Natural Seduction For Men (5.75.5g - Type A/B/C/D)

Disclaimer: By downloading and/or using this program, you accept full responsibility for the effects, results and consequences of having used this program, including all choices and actions that you take afterwards and as a result. Don't blame us if you decide to seduce the wrong woman, or if she becomes addicted to having sex with you as a result of your using this program!

Natural Seduction For Men is a subliminal intended to help men become better at seducing women.  It's designed to do this in several ways:

  1. First and foremost, guys need to get out of their own way when it comes to seduction.  They typically know a lot more about how to seduce a woman they're interested in than they consciously think or realize, but fear causes them to sabotage themselves in various ways.  This program is aimed at helping you get out of your own way and allowing you to act on and express your real level of knowledge and skill with seduction.
  2. The reason for most of the problem guys have with seduction boils down to two things.  The first is FEAR.  There is a lot of fear around seduction because of all of the imagined "what ifs" that pop up.  What if she rejects me?  What if she laughs at me?  What if I'm not good enough?  What if it's awkward?  What if I make a mistake? What if blah blah blah?  This part is dealt with by the famous Fear Removal Module 4.9, which is heavily employed in this program to get you past any fears you may have about any part of the seduction process.
  3. The second part of what usually causes guys to have trouble with seduction is that many simply have too little real life experience with it, and don't know how to do it.  They may or may not have read about it, watched it on TV, seen it in real life, but they either don't know how to do it, or they don't know which approach to take.  This program is not going to pretend to teach you the end-all be-all method for seducing women, because there isn't one.  The best seduction is the one that matches the woman you're trying to seduce.  What this program will do, however, is guide you in learning what you need to know to do it.
  4. Some guys have gone out and tried again and again, and they usually, if not always fail.  These guys are misunderstanding some key things, and the solution to helping them, in addition to the above, is to break them out of their pattern of thinking, belief and behavior and try something new.  This program is designed to do that also.
  5. While the skeleton script has state shifting scripting in it, this program includes specialized state shifting script in the key script.  This script is designed to get you as close to autopilot for seduction as possible.
  6. Additionally, the program is designed to do something very important to help you not only be better able to successfully seduce those women you find attractive, but to make sure they enjoy the whole process as much as you do.  MAKE IT FUN!  Too many guys take seduction far too seriously.  The best seducers always fall into one of three camps: very skilled, very fun, both.  If it's fun for her, why wouldn't she want to participate?  If it's fun for you, why would you not want to do it?  And if it's just a game, why would either party take it seriously enough to worry about silly things like making a mistake, when that can just add to the fun and games because it's seen as being funny?  Women love to have fun, and have sex.  Guys love to have fun and have sex.  If it's enough fun, then failing to get all the way to sex isn't really a problem, because it was fun regardless.  But making it fun for both makes getting to sex a LOT more likely!  And if she has fun being seduced and having sex with you, guess what?  She is much more likely to come back for more!
  7. Finally, this program wouldn't be complete if we didn't include the famous Directional Reflection Shield.  This is designed to protect you from the negativity and subtle efforts at manipulation from others.  When you are seducing, it is common for observers, especially the friends of the one you're seducing and any others who want to seduce her, to send you negative energy and intent.  This can be damaging to your success and your state.  Furthermore, the woman you're trying to seduce may herself send you negativity in an effort to get you to stop.  This will send it back to her.  The protection this affords you will make it much easier to maintain your state, confidence and frame, thus making seduction much easier.

Some of you may be thinking, "This program is aimed at guys who don't know how to seduce.  I just want something that will make me better at it."  In fact, this program is aimed at being universally useful.  No matter what your level of skill with seduction, from basement dwelling virgin who's never seen a female in person to master seducer, single, involved, married or divorced, the bottom line is simple: this program can help you be better at seduction.  So if that's your goal, bring it on, my friend.  Get you some!


Q: Is this program only usable by men?  

A: Yes.  Specifically, those who are genetically male.

Q: Why didn't you make this program work for people of any gender?

A: Because the only way to make this program sufficiently profitable was to focus on the core demographic for it.  Men.  If there is enough interest in something for women in the future, I can always make that happen as well.

Q: Is there an age limit on who can use this?

A: Of course there is.  This is an adult oriented program, so it has an age limiter that limits its functionality to people 18 years old and older.

Q: What type of people will this program make me want to seduce?

A: The program uses your own preferences to guide you to seduce those women you find attractive.  It will directs you to seduce women; anyone else is not within the scope of this program's goals.

Q: What if there are multiple females present simultaneously whom I am attracted to, or wish to seduce?

A:  That's up to you to handle and figure out.  My advice is that unless you can seduce them all at once, it may be better not to seduce any of them, lest you lose all those who you didn't seduce as future options. Otherwise, pick one and go to town.  I suggest that seduction of one woman should never be done in front of any other woman you want to seduce unless you know for a fact that you can seduce the other(s) at the same time, or that her seeing you choose someone else over her will not damage your chances with her in the future.

