General Pain Relief Prototype 18 "Elwood" (5.75g - Type A/B/C Hybrid)

Disclaimer:  This program is not designed or intended to be or act as any kind of diagnosis, treatment or cure for any disease or condition.  It is not designed or intended to replace proper medical attention, diagnosis, treatment and/or care from an appropriate and properly licensed medical professional.  It is not designed or intended to replace any drug or be used to or relied upon to save lives.  Pain is an indication that something is wrong and may need proper medical attention. Therefore, always seek appropriate medical attention, diagnosis and treatment for your pain and what causes it.

End Disclaimer

General Pain Relief Prototype 18 "Elwood" (specifying one of several possible specific configurations of Prototype 18) is an experimental pain relief subliminal.  The goals for this program are:

  1. Remove or reduce as much as possible, any type of pain, starting at any level, and from any source or cause, as quickly as possible, and for any and all personality types.
  2. Have no side effects.
  3. Have no negative effects on your ability to focus, think and otherwise function mentally, regardless of your level of pain when exposed, or how long you are exposed.
  4. Have no risk of overdose.
  5. Have no potential for addiction.
  6. Have no potential for "getting high".

Goals 2 through 6 are known to have been achieved as of Prototype 18.  The primary development goal now is maximizing goal #1. I am still working on making Goal #1 more effective on the two most difficult types of pain to affect, which are:

  • Direct nerve pain.  This includes things like pinched nerves and other things that physically affect the nerve itself.
  • Aggravated pain.  Pain caused by usage of or movement of injured areas, such as trying to walk on a crushed foot.

This program should produce noticeable effects quickly, but it may require one or more full loops to achieve maximum possible pain relief, depending on the type, cause and source of pain and whether it is aggravated and/or direct nerve pain.

The more information you can provide for me, the better I will be able to improve it.

So far (as of August 2023), for GPR-P18 "Elwood", I would rate it as follows for effectiveness per type of pain:

Direct nerve pain: **-------- (2/10)
Aggravated Pain Source (In Use/Active un-checked infection): ***------- (3/10)
Physical damage in a healing state, un-aggravated: ********-- (8/10)
Headaches, Migraine: ******---- (~6/10)
Headaches, Cluster: *******--- (~7/10)
Headaches, Sinus: *********- (~9/10)
Headaches, Tension: *---------- (~1/10 - Counts as aggravated pain source)
Headaches, other: *********- (~9/10)
Menstrual Pain, Normal: Under Analysis
Menstrual Pain, PMDD: Under Analysis
1st Degree Burns (Inc. most sunburns): Under Analysis
2nd Degree Burns (Inc. severe sunburns): Under Analysis
3rd Degree Burns: Under Analysis


While this program is designed to be usable without causing drowsiness and allowing you to be fully functional and productive, it relies on state shifting for a significant part of how it functions.  Therefore you should not drive, pilot any air or watercraft, use any type of weapon or operate heavy machinery while you are listening to it.  Please make sure that you are safe to do so before doing any of those things while using this program in general.

General Pain Relief Prototype 18 "Elwood" is designed for use "as needed". It does not require any specific number of loops.  It is suggested that you use the ultrasonic format for one loop at moderate to high volumes (as chosen by playing a consciously audible track first) and then observing the results.

Volume seems to influence the pain relief levels achieved and how quickly.  Some people get maximum effect from a lower level of volume than others; for example, a person who is generally agreeable to receiving instructions will tend to achieve best results at the highest volume they can handle, whereas someone who is very willful and "hates being told what to do" will tend to achieve best results with a little less volume.  On an Android cell phone, this equates to agreeable people getting best results at 14 or 15 clicks out of 15 possible clicks when they play it through the phone's speakers, but people who don't like being told what to do do best at 12 or 13 out of 15 clicks.  For Apple phones that have 16 possible volume clicks, just add one to the value used here (15 or 16 for agreeable types, 13 or 14 out of 16 for willful types).  For phones that use 30 volume clicks, double the Android numbers.

Remember, don't use the Ultrasonic format of this program on headphones or earbuds, as it is too easy to over- or under-volume the program without knowing it.  This can result in ear damage or tinnitus for over-volume, or less than the possible results under-volume.

For each loop (80 minutes) that you go without achieving complete pain relief, but you are still experiencing an improvement in the amount of pain relief, keep listening for another loop.  When you have achieved complete pain relief, or your pain relief stops improving, you can choose to stop listening or continue.  The program is designed to continue providing pain relief after you stop listening, and is also designed to be usable for as long as you like without having negative effects or side effects.  You can listen to it for as long as you like, as long as is necessary, but due to the amount of energy it requires, it is suggested that you use the fewest number of loops possible to achieve and maintain your best results.

If you stop listening, different types of pain and causes of pain may be affected for different lengths of time.  You should determine how long your pain relief lasts when you turn the program off, and then use the program accordingly.  Typically, the longer you listen to the program, the longer it will relieve your pain after you turn it off.

Please note that this program is impossible to experience any kind of overdose from, impossible to get high from and impossible to become addicted to.  

Different program formats will be likely to produce different levels of pain relief and at different speeds.  The ultrasonic format should work at maximum speed and at (or close to) maximum power for pain relief, while being useful in a variety of situations.  It is therefore recommended for most situations.

If you are irritated by the ultrasonic audio, you should try using the masked track options (Ocean Surf or Trickling Stream).  If ultrasonic is not powerful enough, try using the hybrid tracks.

If you wish to verify that the subliminal you downloaded is bit-for-bit identical to what I created, you can check the files against these SHA256 hash values:

bf914ce15d7b6032abc92368dacbdc6c960cd3c82f1b1f2e576e454826f2ec0f  GPR-P18_Elwood_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt



c537767879471249eead9c86086ced51f4e267f9f6c56e2793a09be28bfebe8d GPR-P18_Elwood_575G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

59a8a0035d0d85d7f07b802995b2a003d47c86e1b5ba121a9a7ddcde10353a78 GPR-P18_Elwood_575G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).mp3

d22b3dd25cfbf37698205668505501009bdc9cdb28b7e01a910c1ee4b21a5ffc GPR-P18_Elwood_575G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

4f140d192eb0e650505ed97e3a22bdf9bc2c1ef5b1dcb1c4dbd8981e470bc11d GPR-P18_Elwood_575G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).mp3

b80b1a64462fba8d32ed24418ad00020cc36735e74a8f31f74fa09a507668663 GPR-P18_Elwood_575G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).flac

c0f12326cb3309c5cc9e1696211ccea57a66852787231861d54fd5b6932575d6 GPR-P18_Elwood_575G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).mp3

d3b8b3b029aa50556809a0cc7fb6fa55f92aaa531c0be22c0c6b27360404fa53 GPR-P18_Elwood_575G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).flac

19fcc8b825f98d6061ecf1b4298f889d70022c85f5ece73257c8aefc57e49e8c GPR-P18_Elwood_575G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).mp3

127c7e96d3eafa80bc8ccbfae86f8fe3659de7e16c015fe8270aa0d2ab08a236 GPR-P18_Elwood_575G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).flac

92cb680e67733bf99c59e6c21ae741d2cafc8967f52ff0424d5e3d67e282cf27 GPR-P18_Elwood_575G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).mp3

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