Orgasm Enhancer (5.75.3g - Type A/B/C/D)

♦WARNING♦ This program is designed to cause all of the orgasms of the people exposed to it to become as extreme and pleasurable as their body is capable of making them.  Please do not use this program if you are not healthy enough for sex!  Consult your doctor if you are unsure that you are healthy enough for sex.  You take full responsibility for how you use this program, whom you expose to it and using it safely if you have health issues that may make sex or orgasm unsafe for you.  DO NOT engage in any activity while driving that will cause you to have an orgasm if you are using this program, as the effects of Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G while having an orgasm while driving may cause you to lose control of yourself and or your vehicle and crash your vehicle, which may cause serious bodily harm, injury or even death.  Make sure that your vehicle is stationary if you're going to have sex in your car while using this program!

By the time they are 18 years old - which is the minimum age for which this program will work - most people have a pretty good idea how to achieve an orgasm, and how to have a really, really good one.

But what if I told you that there is a very high probability that you have no idea just what your full potential for pleasure during an orgasm really is?  Have you ever wondered just how much pleasure you could be achieving during orgasm if you were to have the best orgasm your body is actually capable of?  What if you could not only achieve those much better orgasms, but do so consistently and without additional effort?

Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G is a subliminal designed, for anyone 18 years old or older, to cause any and all orgasms you have to be as extreme and pleasurable as your body is capable of experiencing.  It doesn't matter how or what you do to cause the orgasm, and it doesn't matter if you are male or female.  If you want to experience the most extreme orgasms possible, then get this program and discover what you've been missing!

This program can be useful for making orgasms resulting from any and all types of sex significantly better, whether you are having sex with yourself or a partner or even multiple other people at once.  Play it to a group, use it with your spouse, girlfriend, Tinder date, lover, or just yourself.  It doesn't matter; all you need to do is play it long enough before having an orgasm, and you can enjoy the benefits.  Naturally, all people exposed to this program should be of legal age of sexual consent, and they should also all know they are being exposed and consent to exposure.

What do you suppose will happen if your girlfriend or wife or friend with benefits or date suddenly starts having vastly better orgasms than they ever had before, but only whenever they have sex with you?  Do you think they will want more sex, and want to have sex more frequently?

Maybe blowing your Tinder date out of the water on the first date will get them to come back for more.  Maybe they'll tell their friends how good the sex was.  Maybe their friends will want some, too.  Maybe you'll get a reputation for being an amazing lover, or at least "the one to go to for the best orgasms".

If you and/or your significant other has touch, or especially sex, as their primary love language, then this program is practically a must.  It will make your relationship and sex life better because for people whose primary language of love is touch or sex, better orgasms translates to more feelings of intimacy, connection, trust and love.

Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G only does one specific thing, but there are a lot of reasons why you would want to use this program.  Figuring out and exploring them all can be a lot of fun!

I'll leave you with an FAQ to answer all your questions.


Q: Does this program make it easier for me to achieve an orgasm, or control my orgasm to last longer?

A: Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G is designed only to enhance and improve the pleasure you get from having an orgasm.  It does not affect how easily or quickly you achieve an orgasm because it is designed to be used by both men and women, who frequently have reversed needs in that direction: men typically want to be able to control their orgasms and last longer before having one, while women typically want to be able to achieve orgasm more quickly and easily.

Q: Will Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G still work if I use a condom during sex?

A: Yes!  It won't matter if you use a condom, or in fact any other form of birth control.  Using this program will result in the same extreme level of orgasmic pleasure regardless, as long as you achieve at least one orgasm.

Q: Can I use this program for "in the moment" spontaneous sex?

A: The best way to use this program for spontaneous sex is to use it as long term subliminal programming.  It can also be used "in the moment", but for that it must be used for at least 1 (one) loop before orgasm.  That might make spontaneity more difficult, unless you know sex is going to happen or have a chance to plan for it in advance.  If you truly want to use it for the best possible spontaneous sex, you'll want to use it for long term subliminal programming.

Please note that using this program only for "in the moment" use will produce significantly improved orgasmic pleasure, but will not give the full potential of what the program (or your body) is really capable of.  For that, you will need to use it for longer term programming.

Q: Used as long term programming, how long does it take for this program to achieve it's maximum effectiveness and best results?

A: For most people, it will require 1 or more weeks of use to achieve best results.  That's because it must make adjustments that allow for the best possible orgasmic experience.  Some of those adjustments will happen within 3 to 5 days for many people; other adjustments may take a little more time.

Q: How much better will my orgasms get?

A: That depends on a number of factors: how good are they to begin with?  How are you using the program?  Are you fighting the program at a subconscious level?  How much pleasure is your body capable of achieving during an orgasm?  How frequently are you having orgasms?  Are you male or female?  And so on.

Q: What if the cause of my orgasm usually produces weak or faint orgasms?

A: It should not matter; if you are executing the script then the only way you can have a weak or faint orgasm using this program is if that is all your body is physically capable of.  In other words, you may have a nerve mapping that is poor for having good orgasms in response to a specific type or source of stimulus.  If that is the case, try achieving an orgasm a different way!  But I really doubt that this will be your experience.

Q: Does this program only work for penile/clitoral orgasms, or can I have other types of orgasms too?

A: You can have an orgasm from anything, any part of your body, any type of stimulus, and for any reason, and this program will still work.  It works for penile orgasms, clitoral orgasms, G-spot orgasms, X-spot orgasms, anal orgasms, nipple orgasms, oral orgasms, orgasms that are triggered by foot stimulation, and so forth.  It works no matter what action triggers the orgasm, be it penetrative sex, masturbation, or any type of other activity.  The only thing it needs to work is for you to use it correctly, and achieve at least one orgasm.

