Maximum Immune Response Version 3.0 (5.75G - Type A/B/C/D)

Disclaimer:  This subliminal program does not constitute medical advice, medical diagnosis, medical treatment, medical prevention or medical cure.  It is intended to enhance, not replace, proper medical care from a medical doctor.  If you have, believe or suspect you have, a life threatening infection or an infection that may become life threatening, consult your medical doctor or call 911 immediately.

What if your immune system was not really achieving anything even remotely close to its full potential, but instead was only ever idling? What if even while under heavy attack, your immune system was not achieving its full potential for finding and killing infections because it didn't have the right trigger to cause it to respond fully? What if there was a way to trigger your immune system to fully activate and power up, allowing it to achieve its full, amazing, previously untapped potential?  What would you do if you could accomplish all this just by pressing "Play", and listening to a powerful subliminal audio program?  Would you buy that subliminal?  Well rejoice, my friends! Because that subliminal actually exists, and it's finally here!

A name that needs no introduction for many, Maximum Immune Response v3.0 (MIR) is the original and best immune system booster subliminal in the world.  It comes from a long lineage of research, experimentation, real world testing and development that started in 2012.  In 2013, I released V1.0 of MIR.  Three years later in 2016, based on what we learned from putting Version 1 through its paces in real world use, I built and released V2.0/2.1.  Now, in April of 2020, based on years of extensive research, development, testing and experimentation with V2.1 in real world situations, I am releasing by far the most powerful and advanced version of Maximum Immune Response to date: Version 3.0.

Version 3.0 is an extremely advanced and powerful subliminal program which, when used correctly, causes your subconscious mind to focus all available energy and resources on powering up, activating and enhancing your immune system in every way possible, and to the highest levels possible.  It will begin affecting you almost instantly.  If you have any infection and you are using it properly, you will most likely notice very quickly (usually within minutes) that the program makes you feel very different than if you run it when you do not have an infection.

MIR v3 is designed to trigger your immune system to achieve it's highest possible potentials for successfully finding and killing any and all types of infection that it is capable of accessing and dealing with, including viral infections, bacterial infections, yeast infections, fungal infections and microscopic parasitic infections. Through our years of research, development and experimentation with this program, we have come to realize that "what is commonly accepted as the limits of what your immune system can do" is NOT all of what it is actually capable of doing when properly directed, motivated and supplied.  Thus, when used correctly, MIR 3.0 should trigger your immune system to successfully detect and kill infections which it would not normally be able to detect, access or fight.

Please note that some types of infection may not be effectively dealt with by using this program because your immune system cannot effectively access or kill the infection.  An example of "cannot effectively access it" would be a fungal infection where there is no blood supply to carry your immune system to the infection, such as toenail fungus or an infection in your digestive system.  (MIR v3 does not interfere with the gut microbiome. However, if you have "leaky gut syndrome", those gut bacteria that are normally helpful can cause an infection in the rest of your body, and your immune system will fight such an infection.) Another example of "cannot kill the infection" would be macroscopic parasites, such as worms, which are simply too large physically for your immune system to effectively kill.

Also keep in mind that different types of pathogens (infecting agents) and different strains of pathogens within each type will have different levels of nastiness.  So you may experience different levels of difficulty fighting off different strains of the Influenza virus, for example, even with the help of MIR v3.  This is perfectly normal.  Some pathogens are simply better at attacking the human body than others.  This program should help your immune system kill them significantly faster and better than otherwise, regardless.

Maximum Immune Response Version 3.0 is designed to trigger your immune system to not just power up and fully activate, but also make itself achieve 100% of it's potential to:

  1. Detect infections it could not detect before.
  2. Keep itself healthy.
  3. Disinfect itself from infection.
  4. Locate and access infections it may not have been able to locate or access before.
  5. Outsmart infections that use special or changing strategies to evade it.
  6. Outpace, pre-empt, adapt to and keep ahead of the efforts of infectious agents to adapt, mutate or evolve.
  7. Prevent your immune system from attacking your own body.
  8. Power up to its most active and capable state.
  9. Result in the immune system becoming able to detect and kill latent infections, which are infections that exist within your body without necessarily producing any symptoms. A good example of such an infection might be the Human Papiloma Virus (HPV), which infects an estimated 80% of sexually active people at some point in their lives. There are over 100 strains of HPV, most of which have no symptoms.  A few strains of HPV are linked to different types of cancer (most commonly cervical cancer) and a few strains cause genital warts.
  10. Regulate the activities of the immune system such that the infection is killed at the speed at which its destruction is accomplished while preventing (or, if that is not possible, at least minimizing) a Herxheimer response. The Herxheimer response happens when a major infection (think Lyme disease, etc.) is killed too quickly, and the dead pathogens overwhelm the body’s ability to flush out the toxins they release upon dying.  It can be an unpleasant experience, so we attempt to prevent it if possible.  If the kill rate must be high enough to trigger it in order to succeed in eradicating the infection, we try to minimize the Herxheimer response instead.  (One way or the other, the primary goal is to kill the infection.)

Regardless of what clever strategy a pathogen (or even more than one of them working together synergistically or symbiotically) is using, this program is designed to help your immune system find, access, outdo, outpace, adapt and kill them.  ALL of them.

Please note that while Maximum Immune Response v3 is designed to take into account auto-immune diseases and tries to prevent the immune system from attacking your own body, we currently have no data on how it affects auto-immune diseases; therefore, if you have any auto-immune disease, please use this program only under the supervision of a medical doctor.

MIR v3.0 also includes the ever-popular Directional Reflection Shield.  This causes your personal energy field to be adjusted such that it reflects back to the source in real time, any and all negative and manipulative energy you experience from the ambient area or which you are sent by others. This is intended to provide you with a safe "energy space" in which you can heal without being drained by other people's negativity.

When using Maximum Immune Response, please keep in mind that the weakest pathogens are always the easiest to kill, so they naturally are the ones killed first.  Then the pathogens of moderate strength are defeated, and the last ones left to deal with towards the end are of course the strongest.  As with an antibiotic, you have to keep using MIR v3 for the full time necessary to kill all of the pathogens, because those last few stragglers at the end are the strongest.

If you only use MIR until you stop having symptoms there may be some of the strongest pathogens left alive, but in numbers too small to cause symptoms.  If there are any such pathogens left alive, this will allow the infection to reproduce and re-establishes itself with only the strongest pathogens, which will only make the infection worse than it was before. This is why it is so critically important to always use Maximum Immune Response correctly.

Therefore, use MIR v3 twenty-four (24) hours a day until at least 5 (five) days after all symptoms of infection are completely gone.  If when you stop using MIR the symptoms of infection start coming back, immediately begin using it again and repeat.

Because MIR v3 operates at such a high level of technology and intensity, and because of what it is doing, it is not unusual for the user to become tired and hungry if they have an infection (or even fall asleep if the infection is severe enough), whether or not they felt tired when they started using it.  The more energy it is focusing on the immune system, and the more challenging the infection is to deal with, the more tired and hungry (using energy faster) it can potentially make you, although some testers reported actually having more energy as a result of using it also.  For example, I have noted that during serious infections, I cannot forego eating lunch, as I usually do, while using this program.

This program also uses very advanced and extremely powerful state shifting technology, designed to put you in the ideal state of mind and body from which to best fight the infection.  This may occasionally make itself known as feeling more "out of it" the worse the infection is, and more normally awake as the infection clears up again.  Generally, the more challenging the infection is, the more deeply and obviously you may find yourself in an altered state of awareness. Therefore, please do not attempt to do anything that requires you to be alert for that activity to be safe (like driving, operating heavy machinery, performing surgery, directing airline traffic, using deadly weapons or flying an aircraft).  Do not do any of these things if you at all feel or even suspect that you may be in an altered state of awareness as a result of using this program.

If you expose a child under 18 years old to this program, or you are such a minor, please do so only with direct and constant supervision and attention from a parent or medical doctor. This program is not designed for use on babies, toddlers or infants, and the minimum age at which the script will be understood well enough to work is unknown.

Individual results will naturally vary depending on the health of your immune system when you start, specific pathogen type and strain you have become infected with, at what point in the infection cycle you start using the program, how consistently you use it according to the instructions, and how well you provide for the three keys to fighting any infection (rest, hydration and raw materials). The earlier in the infection cycle it is used, the faster it will help your immune system overcome the infection.

