Overcoming The Victim Mentality (4G - Type B)

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The “Victim Mentality” shows up in two major forms.  The first form is the unconscious form, in which a person thinks of themselves as a victim in some way, or of some sort, without even realizing it.  The second is when a person consciously thinks and acts like a victim in order to consciously get something they want. (Attention, pity, special treatment, lack of responsibility for their choices and actions, etc.)

In either case, the victim mindset is dangerous and unhealthy.  It is commonly used to manipulate others through guilt, shame or fear, and is damaging to the holder of the mindset by degrading self esteem, self respect, success and happiness.  Overcoming the victim mindset is a very healthy thing for a person so encumbered to do.  This program is designed to do just that.