Resist And Reject Miscarriage (3G – Type B)

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This program was designed and created at the request of a customer to help prevent miscarriages through the conditioning of the subconscious mind.  This customer had had several miscarriages in a row, none of which had any medical explanation.  After interviewing her I concluded that she was having these miscarriages out of subconscious fear, and I created this program for her.

It is designed to work like this.

  • First, by disconnecting and erasing fears and expectations of a miscarriage, it prevents those from potentially helping to cause one when it would not happen otherwise.
  • Next, it focuses the body on resisting miscarriage whenever possible.
  • Then it conditions the subconscious to resist miscarriage and reject them.
  • Finally, it focuses your mind and body on making the live birth of all pregnancies that both you and the father choose to keep happen every time you become pregnant.

The program is designed to help you avoid miscarriage as much as is possible, but no guarantee is made, either expressed or implied, that it will prevent miscarriages.  This program was created using principles that are known to work, but because of the subject matter, it cannot be tested except through actual use.  Therefore, until we have enough feedback from users to determine effectiveness, consider this program experimental and of uncertain efficacy.  For best results, please use this program for at least 32 days before conception, and during the entire pregnancy.

And if you've read this far, last communication was that by using this program, she had finally and successfully conceived, carried her child to term, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.