Let Go Of Past Relationships (4G - Type B)

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Past relationships are building blocks to self discovery and being able to have a mature relationship in the here and now. But if you are having trouble letting go of one or more of your past relationships, whether it just ended or its been decades, this program can be a great help.

Originally created for our subliminals creator to use on himself after a particularly difficult breakup, it has proven its effectiveness and usefulness time and time again. It''s great for helping you deal with the pain of a fresh break while you sleep, so you can be as functional and productive during the day as possible.

This program is also useful as a "conditioner". In other words, whether you have trouble with letting go of a past relationship or not, it can help to wash away the bits and pieces of negativity associated with them that may be hindering you without you knowing it. This is a program we recommend for anyone.