Learn Any Musical Instrument Faster & More Easily (3G - Type B)

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Learning a musical instrument is just like learning anything else. You start off with no skill, and you make lots of mistakes and slowly build up skill until you're skilled with that instrument. This process can be significantly sped up by focusing the abilities of your subconscious mind upon maximizing the speed at which you learn skill with an instrument. By having the subconscious focus it's abilities and energy on learning faster, you end up with "residual skill building" effects. In other words, even though you may have spent an hour practicing that day, the subconscious is still working at it. Since the subconscious directly affects the physical body, you end up with the same benefits as having practiced and focused on learning the skill for longer than you consciously and physically did, and you gain skill with your instrument faster. The nice thing about this process is that we have figured out a way to make it apply to all musical instruments with equal effectiveness. So it doesn't matter if you want to learn the trumpet or the Norquesian hyperflute, or several instruments at once, this program will make the process much faster and easier.