HyperSleep (Brainwave Entrainment Only)

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HyperSleep is a non-subliminal brainwave entrainment program designed to guide your brainwave patterns through a high-speed version of a full night's sleep. Your brain will cycle up and down through the same frequencies it does during sleep, but instead of spending 90 minutes per cycle, the HyperSleep program makes each cycle last 10 to 15 minutes. The result is a combination of guided and extremely efficient brain recharging that replicates the effects of 4 to 8 hours worth of sleep.

This program is two hours long, and approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes of this will be effectively used for the HyperSleep. The other 20 minutes is used for putting you to sleep and waking you up again at the end.

This program is extremely powerful and uses brainwave synchronization technology that is not based on the more common binaural beats. The brainwave synchronization methods found in this program are much more advanced, efficient and powerful. Because this program uses rhythmic pulses of sound, it should not be used by anyone with epilepsy unless they have consulted their physician about using it first.

This program is wonderful for anyone who needs to get sleep but doesn't have the time. This program is also great for killing jetlag, getting enough brain rest before exams, and doing stupid things like working 20 hour days.

This program is not intended to replace normal sleep more often than once per week. More frequent use, and extended use, will disrupt normal sleep cycles.