Q: What if she's involved/married/has an STD/could get pregnant?

A: Those things are up to you to handle.  I recommend you avoid seducing women you know are involved or married.  I recommend you weed out the ones who have STDs before seducing them.  I recommend using birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancy.  All pretty common sense stuff.

Q: Can this be used as "in the moment" programming?

A: I suggest you avoid using it as "in the moment" programming.  The reasons for this are that it is designed to be used as long term programming, not in the moment programming, and that because of this, it will require AT LEAST 3 loops of use prior to being in a situation in which you wish to seduce.  That much use is likely to disrupt how well it works overall, and so it is just a better idea to use it as long term programming at night, or time your normal loops for ending just before you are in a situation where you will want to seduce someone.

Q: Can I play this around females or children?

A: That is a bad idea.  While the limiter may limit the program for age and gender, it can still influence people who are exposed to it by virtue of the fact that it must be comprehended and processed before the script can be executed.  This will at the very least alert the woman to what you're doing at a subconscious level, and may have undesirable effects on the development of children.  Don't expose anyone but yourself.

Q: What if she's not having it?

A: No matter what you do, not every woman is going to welcome your approach or efforts at seduction.  She may be taken, in a bad mood, tired of being approached, tired of guys trying to seduce and fuck her, had a bad day, stressed out, dealing with some problem, etc.  If your best efforts fail, let it go and move on.  Don't push until she gets angry or upset.  Remember, this is supposed to be fun for both of you.

Q: What if one or both of us are drunk or high?

A: You should never be drunk while seducing any woman, in my opinion, because it impairs your ability to think and act in the best ways.  It will also derail the specialized state shifting.  In my opinion, you should also never try to seduce any woman who can later claim that she only went along with your seduction because she was drunk or high or otherwise not in full control of her faculties, because that makes it much more likely that she may decide she actually did not consent to seduction and sex when she is sober again, which will usually result in serious problems.  I don't recommend using this program while using recreational drugs.


Standard Usage:

Loops per day on: 3 (three)

Days on: 4 (four)

Days off: 2 (two)

Minimum usage time: 4 (Four) months.

In other words, proper usage of this program is to play 3 loops per day, four days in a row, and then take 2 days off to let your mind rest and finish processing the input.  You must do this for at least 4 months.  Most people will see initial effects from using this program within 1 hour to 4 days of starting it.

Setting the volume is easy.  Choose your preferred audio player and play one of the Masked format tracks at a comfortable volume for the way you intend to listen to the program.  This should be at or close to the ideal volume.  If you use headphones or earbuds, do not use the ultrasonic track.  If you insist on doing that anyway, never play it above 25% of your player's volume.  Even that may be too loud. You should not be playing ultrasonic on headphones or earbuds because ultrasound can damage your ears if it is too loud, and it is easy to accidentally play it too quietly or too loud since it's not readily audible.

Tips on how to improve your success with seduction:

  1. This may seem obvious, but it gets missed by a lot of guys: personal hygiene.  Make sure you wash yourself, brush your teeth, comb and/or style your hair.  Make sure you do not offend her because of how your breath, armpits and crotch smell.  Use toothpaste, mouthwash, gum and deodorant.
  2. Wear clothes that she will consider at least acceptable, if not stylish and attractive.  Don't expect to successfully seduce a woman when your clothes and style clash with what she likes and favors.
  3. Go where the women you want to seduce are.  Bars, beaches, bookstores, malls, clothing stores, grocery stores, colleges, raves, dance clubs... wherever the women you are attracted to go, go there too.
  4. Don't just start trying to seduce a woman the moment you see her for the first time.  Size up the situation for a moment at least.  Look for a ring on her finger, and try to learn whatever you can about her by her style of dress, where she is, what she's doing and what her body language says.
  5. Study body language, facial clues, eye language and vocal cues.  This will give you a wealth of information in a woman's own "native language", which most guys will miss.  It also gives you a big advantage, provided you correctly understand what she is communicating.
  6. Study personality types.  Different types require a different approach and style of seduction.  You would not seduce a woman like Marilyn Monroe the same way you would seduce a woman like Venus Williams.  Try to learn about the different personality types and how they can be spotted by body type and other cues, and then
  7. Adjust your approach and seduction to the woman you are seducing.  A woman who is best approached with words will not do well if you try to touch her.  A woman who wants to be bungee jumping for fun is not going to respond to what you would need to do for a woman who loves quiet intimate family time.  You don't put a round peg in a square hole.
  8. Respect her existing relationships.  If you know or discover she is involved, don't try to get her to be unfaithful.  Remember that being a homewrecker is not good for anyone involved.
  9. Never force yourself on anyone else.  There is a big difference between being persistent and assertive, and ignoring the wishes of someone else who does not want your advances.  If she doesn't want to play, then find someone else who does.