Q: Will this program cause me/my girlfriend/wife/lover to achieve female ejaculation?

A: It is definitely possible, but that will depend more specifically on her physiology and psychology, as well as how the program is used and how she is stimulated.  For most women, certain specific types of stimulation are better for achieving female ejaculation during orgasm than types of stimulation.

Q: Will this program enable me/my lover to have more orgasms than usual?

A: Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G is not designed to do that.  However, some women may find that it enables more orgasms because more of the right stimulation keys are being triggered.  Likewise, some men may find that they experience such powerful, complete and satisfying orgasms with this program that a longer refractory period than usual is required to achieve another orgasm.  It will depend on the person's age, usage patterns, execution and physiology, as well as whether they are male or female.

Q: Will Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G make men ejaculate more sperm?

A: Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G is not designed to do that.  However, it is possible that the more powerful an orgasm the man has, the more sperm is ejaculated because of more powerful muscle contractions during orgasm.

Q: Will this program make birth control more or less effective?

A: Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G should have no effect on the effectiveness of whatever birth control you use.  However, it is possible that it may enhance the chance of pregnancy if birth control is not used, since it may cause the man's body to achieve more powerful muscular contractions during orgasm, thus expressing more sperm than might normally be.

Q: Does Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G use the Fear Removal Module?

A: No.  It was determined that using FRM would interrupt the effects of the program for more people than it would be helpful for.

Q: Does Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G use the Directional Reflection Shield?

A: Yes.  The DRS showed as being useful for improving the effects and effectiveness of the results this program is designed to achieve, so it is included.

Q: Can this program trigger orgasm on its own, without any other stimulation?

A: No.  It requires the user to achieve an orgasm before it does anything.  When they do, it kicks in and makes the orgasm as pleasurable as their body is capable of making it, as modified by correct usage patterns, etc.

Q: Can I use this program during sex or masturbation?

A: Yes.  This is actually recommended, especially in the beginning month or so of use.

Q: Can I use Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G while using a different subliminal?

A: Only if the following restrictions are observed:

  1. ONLY use it for "In the moment" exposure.  1-2 loops total.
  2. ONLY use it 1-2 times per week, and NEVER on consecutive days.
  3. ONLY if and as long as you are not noticing that using it with another program causes turmoil effects (exhaustion, headaches, irritability, feelings of overload, confusion) or degrades the effectiveness of the other program.

Q: Can I use Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G both for long term programming and as an "in the moment" enhancer at the same time?

A: Yes.  However, once it starts making the bigger changes that need to be made, that is unlikely to be very useful.  Most likely after a certain point, "in the moment" will not give better results.

Q: Can I use Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G for more than 2 loops at a time as "in the moment" programming if I'm not using any other subliminal or mind programming?

A: Yes.  As long as you're not using other mind programming, feel free to use it up to the number of loops per day that would be called for in long term programming usage while you are using it as "in the moment" programming.  Always use it for at leas 1 loop before sex when using it as "in the moment" programming.

Q: Can Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G give me the best orgasms I have ever had in my whole life?

A: Very possibly!  If you use it as long term programming and follow the directions, there is a high probability of that happening - presuming, of course, that you are not already having the most pleasurable orgasms your body is capable of.  However, that is very, very unlikely to be true.  I estimate that more than 99.9%+ of people will not fall into that category, and are capable of experiencing significantly better and more pleasurable orgasms as a result of using this program.


The first step to using Orgasm Enhancer 5.75.3G successfully is to choose the right format for you.  There are three options:

  • Masked format: The least aggressive, but usually the most useful for getting "Don't tell ME what to do!" types to execute.  Also the least useful for use around others or while watching TV, etc.  Will usually be the least effective for those who can get better results from either of the other two formats.
  • Ultrasonic format: Moderately aggressive, the format we recommend you start with, and the most generally useful format.  Can be used while watching TV, studying, playing games, and potentially while around others without disturbing them.  (Don't expose others without their consent.)  May trigger resistance in some (but not all) "Don't tell ME what to do!" types.  Care must be used with regards to the volume used, as too much volume can cause tinnitus.  Cannot be used with headphones or earbuds.
  • Hybrid format.  The most aggressive format, this is a combination of both Masked and Ultrasonic.  It is useful for overcoming resistance that Ultrasonic is not capable of overcoming, because it inputs twice the data per unit of time, and does so on two different "channels" at once.  If you are not experiencing resistance that Masked and Ultrasonic formats by themselves overcome, it is suggested that you use one of the other formats.

Once you have chosen your preferred format (we recommend Ultrasonic unless you have a good reason to use something else), you must calibrate the volume correctly.  Because this is difficult to do using exact measurements, as a result of different players and hardware configurations, it is recommended that the best way to calibrate the volume is to play the Ocean Surf Hybrid track and make sure that the lowest points are still at least faintly audible, the highest points are not too loud, and the ultrasonic is not too loud.  Use the highest volume that achieves all of these criteria, and re-calibrate whenever you change players or change from speakers to headphones/earbuds.

Once you have selected your preferred format and calibrated your volume, this program can be used in two ways: "In the moment" (ITM), and as long term programming.

For "in the moment" use, you should always expose all of the people you intend to affect for at LEAST one (1) loop before achieving orgasm. More is better still.  Never use more than 2 (two) loops during "in the moment" use if you are using any other form of mind programming, including another subliminal.

For long term programming use, you should use this program 9 (nine) loops per day on, for 4 (four)  days on and 2 (two) days off per usage cycle, for a total of 5 (five) months at a time.

This program is not for use by, on or around anyone under the age of 18.