Life Tune Up v6.0 - Stage 1 (5.75g - Type A/B/C/D)

Stage 1 of Life Tune-Up v6 is designed to get you started quickly making all the changes and improvements to your self and your life that are necessary to achieve the goals of the program as a whole, and this stage of the program.  Stage 1 is concerned with getting you started with clearing away the mental, physical and emotional garbage that has held you back in the past, and building a foundation upon which to build for the rest of the program to achieve its goals.

Stage 1 uses several different titles included in the program, but specifically what all of these are is not disclosed.  Each stage will be different and have different specific focus and goals, but I have found that giving too much information on what each stage of a multi-stage program does only results in some people focusing too much on consciously looking for what I say in the description, and interfering with the program achieving its goals by doing so.  Therefore, we will be giving only a general description for each stage.

One thing that I will reveal is that Stage 1 (and various other stages also) use the Detox module, and this module is designed to quickly and efficiently remove from your body any and all substances that your subconscious and/or physical body consider toxic.  This is detoxing effect is not limited in any way.  It will attempt to completely detoxify every part of you in every possible way at the highest possible safe speed (to prevent any possible Herximer's response).

I share this information because of two things:

  1. If you are taking prescription drugs which are or may be interpreted by your subconscious and/or body as being toxic (chemotherapy, for example), this may work against them.  Please consult your doctor for more information on this.
  2. This effect is noticeable at the conscious level based on the changes it results in.  To avoid confusion, I am describing those changes below so you know that it is part of the detoxification process, and nothing to be concerned about.

The normal and expected effects of the Detox module will typically include:

  • A short term, temporary change to the way your body odor smells (as toxins are expressed through your pores and sweat).
  • A short term, temporary change to the way your urine and feces smells and sometimes looks, as toxins are expressed through those channels of elimination.
  • A potential short term, temporary period of itching as the toxins are expelled. (Not everyone experiences this, and not all itching is caused by this, of course.)
  • A short term, temporary period having your breath smell different.
  • Increased desire to ingest fluids, especially water.  This helps your body flush toxins.
  • Increased need to urinate and/or defecate.
  • Reduction of the effects of toxic drugs as they are flushed out of the body quickly.

If you experience some or all of these effects, it is entirely normal and means that the Detox module is working.  It is important to detoxify your body, and especially your nervous system, for the Life Tune Up program to achieve it's highest potentials.

Stage 1's description is not the full description of the whole program.  For that and the disclaimer, please look here:


Please note that instructions are as yet incomplete.  However, usage patterns for Life Tune-Up v6 Stage 1 are:

7 (seven) loops per day on, 4 (four) days on and 2 (two) days off per ASRB2 cycle for 5 cycles (30 days).