Overcoming Stage Fright (3G - Type B)

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Stage fright is a condition in which being the focus of the attention of many people brings about a fear based response. This can be absolutely deadly for those who must be on stage to accomplish their dreams and goals. Overcoming stage fright is simply a matter of two things:

1. Disconnect the fear. Once you disconnect the fear, the trigger that caused it can easily be overwritten and replaced.
2. Genuinely enjoy the experience. There is no stage fright in people who genuinely enjoy the experience at all levels and in all ways, and so we program this into your subconscious mind as a replacement for the fear based response.

The result? You seem to magically go from fear and paralysis to looking forward to and enjoying the experience of being on stage.

But there''s one other thing we have put into this program that will make it even more useful. There is a special set of suggestions designed to allow you to easily remember what you are supposed to be doing when you're on stage. Whether it''s your lines and cues, your speech, or whatever else, this will allow you to remember it easily while you''re on stage.