Another excellent use for MIR is to help you prevent contracting an infection you are exposed to.  To use it in this capacity, you need to begin using it before you are exposed to any potential infectious agent, and during and then after exposure.  For example, if you get into a cab and the cabbie has a flu, you could immediately turn it on and it would power up your immune system and reduce your chances of catching that flu.  You would use it for at least 5 days.

There should be no problem using it if you are pregnant or nursing, but because we have no hard data on this we advise caution: if you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a doctor before using this program.

Remember that to overcome any cold, flu or infection, it is simply common sense that your body needs three key things:

  1. Rest.  It must focus its energy on powering up your immune system for maximum performance, and that takes a lot of energy.  While MIR 3.0 attempts to provide as much of this energy as possible, you cannot be doing mentally or physically strenuous activities and rest, because this takes away from your body's ability to focus on destroying the invader. Please allow yourself whatever amount of rest and sleep you need and want while using this program, no matter what time of day your mind and body decides it needs to rest or sleep, or how much rest or sleep it needs or wants.
  2. Fluids.  It is easy to become dehydrated while you are sick, and water keeps the whole thing going.  Make sure you drink plenty of water, broth or an electrolyte replacement drink.
  3. Raw Materials.  Your immune system is your personal army.  Like any army, your immune system needs to eat enough, eat well and have necessary quality supplies to go into battle and win the fight.  Your body cannot build and maintain an elite kick-butt immune system fighting force without the necessary supplies and energy to do so.  Therefore, you need to take a good quality vitamin supplement every day, as directed. (A good indicator that a vitamin supplement is good quality is to look at what form of Vitamin E it has in it.  Good quality vitamins use the d-alpha/beta/delta and or gamma tocopherol or tocopherol acetate forms of Vitamin E.  The cheap supplements use dl- form of one or more forms of Vitamin E.  In this case, the prefix "d-" stands for "dextro", and "dl-" stands for dextro-laevo; this refers to the direction the molecule twists, also known as its chirality.  The "dextro" only form of Vitamin E twists to the right, and is about 400% more bio-available than the cheaper dl- variety, which includes molecules that twist both right and left.  dl- forms of Vitamin E are only found in low quality "cheap" vitamin supplements.  If you see that a vitamin supplmenent uses the dl- forms of Vitamin E, avoid it.) Eat enough calories, and choose the best quality foods you can while you are sick.  That's why "chicken soup" is so popular: it gives your body almost all of exactly what it needs to build and power your immune system's fighting force.

Give those things to your body, and MIR will focus your  mind and body on destroying the infection as quickly as possible, and you will be back up and productive before you know it!

Please note that MIR can safely and effectively be used with, and will improve the effects of, antibiotics, ionic silver, colloidal silver, Airborne (TM), oregano oil and other such methods and treatments for eradicating a cold, flu or other infection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use this program to kill common/genital warts?

In theory, yes.  In reality, we don't yet know because we don't have enough data to answer that.

Will this program kill HIV/Herpes/HPV/Lyme/Epstein Barr/etc. infections?

This program was designed to be able to bring your immune system to 100% of it's real capacity for detecting, accessing and killing any and all infections.  Theoretically, it should at least help fight any type of infection you could possibly have.  However, we don't yet (at the time of this writing) know because we don't have enough feedback and data to answer what exactly the results will be.  If you have any such infection, your experience with this program could make a big difference for a lot of other people who have that infection.  Please use this program properly and report your experiences and results on the forum.

Does this program affect cancer?

This program is designed to boost your immune system and focus it on detecting, accessing and killing infecting agents.  Cancer cells are not the goal.  The only way this program could potentially affect cancer is if the cancer were the result of an infection, such as cervical cancer caused by an HPV infection.  In that case, it is potentially possible that by removing the infection, we might affect the cancer; however, there is no guarantee that even then, MIR v3 would affect cancer.

Can I use this program to help me with clearing STDs?

MIR v3 should be at least helpful with clearing any type of infection.  However, the specifics of how well it will help your immune system fight any given infection depend on the specific virulence and characteristics of the specific type and strain of the infecting agent causing the infection, and may vary greatly from one type and strain to the next in effectiveness.  That said, using MIR v3 certainly can't hurt your efforts to clear any STD.  Remember to consult your doctor.

