Poetry of the Silent Eros 3.0, Volume 1 (Type A)

This is a silent ultrasonic program only. It is more than 60 minutes of subliminal aphrodisiac, designed to trigger the deep brain to produce a temporary arousal response. It works very well, too, and because of how it works, it does not matter what language the person speaks or understands - they will understand the message this program is sending to their subconscious mind! It typically requires between 5 and 45 minutes to begin seeing results, with most people showing responses in about 20 minutes.

You will be amazed at the extreme results you can get from these programs. When aroused to the degree that these programs can generate, it is very common for people to experience a doubling or tripling of their sexual interest, and it is actually fairly common for already highly sexed people exposed to it for too long to become hypersexual.

This program is great when used in any situation, as long as the volume is set properly so that it isn't irritating or distracting.  Typically, people will respond more positively to you even if they haven't had enough exposure to become aroused sexually. The effect is strongest from females, and you may find yourself amazed at how you are treated as a VIP while playing this program to certain types of people.  It's also a wonderful addition to any encounter where you want to cause sexual arousal, without being intrusive about it.  Because it is silent when played at a reasonable volume, the effect is a natural transition to arousal, which will be associated with you as long as you are in very close proximity to the speaker(s) playing the program.  It's an excellent choice for play from a cell phone at medium to medium high volume for that reason.

This program is only for use by and around adults who are aware of and consenting to its use on them. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase or use this. It comes with complete instructions on how to use it and get the most out of it.

Note - To be elegible for a refund for our aphrodesiac programs you must have used it for a minimum of a month.

“If you want to make some female friends fast…use PSE. I swear this thing is like a real world easy button as long as you give it enough time. Females are much easier to get along with while this is playing. I had one girl in particular who was definitely being affected.”

“I can also testify to the subs. They saved my marriage (from being sexless).”

“My wife was frigid – Poetry of the Silent Eros and female orgasm enhancer restored our sex life. I study Chinese because I live in Shanghai – I get through my flashcards 3 times faster if I listen to the subs while I study (even without continuous overnight usage). My wife’s chest was flat – she gained about a cup size after 3 months and is still growing, I’m not stopping it till she hits DD.”