Overcome Premature Ejaculation (5G - Type B/C)

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Premature ejaculation is an issue for men in which they achieve orgasm before they want to during, or even before, sex.  It is frequently problematic because these same men often find it difficult to continue sex afterwards, or are so embarrassed by having achieved orgasm faster than they wanted to, that they withdraw from sex and do not try to keep going.  Furthermore, in today's world of 24/7 access to unlimited pornography, there are a lot of men who find themselves constantly in a hyper-stimulated state as a result of pornography, or they may be comparing themselves to "porn stars" and wanting to last longer as a result.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to slow down and control your speed of orgasm during sex, this program is for you.   It is designed to assist you in controlling your orgasm achievement during sex so that you are either able to last longer, or achieve complete control of when you orgasm.  The specifics will depend on the particular man, his background, his psychology and his circumstances.  At the very least, you should quickly develop the ability to control your speed of orgasm achievement much better than before as a result of using this program.  In the best case scenario, you will achieve self control such that you can orgasm, or not, whenever you wish, and continue having sex for as long as you wish, in whatever way you wish, without achieving orgasm unless you decide to.

Every man will have different needs, circumstances, limits and responses.  Not every man will have the same results from this program.  But every man who uses this program can benefit from doing so, if premature ejaculation is an issue for him.


Read the general instructions for 5G programming, and follow those instructions.  The difference between general instructions and this program is that this program is designed to be used for 90+ days straight.  For best results, please commit to at least 90 days of usage without interruption.  If you are interrupted, use the rule of thumb that you should replace each day missed by 1.5x days of usage.