What if I am pregnant?

We have no data that shows what happens when a pregnant woman uses MIR v3.  It is designed to be safe, but without data we cannot recommend that you use this program while pregnant without proper medical supervision.

What if I am nursing?

We have no data that shows what happens when a nursing woman uses MIR v3.  It is designed to be safe, and for the best of me I cannot think of any reason it would not be safe, but without data we cannot recommend that you use this program while nursing without proper medical supervision.

Can I use this program with antibiotics?

Yes.  This program will not interfere with antibiotics, but in some cases, antibiotics may actually work against this program by harming your immune system.  In such cases, the antibiotics actually suppress your immune system along with the infection, and you are more reliant on the antibiotic to overcome the infection.  This program will be very useful to help your immune system recover and remain as strong as possible while you use the antibiotics.  However, it will likely make you extremely tired while it fights to keep your immune system functional.

Can I use this program with chemotherapy/radiation therapy?

Yes.  In such cases, the therapy may actually suppress your immune system and make you more vulnerable to infection, and you are more reliant on the antibiotic to overcome an infection.  This program will be very useful to help your immune system recover and remain as strong as possible while you use the therapy. However, it will likely make you extremely tired while it fights to keep your immune system functional.

Are there any drug interactions?

This program does nothing but try to boost your immune system to it's highest possible levels.  There is nothing to interact or interfere with any chemical drugs.

Will this program work for my pets?

Unfortunately, your pets don't understand English well enough for this program to work for them, so no.  It will not help your pets.

What if English is not my first language, or I want to expose someone who speaks no English?

It isn't how well you speak English that matters, it's how well you understand it at the subconscious level.  Since your subconscious never forgets anything you ever experience, there will be a better understanding of English subconsciously than is had consciously.

If the listener has never even heard any English before, there is still the chance they may be affected and helped.  We do have occasional reports of people who speak and understand no English responding to their subliminal exposure as if they do.  Give it a try!  But make sure you follow the instructions exactly.

Full Disclaimer:

While the program is specifically designed to cause your immune system to only attack an infection, pregnant women should not use or be exposed to this program without consulting a medical doctor first, and having medical supervision during use.  If at any time you believe your infection is life threatening, please consult a medical doctor  or call 911 immediately and follow their instructions exactly.  This program is not designed or intended to replace professional medical care if, when and where that is necessary, and no such claim is expressed or implied.  While there are numerous safeties present in the script of this program, we have only been able to conduct very limited or no testing concerning people who have a weak heart, a heart condition, epilepsy, a neurological disorder related to epilepsy or an autoimmune disease.  If you have any of these conditions, you should therefore use MIR only under the supervision of a medical doctor who knows and understands what it is you are doing, so they can monitor what happens as a precaution until you are sure that it is safe for you to use this program, or use it for extended periods of time. This program is designed only to try to cause your immune system to operate at peak focus, ability and efficiency, and does not constitute, nor is it advertised, expressed or implied to be, any sort of medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or cure for anything.  If you have an infection that is more serious than a cold or flu, or you believe that you have a life threatening form of the cold or flu, be sure to use this program in addition to proper medical care, not as a replacement for it.  By using this program, you agree that all results of using this program are your sole responsibility.


In order to know what MIR is actually doing, you should avoid using it with any other treatment unless you are dealing with a major or life threatening infection, as defined below.  If you use it with one or more other treatments, you will not be sure which one is doing what. If you are dealing with a major or life threatening infection, please consult a medical doctor immediately and follow their prescribed treatment and advice first and foremost, and use this program as a support for that treatment.

For simple or common infections (common cold, flu, sore throat, eye/ear infections, etc.):

If you become aware that you are coming down with or have a cold, flu, sore throat, ear/eye or other type of common short term non-life-threatening infection: As soon as you realize that you have the infection, or as soon as possible after that, select your preferred track format and begin listening to MIR at a moderately high volume (13/15 on a typical Android phone, 14/16 on an iPhone, or 26/30 on a Google phone is a good volume), or the equivalent on another device.

