sex drive naturally, Sex Drive Maximizer should help a lot, and make your sex life significantly more vibrant and fun.

It’s also a lot of fun to use for people who aren’t suffering from lowered sex drive or sexual response. Most people aren’t operating at their maximum sex drive all the time, and let’s face it – that’s probably a good thing. But what if you could achieve that state simply by pressing “Play”?  Now you can rev up those engines pretty much on demand by doing just that!

Sex Drive Maximizer can also significantly liven up dates and gatherings – of course provided that everyone exposed consciously knows it’s playing, and consciously consents to being exposed to it! (Never expose people who have not consciously consented to being exposed to this.)  When played with mutual consent on dates, and to groups of consenting adults, some very interesting things can happen.  It can make things a LOT more fun and interesting if the circumstances are right!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this program include an Auric Shield? Yes, it has the Directional Reflection Shield built in.  This will cause any negative responses from others to your increased sex drive and sexuality to be reflected back to them, instead of affecting you.  The result is that it enables you to enjoy your higher sex drive without being affected by guilt, shame, fear and other subtle energy-based manipulation tactics.

Is Fear Removal Module turned on in this program?  No.

Can I use this program if I am pregnant or nursing?  Please consult your doctor before using this program if you are pregnant or nursing.

Does this program have an age limiter? Yes. It is designed to only work with, on and for people 18 years of age and older. However, it is very likely that it is illegal to expose anyone under 18 to this program regardless, given the subject matter. On top of that, it is just the wrong thing to do. Never expose anyone under the legal age of sexual majority in your jurisdiction to this program!

Does this program make people more likely to cheat? Sex Drive Maximizer is designed with multiple safeties concerning that. Specifically, it is designed to prevent direct or indirect cheating – that is to say, someone cheating themselves, or having sex with someone who must cheat to have sex with them.

Does this program deal with premature ejaculation? No, it increases your sex drive only. Premature ejaculation can be caused by a variety of things, and can exist regardless of the level of your sex drive.

Does this program tell others to have sex with me specifically? No, this program doesn’t tell anyone to have sex, or have sex with anyone in specific. It increases the sex drive. The listener must decide what to do with that situation once it is in play. It is designed this way to prevent unwanted consequences, and the listener is always in control of what they do with their sexual desires, and therefore is responsible for their own actions as a result of this program.

Does this program prevent pregnancy or disease? No, that is entirely your responsibility.

Does this program work with drugs designed to trigger erections and increase sex drive? You can use it alone or with such drugs. However, we strongly recommend that you be completely familiar with how it affects you before ever using it along with any drug attempting to do something similar. It should stack with such drugs. NEVER attempt to stack this program with drugs for erectile response or increased libido if you are not healthy enough to have sex!

Does this program trigger erections in men? It is possible, but not guaranteed. Erectile activity is typically made significantly easier and more likely, but some of the causes of erection and erectile dysfunction will require a different approach to deal with.

Will this program make men and/or women more orgasmic, or more easily orgasmic? It will depend on a variety of factors as to how it affects men and women in that direction, making it impossible to say definitively that it will or will not for any particular person or couple.

Can I use this program if my doctor has told me I am not healthy enough to have sex? No! Always follow your doctor’s advice and orders on this matter!

Can this program trigger group sex? If it is used to expose a group of people, and they all consent to being exposed to it, Sex Drive Maximizer can significantly increase the likelihood of group sex happening.  Of course, all present must be willing to have group sex, which is not influenced by this program. NEVER EXPOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT CONSENTED TO BEING EXPOSED!

Can I get my date to have sex with me using this? If your date has consented to being exposed, and you expose them for long enough, then it is more likely that they will decide they want to have sex with you on the date if you use this. It is not guaranteed. But again… NEVER EXPOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT CONSENTED TO BEING EXPOSED!

Will this program make someone who isn’t interested in having sex with me more likely to have sex with me? In the case that they consent to being exposed to it, there will be two major outcomes. First, they consent, knowing what you’re trying to do, and they resist having sex with you regardless of how it affects them, choosing to abstain, masturbate or have sex with someone else instead. The other possible response is that they decide that they are willing to have sex with you as a result of how high their sex drive is. The most likely outcome is the former, unless they are close to being willing to have sex with you regardless. And again… NEVER EXPOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT CONSENTED TO BEING EXPOSED!

What if I already have a very high sex drive? If you have a very high sex drive (but it is not yet at maximum), and you play this program, prepare to be tortured with an even higher sex drive. If your sex drive is already at maximum, Sex Drive Maximizer will not likely have a noticeable effect.

