Luck Magnifier (4G - Type B/D Hybrid)

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This is an interesting title.  You see, it was requested by a customer when I was still selling on eBay.  I wanted to please them, but I had one small problem: I don't believe there is any such thing as luck.

So I sat down and thought about it for a while - because it seemed to be important to the person requesting it - and I realized that making the program and making it actually work would not be difficult, because all I had to do was trigger ongoing positive synchronicity.  In other words, I would program the user's mind to continually manifest positive things into their lives which coincide with what their conscious desires are.  In effect, a sort of minor "wish fulfillment" subliminal based on manifestation techniques that are known to actually work.  Thus the Luck Magnifier subliminal was born.

This is the 4G version, which would be known as Version 4.0 if I kept the numer versioning from before.

LM 7 days: Yesterday with my business I made in ONE day, what I usually make in ONE really bad month when everything is going bad etc. (~1000€)
Of course there were preparations for this that were anterior to the listening of LM but it was still really impressive!…

“Luck Magnifier is really amazing-I’ve been on the leprechaun juice for a few weeks myself and been having easy as pie-to downright fun opportunities for 60-100 extra $ practically falling in my lap EVERY DAY for the last two weeks.”

“…I’ve been lucky enough to use BOTH Ultra Success and Luck Magnifier. I love both of them to death, you honestly can’t go wrong with either…”