If that volume is uncomfortably high, lower the volume until it is comfortable to listen to, but use the highest volume you can handle.  Keep in mind that for this program, higher volumes equate to better results in most cases, so keep the volume as high as you can handle, up to the instructed volume.  Also remember that you should NEVER use the ultrasonic track with earbuds or headphones!  For the ultrasonic track, use speakers instead.

Listen to this program 24 hours a day every day until all symptoms have been gone for at least 5 (five) days.  Results will be volume dependent, so in this case, use it as loudly as you can stand, and as loudly as you can consistently maintain during this usage regimen.  Avoid using the Masked format if it is at all possible.  Make sure that there are no interruptions to exposure during this time.

For latent infections with no obvious symptoms of infection, or which have symptoms only rarely, or any type of warts, and which are not life threatening: (Human Papiloma Virus, Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, genital warts, planar warts, common warts, etc.):

Listen to this program 24 hours a day until any symptoms have been gone for at least 5 (five) days.  If there are no symptoms, then listen for 24 hours a day and get yourself tested for the infection every 1 to 3 months.  If the infection is still present after 3 months, you may be dealing with something that your immune system is unable to defeat.  Results will be volume dependent, so in this case, use it as loudly as you can stand, and as loudly as you can consistently maintain during this usage regimen.  Avoid using the Masked format if it is at all possible.  Make sure that there are no interruptions to exposure during this time.

For major infections:

If you have one or more major infections (which I am defining as: "any infection that has one or more persistent and obvious symptoms and which is one or more of the following: life threatening, chronic, includes two or more co-infections at once, there is no known cure for it, it is debilitating"):

First, consult a medical doctor, and follow their prescribed regimen of treatment!  DO NOT attempt to use MIR v3 instead of getting proper medical diagnosis and treatment, and DO NOT attempt to use MIR v3 as a life saving measure! Use MIR v3 alongside whatever your doctor prescribes for your infection to support that treatment, not replace it. (It can be used alongside any drug, antibiotic or other treatment, since all it is doing is boosting your immune system to it's fullest potentials.)

Use this program 24 hours a day until at least 5 days after all symptoms have disappeared.  Results will be volume dependent, so in this case, use it as loudly as you can stand, and as loudly as you can consistently maintain during this usage regimen.  Avoid using the Masked format if it is at all possible.  Make sure your player is actually playing it on a regular basis, and avoid missing any exposure if you're going to use this program.

For this program, more volume generally equals to a higher power level.  This is because the higher the volume, the more your subconscious will generally interpret the volume as urgency, and respond by trying harder to execute it.  The result is that up to a certain point, more volume is going to result in better effectiveness.  For most people, playing this program at a volume equivalent to 13/15 clicks of volume on your cell phone will yield optimal results.  If you have an iPhone, this would equate to 14/16 clicks of volume.  On a Google phone, this would be 26/30 clicks.

Some people will continue to get better results with even louder volumes, and some will begin to resist above 13/15 or its equivalent.  For some people, 13/15 will be too loud for them to handle.  If it is too loud for you to handle at 13/15 or its equivalent, play the format you prefer at the volume closest to 13/15 that you can handle.  Because lower volumes equal less urgency and thus less impact, lower volumes may take longer to achieve the goal, and if the volume is too low, it may not be able to achieve the goal at all.

Because different formats use different volumes for the subliminal audio, the different track formats have different levels of volume for the subliminal audio, so they will also have different levels of power and impact.  From most powerful to least powerful, they are:

  1. Hybrid format (Uses Masked and Ultrasonic at the same time. Most powerful. Recommended only if Ultrasonic needs help.)
  2. Ultrasonic (Most versatile, recommended.)
  3. Masked (Least powerful, not recommended.)

You should never use the pure ultrasonic track with headphones, as over-voluming or under-voluming could result in problems.  Hybrid tracks, if you use them with headphones, adjust the volume a little lower than what you would normally use

Do not switch to a less powerful format once you start using the program, since different power levels can cause problems if you go from a more powerful format to a less powerful one.  I discovered this the hard way.  For this reason, I recommend that if you have to go out in public at any time while running MIR, using ultrasonic format only, even though hybrid format is significantly more powerful.  Basically, avoid using masked formats if at all possible and use hybrid only if you can afford to stay home or play the audible version wherever you will be during the whole run.

To be eligible for a refund, you must use this program properly.