Poetry of the Silent Eros 3.0, Volume 2 (Type A)

The Poetry of the Silent Eros Volume 2 is similar to Volume 1. They are both silent ultrasonic subliminal aphrodisiacs over 60 minutes in length. The difference is that Volume 2 includes subliminal suggestions designed to enhance, speed up, and produce more powerful results.

This aphrodisiac was originally designed to help women who suffer from low sex drive after having a child.  It also works very well for almost anyone in general.  Like Volume 1, it typically requires between 5 and 45 minutes to produce noticeable results, with the average being 15 to 20 minutes. Unlike the first volume, this program can be used as a standard long term use subliminal, and as such, becomes a way to potentially raise the sex drive long term, while simultaneously providing a source of arousal.

Research has shown that this program is not always the best option.  People will tend to respond best to this program when they prefer to be directed in what to do.  For these people, volumes 2, 4 and 5 are most effective.  If the person exposed to it dislikes being directed or "told what to do", they may tend to resist it.  For these people, Volume 1 or 3 are better choices.

This program is only for use by and around adults who are aware of and consenting to its use on them. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase or use this. It comes with complete instructions on how to use it and get the most out of it.

Note - To be elegible for a refund for our aphrodesiac programs you must have used it for a minimum of a month.

“If you want to make some female friends fast…use PSE. I swear this thing is like a real world easy button as long as you give it enough time. Females are much easier to get along with while this is playing. I had one girl in particular who was definitely being affected.”

“I can also testify to the subs. They saved my marriage (from being sexless).”

“My wife was frigid – Poetry of the Silent Eros and female orgasm enhancer restored our sex life. I study Chinese because I live in Shanghai – I get through my flashcards 3 times faster if I listen to the subs while I study (even without continuous overnight usage). My wife’s chest was flat – she gained about a cup size after 3 months and is still growing, I’m not stopping it till she hits DD.”