Overcome Approach Anxiety For Gay Men (4G - Type B)

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This program is designed to allow the user to overcome and eliminate approach anxiety. What is approach anxiety? It is the anxiety many men feel when they are interested in, and attempt to approach, a man they find attractive.

This program works by disconnecting approach anxiety where it begins - your subconscious mind - and replacing it with a calm, relaxed and fully automated response that when you see a man you find attractive you approach him with something interesting to say automatically and effortlessly without any anxiety at all.

It also helps you deal casually with rejection, by disconnecting your emotional response if rejection happens.  The result is that in those cases where you approach and are rejected, you simply casually find someone else to talk to, without taking it personally or suffering any emotional upset.

The 4th Gen version of this program now includes the full script of Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Fear.