Does this program guarantee that people exposed to it will have sex/have sex with me? No. The program increases their sex drive, but it does not require them to do anything in particular about that change of state. Some will refuse to do anything; some will choose to have sex with you; some will choose to have sex with someone else; some will choose to masturbate. It will depend on the circumstances, their personality, their age, their beliefs, your relationship with them, how comfortable they are with you, etc.

How old can I be and still get results from this program? We do not have anyone who can test this program for us who is older than their later 40’s. However, the models predict that it should be effective for a significant portion of the population up to and including those in their 90’s. You will have to try it and see how it works for your specific situation.

What if I have a hormonal imbalance that is lowering my sex drive? In most cases, this program should increase your sex drive regardless.

How long does this program take to noticeably kick in? Some people will experience heightened sexual interest and arousal within minutes, and some may require hours or days of exposure before they notice anything happening. Most people should see noticeable results in minutes or hours.

Can I use this program “in the moment”? Yes. In fact it is designed with this sort of usage in mind. It is recommended that you use it for at least fifty (50) minutes before attempting to initiate and have sex.

Can this program be used for long term programming? Yes, you are encouraged to use Sex Drive Maximizer as long term programming to experience its full potential. Maximum recommended usage before you should take a break is four (4) months straight usage. After that, you should take five (5) weeks off the program to allow your body to recover from the constant effort it takes to create the desired effects. After that 5 weeks off, you may again run it for up to 4 months at a time as long term programming.

What will happen if I use it for more than 4 months at a time? Simply put, the vast majority of users will find that their body will become exhausted in certain ways that will make the program’s effects fade, regardless of how much you use it. After 4 months of continuous use, not taking a 5 week break is simply wasting time that you could have been enjoying the effects.  And if you don't take the full break, you'll just exhaust your body's ability to achieve the program's goals faster next time you play it.

Can I use it as long term programming and “in the moment” together? This is not advised, as the loops per day and days on/days off will be disrupted by doing so. If you do use it this way, be sure to limit it to once a month or less.

How long should I play it if I want to use it “in the moment”? For “in the moment” use, it will work best when used for 2 loops.

Which is better? In the moment or long term usage? That will depend on hat you want to get out of the program. Is your goal to restore or improve a lost or lowered sex drive or deal with an unequal sex drive situation in a relationship? You want to use it for long term programming. Is your goal to spice things up a little more sometimes, or occasionally boost a normal to high sex drive? In the moment usage is probably right for you in that case.

Will this program make me or someone else lose control of themselves? No. It is designed to increase sex drive to maximum, while allowing you to make all of your own choices as to what you want to do about it. Whatever you do, as a result, is your choice and your responsibility.

Will this program turn me into a nymphomaniac? To start, let us define a nymphomaniac. A nymphomaniac is a woman who experiences an obsessive/compulsive desire for sex based on one of three causes: an ideal hormonal balance to result in that; a belief that love can only be achieved by having physical sex; or both. If you are not a woman, then you cannot become a nymphomaniac. If you are a woman, then this program may result in an extreme desire for sex, but it should not be obsessive/compulsive in nature. So it should not result in nymphomania according to this definition.


DO NOT expose this program to anyone who is under the age of sexual majority or 18, whichever is higher. DO NOT expose this program to anyone who is not consciously aware they are being exposed, and consents to being exposed to it. Do not use this program along with any other subliminal or mind programming method. Please consult your doctor before using this program if you are pregnant or nursing.

This program can be used “In the moment” or as long term programming. You should choose one or the other, and avoid mixing them.

For In The Moment usage, play it for 2 loops at a time, and try to get at least 50 minutes of exposure before attempting to initiate or have sex. Expose yourself and if they are consenting and it is possible, your partner(s). Use a volume equivalent to 13/15 on your Android cell phone, 14/16 on your iPhone, or 26/30 on your Google device. If you find this volume does not produce the desired effects, try lowering it one click per exposure and see if things improve.

For long term programming usage, play this program four (4) loops per day on, for three (3) days on and one (1) day off per usage cycle. Do this for as long as you wish, up to a maximum of 4 months at a time. Then take a 5 week break from this program. If you wish to maintain the effects this program has during the 5 week break, do not use any other subliminal during that time until and unless the program’s effects have become long term or permanent effects.  Use a volume equivalent to 13/15 on your Android cell phone, 14/16 on your iPhone, or 26/30 on your Google device. If you find this volume does not produce the desired effects, try lowering it one click per exposure and see if things improve.

To be eligible for a refund of this program, you must use it as long term programming, and for at least 3 months.