Manifest Your Perfect Mixed Race Sexual Lover (5G - Type B/D Hybrid)

This program is designed to allow you to access your subconscious mind for automating the process of manifesting your perfect mixed race sexual lover into your life through the Law of Attraction.  It is easy to use; just play it for 8 to 21 hours a day (more is better) until your results are achieved.  However, it is not so simple under the hood.  While the instruction set is relatively simple, and this is built in 5G, there are variables that neither the program, nor it's creator, can influence which will ultimately determine how quickly and how well this program produces its results.   Properly used, this program should produce results in 2-4 months for the vast majority of people; depending on the state of certain of the aforementioned variables, it may take as much as 8 months of use.

Keep in mind that while a romantic relationship resulting from this program is not impossible, you should not expect it to evolve into or become a romantic relationship; it will be based on and focused on sex for as long as you both agree to that relationship.  It therefore may be that you have already met the person with whom it starts, or not, and it may start slowly or as quickly as if someone had flipped a switch, and can end just as quickly if one or both parties decide that they have had enough.  Be realistic about what it is you are attempting to manifest into your life through this program.

As with all manifestation programs, this program will work for either gender of user.

Notes on Common Issues:

One of the biggest issues people have with using programs of this type is that they attempt to make the results happen consciously.  That is, they really want the results, but they don't really believe it can work, so they try to make it work on a conscious level, which almost always results in failure to achieve the goal.  Experience has shown that programs of this type are by far the most fast acting and effective when you "set it and forget it".  There is then no conscious "agenda" based on conscious expectations and limiting beliefs which interferes with what the subconscious mind is attempting to do to direct you to the right place at the right time.  The conscious mind is much less aware and capable than the subconscious, so allow your subconscious to do it's thing, and let it do what it does best.  You can't consciously make it happen, or you already would have!

Another issue that people commonly have with this type of program is that they don't believe "perfect" is possible, and/or they have expectations about what "perfect" is.  Letting go of these expectations and limiting ideas is also important for the best results.  Trust your subconscious mind, and allow it to follow the instructions.  Use the program, and go about your life.  Set it and forget it.  Looking for the results, as tempting as it is to do, is consciously interfering in the subconscious' efforts to achieve the goal, and frequently kills your results.

Please do not choose this type of program as your first experience with subliminals, or to "prove or disprove" that they work.  Manifestation programming is not suitable for those tasks, since the subliminal can work just fine and yet the results may still not be achieved for reasons that have nothing to do with how well the program itself is working.  As stated before, this type of program takes an extended amount of time, and the results may be influenced by variables beyond the ability of the program or the creator to control or influence.

While this program will work for those who use it properly (for enough time, consistently, and truly "set it and forget it"), other circumstances may interfere and cause the results to require as much as 8 months of use, or even longer. (For instance, I have had cases where I stopped using a manifestation program after 8 months of nothing, and then had the results show up three months later because the person spent a long time extracting herself from a relationship and then moving to be closer to me so we could meet.)  Please do not purchase this program if you don't think you can really set it and forget it.  (For that reason, keeping a journal on this type of program is typically counterproductive as well.) Typical results are no signs of anything happening at all for months, and then out of the blue, encountering the person and engaging in the type of relationship specified quite naturally and automatically, and many times without ever realizing what is going on until it's finished taking place.  It can therefore be very difficult for people who are too consciously involved in, needy of or focused on achieving the goal to not engage in self defeating behaviors because of their conscious desires and expectations, while blaming "the program" for their failure to achieve results.

Please note that because of the number of variables outside of our control, we do not give refunds on manifestation programming.