Overcome Fear Of Failure (3G - Type B)

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Have you ever wanted to do something, achieve something, accomplish something - experience something - but were unable to get started because you were afraid you would fail?  Or maybe you got started, but couldn't keep going because of it?  Maybe you even got to the point where you failed, and it was too much to bear.

Fear of failure is a big problem that faces a lot of people.  It gets in the way of success, and often prevents people from even trying.  But if you have a fear of failure that prevents you from achieving your goals and succeeding, you can overcome it with this program.

This program is designed to attack the problem at it's roots: fears become larger than life over time, and seem much bigger than they really are.  I remember how that was so obvious to me one day after I spent a week being terrified of having blood drawn, only to discover that it only took a few seconds, and didn't even really hurt.  It was terribly anti-climactic.  Most fears are like that.  To combat the fear, we first must take away its power.  Fear is an emotion; so, we simply disconnect the mind from that emotion.  Voila!

But that''s not all this program does.  Not by a long shot! Disconnecting the fear is only half the battle.  There must be something to replace it, or it will find it''s way back in over time.  Therefore, we replace the fear of failure with the joy and expectation of success.  Once you have succeeded, fear of failure cannot exist, because there is no failure to fear!  And along the way, we strip failure of it's scariness by understanding that the only true failure is to stop trying to succeed".  This way, we actually require you to refuse to stop trying to succeed, and the result is inevitably success!

This program also builds in success-based thinking.  You cannot fear failure when you are thinking success, because they are mutually exclusive: when you focus on the negative (failure), you begin creating it at a subconscious level.  When you focus on the positive (success), you do the same, in reverse.  Fear only intensifies that focus and manifests it faster.  By thinking success-based thoughts and thriving on the joy of success, you can't fear failure - even if it wasn't disconnected!